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Getting negative returns from markets? Stay invested for the long-term

The last few months have tested the patience of investors investing in equity and fixed income, especially bonds. The double-digit returns in equity markets of the year 2017 looks like a distant past. Today, investors are con

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Election year: What’s your poll strategy?

What is important is you and how your investment behaviour with respect to asset allocation, cash flow is put in place to mark the volatility of the markets

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Stock Markets: Investing lessons learnt in 2018

Due weightage must be given to asset allocation and time horizon to tide over volatility in the stock markets.

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Mutual funds: Don’t let market volatility put a stop to your SIP

One of the most important points to note before embarking on the investing journey, especially in the equity markets, is that market movements must not make you emotionally weak and not bring any doubts to the mind about the

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Volatile markets – Why sitting tight is the best option

Investing with a strategy in place and looking at the big picture is more important than tracking the Sensex and market returns on a daily basis.

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Stock market: A decade of Diwali returns

What would have been the Sensex return if investment was in the Diwali of 2008? For this time period, the Sensex delivered a return of 14.54%, much above the 10% return noticed for time horizons of three, five and seven years

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Markets have corrected by over 20%: What is your strategy now?

For income generation, the products and asset allocation would be towards more predictable and lower standard deviation assets, which will have more predictable nature of returns.

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Asset allocation key to handling market risks and volatility

Having a combination of liquid, multi-cap and large-cap portfolio over the investing horizon should be the approach to reap long-term returns.

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Improper asset allocation is biggest impediment in wealth creation

If you have invested money recently, it is not the time to pull out or exit. Try to understand, why are you investing and what is the expectation you have from the investment. And then re-jig, if required.

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SIP investments in ELSS more volatile than NPS in long term

National Pension Scheme (NPS) as a retirement planning tool has been gaining traction since it was thrown open to all classes of investors in July 2009.

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Investment in NPS less volatile than mutual funds – Here is why

NPS accumulates savings into a subscriber’s personal retirement accounts (PRA) while he is working. On retirement, 60% of the accumulated corpus is paid out as lump sum to the subscriber.

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Mutual Funds: How recategorisation of MF schemes impacts mid and small-cap funds

In the current year, investors are noticing a strange thing in the financial services space. While the 30-share Sensex is hitting a new high , the portfolio of most investors is not reflecting the same growth.

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Investing in stock market? Know the difference among volatility, risk and uncertainty

Unlike the last two years, the markets are not really on a roll this year. Crude oil prices are inching up, there’s a looming US-China trade war and the US Fed is reducing its balance sheet.

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Why liquid funds are perfect for temporary parking of funds

One should not confuse liquid funds with debt funds. Liquid fund is a part of the universe of debt funds. Liquid funds do not take credit calls or interest rate calls, which debt funds do

As the name suggests, liquid funds mean funds in which the amount invested can also be redeemed with ease. News

Explained: Why investments need to be based on liquidity, asset allocation and cash flow needs

In the first quarter of 2018, the Indian equity market underperformed its peers and the global markets. And if you had started investing in the last 3-6 months, then your portfolio may be in red.

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Mutual Funds: When should you sell your equity MF units?

If the target set has been reached before the earmarked period, it would be prudent to move the ‘target achieved’ amount to a liquid fund. In a thematic and sectoral fund, one should exit when the theme is wavering, after

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Don’t let greed or fear guide asset allocation decisions – Here is why

Risk management in portfolio management is seen as a key framework only when the market indicies are going south or when there is a gloomy scenario.

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Why you must finalise your exit strategy before buying a stock

Money is not made in buying but in selling at profit ! Another common trait is that the investor does not have any strategy when the indices do not move in the direction anticipated by him.

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Mutual Funds: Looking for regular cash flow? Go for SWP

An investor can park his cash flow needs into a liquid fund and then execute a systematic withdrawal plan. This way the possibility of the capital being eroded due to volatility in the equity markets is reduced while ensurin

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Markets highs or lows: Stick to your goals and asset allocation – Here is why

The equity markets in the last three months have been on fire. The Sensex’s movement in 2017 from levels of 31000 on May 27, 2017 to levels above 36000 on January 23, 2018 has left more investors disappointed than happy.

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Smart investing: Why asset allocation holds the key to wealth creation

In times of uncertainty and a looming election year, go for a customised Investment Policy Statement. Alternatively, follow the three bucket strategy, which looks at cash-flow and liquidity during the time horizon.

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Your money: Strategy for 2018 – Where to invest?

The years in which the equity markets have delivered single-digit return, debt funds of mutual fund schemes have delivered double digits.

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Investment strategy for 2018: Here is what an investor should do in new year

What is in store in 2018 is not known. What is known is that investing in India over a multi-time period, should help generate inflating beating returns from the equity asset class

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Mutual funds strategy: Active or passive investing, here are 3 powerful points to profit from

Investments in financial assets in India, especially in the last18 months have gained traction. One of the reasons is the lack of returns in the real estate asset class and lower interest rates in fixed income class.

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How to pick mutual funds schemes: Large or small AUM, here are 3 brief gainful points

The mutual fund industry has come a long way since Unit Trust of India (UTI) was established to distribute mutual funds with its first scheme, Unit Scheme 1964.

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Mutual funds growth or dividend option, which should you go for

Investing in mutual funds has come a long way since its early days. With other asset classes such as real estate in a cyclical downturn and fixed income interest rates on the downward trajectory, mutual funds as an investment

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Mutual funds: Which type of investors is sectoral investing for?

An ideal investment introduction should be through a liquid fund to park temporary funds along with the emergency funds. A look into the hybrid funds, which has asset allocation in both debt and equity could be the next step.

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