Refused U.S. visa eight times, Zoom CEO is now a billionaire

After two years of rejection, Yuan, 49, finally made it to the U.S. and is now the major shareholder of video conference services firm Zoom Video Communications Inc., which raised $751 million in an initial public offering We

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Amazon launches free music streaming to boost Alexa sales

Users can request playlists and stations to stream different types of music to suit different moods and situations.

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Google, Amazon end boycott of each others’ video services

Walt Disney Co. joined the fray this month with a $6.99-a-month streaming service carrying popular content like Star Wars and Marvel superhero movies.

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`We won’t be silenced,’ Afghan female musicians tell Taliban

Still, some female musicians worry the Taliban will forcibly push them to quit and stay at home.

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Europe shows Google what Android should have been; users now get choice of apps on Android phones

European Commission last year fined Google 4.3 billion euros for strong-arming device makers into pre-installing its Google search and Chrome browser

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Genesis’ two-seater Electric Mint Concept showcased at 2019 New York Auto Show

Manfred Fitzgerald, the executive vice president and global head of the Genesis brand, declined to give specifics on how the car might perform on the street if it were to be made, but said it wouldn’t necessarily need a dri

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Battle for Tamil Nadu: Vedanta row could hurt Modi, BJP prospects

The two main national parties have wielded little direct influence in the state, relying instead on regional allies.

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Will Jet Airways revive? Here’s what has changed in India after Kingfisher saga

It looks like Jet Airways Ltd’s luck has finally run out. India’s oldest privately owned airline suspended operations on a “temporary” basis on Wednesday after failing to secure a bailout.

Jet Airways, Jet Airways Shutdown Operation, जेट एयरवेज, जेट एयरवेज बंद, Cash Crisis, Jet Employee, Fund News

In latest ‘unsmoke’ campaign, Marlboro maker doesn’t want you to buy its cigarettes

Globally, cigarette volumes have declined in many countries, a metric that doesn’t spook Philip Morris investors. The shares have jumped about 30 percent this year.

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When you are done with elections, review how RBI sets inflation target, says Modi’s economic advisor

The RBI has in the past faced criticism for largely overstating inflation, forecasts that were then used to underpin the monetary policy committee’s hawkish policy stance and two interest-rate hikes in 2018.

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Post-election hangover looms over Rupee; history shows how ‘sell in May’ hits Indian currency

Still, the German-based bank predicts India’s currency will weaken to 72 per dollar by year-end, Chief India Economist Kaushik Das wrote in a research note.

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As Mukesh Ambani’s RIL looks at Saudi Aramco’s billions, India’s trade hangs in balance

In a country at grave risk from climate change, whose cities are already choking on vehicle smog, reducing the reliance on imported fossil fuels is more than just an issue for the current account.

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iPhone billionaire Terry Gou to run for Taiwan President

Foxconn says the plant is on track to begin producing LCDs next year.

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Setback for Amazon, Jeff Bezos: Retailer preparing to close Chinese E-Commerce store

Amazon didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

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iPhone maker Apple’s legal surrender blow for supply chain strategy

In contrast, Qualcomm plans to have its second 5G, or fifth generation, modem in the market this year. That’s even before the services have been fully switched on.

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Facebook looks to block disclosure of U.S. privacy assessments

Facebook and PwC declined to comment. The FTC didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

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Kim Jong Un tests `Tactical Weapon’ in signal over nuclear talks

A White House official, who asked not to be identified, said the administration was aware of the report and declined further comment.

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Donald Trump’s trade war with China isn’t a win

Tariffs are only one aspect of the trade war. Although it has been less in the public eye, the struggle to control the future of high technology is arguably even more important to the balance of economic power between the US

The tariffs that Trump slapped on Chinese goods—and the additional tariffs he threatened—may have dinged China’s economy. (File photo) News

Tariff trigger: Trump stirs alarm that he may be giving China a new trade weapon

Details of the US commitments and how the enforcement mechanism will operate remain scant. But Mnuchin’s comments have caused plenty of raised eyebrows from legal scholars to the business community and Congress.

Mechanism being contemplated would require consultations between US and China over disputes but ultimately allow either side to impose sanctions unilaterally News

Suicides and drought plague the ‘Angriest’ state in India

The main opposition Congress party is appealing to those who feel left behind under Modi.

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Apple, Qualcomm reach settlement on technology licensing suits

Separately, Qualcomm faces a class action on behalf of as many as 250 million consumers seeking as much as $5 billion in damages over claims they suffered from inflated retail prices.

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Intel gives up on failed quest to break into mobile market

Before combining the mobile business into its PC chip division, the company reported billion-dollar losses as it paid out subsidies to try to woo phone and tablet makers.

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Bold move: Netflix price hikes cloud outlook, just as rivals look to pounce

Netflix is testing mobile-only packages that will appeal to people that don’t have as much disposable income.

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Truth about jobs in India: Action lies in states; why Kerala has higher unemployment than Gujarat

While the government cites payroll data to claim significant job creation, the opposition holds up a leaked preliminary report that pegged unemployment in 2017 at 6.1 percent. It might be more useful instead to concentrate on

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Google to block TikTok in India, hurting Chinese startup

A spokeswoman from Google declined to comment. A representative from Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Jack Ma again endorses extreme overtime as furor rages on

Jack Ma’s earlier comments stoked a fierce ongoing debate over tales of programmers and founders dying from unrelenting stress.

jack ma, jack ma Alibaba, Alibaba Group Holding, social media, social media backlash, china, japan, jobs news

Notre Dame Paris fire: Gucci owner Francois-Henri Pinault pledge $113 million to restore French cathedral

President Emmanuel Macron vowed to rebuild Notre-Dame in central Paris after the fire hit the 850-year-old Gothic monument.

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