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Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Uber in pursuit for the best self-driving car: Here is how the race is getting hotter

Ford Motor Co. is investing $1 billion in a months-old startup founded by two pioneers in the nascent autonomous vehicle sector.

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How India, China and Japan are experimenting with their economies

Radical. That’s probably the single adjective that best covers the disparate economic policies being pursued in Asia’s three largest economies. In Japan the government of Shinzo Abe is embarked on the 2.0 iteration of his

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Donald Trump promises new security action next week after court setback

President Donald Trump said his government will act anew on U.S. security next week, after a federal appeals court decided not to reinstate his ban on travel from seven Muslim-majority countries.

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Facebook commits to audit of ad metrics by media watchdog

Facebook Inc. agreed to submit to audits by the media industry’s measurement watchdog, the Media Rating Council, a move that could appease some advertising executives who had become skeptical of the social network’s metri

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Donald Trump’s travel ban is not recruiting more terrorists: Eli Lake

Since President Donald Trump last month issued an executive order banning travel from seven Muslim majority nations, we've heard a lot about how it will aid jihadists.

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Uber suffers for US President Donald Trump ties that leave musk unsullied

While Uber got shellacked for its link to President Donald Trump, the electric carmaker and sometimes-rival Tesla Inc. has comfortably weathered its association with a president who has lower approval ratings than any predece

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Meet Facebook, your new financial regulator: Cathy O’Neil

Maybe it’s not so bad to have algorithmic overlords -- at least when they are pressured into protecting people rather than exploiting them.

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Binky Chadha, biggest stock market bull, says Donald Trump rally is just beginning

Binky Chadha, Deutsche Bank AG’s chief global strategist and the most optimistic stock market analyst on Wall Street, says the rally since Donald Trump’s election is only beginning.

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China to face biggest cash crunch test next week: Over $151 bn set to leave already stretched financial system

China will face one of the biggest tests of its campaign to contain corporate leverage next week, with more than $151 billion set to leave the already stretched financial system.

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After pioneering online flash sales in China, Xiaomi now turns to old-fashioned retail to arrest slide

After pioneering online flash sales in China to reach the top of the smartphone market, Xiaomi Corp. is turning to old-fashioned retail to arrest its slide.

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PM Narendra Modi’s demonetisation bodes well for investors

On Nov. 8, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India surprised investors and consumers by declaring that 86 percent of the nation’s money stock would no longer be a medium of exchange or store of value.

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Is Infosys’ gold standard for corporate governance over?

The board of Infosys Ltd., India’s second-largest technology services company, is facing questions over executive compensation and corporate governance in a letter sent by at least three of its founders, according to people

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Microsoft can pursue suit over US sneak-and-peek searches

Microsoft Corp. persuaded a judge not to let the US government out of a lawsuit alleging that clandestine interception of users’ e-mails on company servers violates its free-speech rights.

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In Donald Trump era, America’s love for tequila faces hazier future

Americans are drinking more tequila than ever. It’s a run the world’s largest producers fear could soon falter as President Donald Trump ratchets up trade tensions with Mexico.

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Twitter gets more users but can’t seem to sell them ads: Gadfly

At this point last year, Twitter was a company that had a hard time attracting new people to surf and tweet, but it was quite skilled at generating ad dollars from its die-hard users.

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Boeing nearing $13.8 billion order from Singapore Airlines

Boeing Co. is the front-runner as Singapore Airlines Ltd. closes in on an order for at least 35 wide-body aircraft amid a battle with Chinese and Middle Eastern carriers, people familiar with the matter said.

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Maersk, world’s biggest shipping company, voices alarm at US President Donald Trump’s trade war with China

A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S, the owner of the world’s biggest container shipping line, is paying particular attention to noises coming from the U.S. that suggest the new administration is moving closer to a trade war with China.

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Gold at 3-month high: Here is why the markets suddenly seem very nervous

Gold may be the hottest market right now, which says a lot about how investors view the world.

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Indian techies beware: IBM to train 25 million Africans for free to build workforce

International Business Machines Corp. is ramping up its digital-skills training program to accommodate as many as 25 million Africans in the next five years, looking toward building a future workforce on the continent.

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What the RBI is really saying about Indian economy

The Reserve Bank of India has not exactly covered itself in glory since Nov. 8, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi sprung the news on a startled nation that 86 percent of its currency would be worthless within a few hours.

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Biggest surge in India’s benchmark 10-year bond yield since 2013 seen luring bulls after $6 billion selloff

The biggest surge in India’s benchmark 10-year bond yield since 2013 is seen luring foreign investors back to rupee-denominated debt after a four-month hiatus.

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US President fails to ape Narendra Modi, Shinzo Abe: Market optimism that welcomed Donald Trump’s victory shows signs of fizzling

Donald Trump’s honeymoon with investors may come to a premature end, as his frequent Twitter outbursts help kill off the initial burst of euphoria, according to Herald Van Der Linde, HSBC’s head of equity strategy for the

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Urjit Patel rate shock seen luring bond bulls after $6 billion selloff

The biggest surge in India’s benchmark 10-year bond yield since 2013 is seen luring foreign investors back to rupee-denominated debt after a four-month hiatus

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Tech Fountain of Youth Isn’t Coming for Aging Companies: Gadfly

Dig around on finance corners of the internet and you find people touting the logic of May-December corporate romances.

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Donald Trump rally drained drama from best earnings season in six years

By several measures, U.S. investors are being treated to one of the best sets of corporate results since the financial crisis. You wouldn’t know it from the stock market.

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World’s biggest IPO: Saudi Aramco hires Moelis to advise on its initial public offering

Saudi Arabian Oil Co. hired Moelis & Co. to advise on its initial public offering, according to people familiar with the matter, as it pushes ahead with plans to pursue the world’s biggest share sale.

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Kushal Tradelink, top-performing Asian stock, ends 8,811% rally after trading curb

It was an equity-market surge that seemed to defy the laws of probability: an 8,811 percent advance in just three years, topped off with 60 straight days of positive returns before trading was restricted late last month.

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