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Stock rally extends into Asia as traders await RBI, Aussie GDP

Analysts forecast the RBI will cut its key interest rate on Wednesday, while the European Central Bank is expected Thursday to extend its bond-buying program beyond the current March end date.

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Charismatic Jayalalithaa’s death a chance for PM Narendra Modi in industrial South

The death of popular Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayaram Jayalalithaa presents a political opening for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in one of India’s most industrialized states.

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Decision-day guide: Seeking clarity on PM Narendra Modi’s clampdown on cash

Investors have one big question for India’s central bank at Wednesday’s policy review: will Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clampdown on cash hurt economic growth and how deep will the pain go?

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Narendra Modi’s Rs 500, Rs 1000 notes ban powers Rs 6 lakh cr into banks, births bond shortage at RBI

RBI seems to have already started draining out excess funds by increasing amounts and tenures of reverse repurchase agreements under its liquidity management operations

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Weekend Box Office: ‘Fantastic Beasts’ no. 1 With $75M, makes rivals disappear

Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling can still cast a magic spell at the box office - although not as big a one sans the Boy Who Lived. Warner Bros.' Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, from a script b

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US President-elect settles Trump University fraud lawsuits for $25 million

President-elect Donald Trump has reached a reported $25 million settlement with disgruntled former Trump University students - just 10 days before he was set to face a fraud trial in California federal court.

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Why US President Donald Trump likely won’t be invited to next year’s Oscars Awards ceremony

Donald Trump's election was a wake-up call for liberal Hollywood - which, of course, is most of Hollywood - and right now throughout the industry, it's mourning in America.

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Amazon strikes India streaming deal with T-Series for Bollywood remake of Jon Favreau’s ‘Chef’

Amazon has inked a licensing deal with Bollywood banner T-Series for its upcoming films, which include the Bollywood remake of Jon Favreau's Chef.

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Twitter unveils new features to curb hate speech

Twitter has announced new measures to crack down on the hate speech and online abuse pervading its social media platform.

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With economic box ticked, PM Narendra Modi turns assertive on foreign policy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has successfully deployed foreign policy as a tool to create global confidence in India’s economy. Now he’s set to bring some risk into that equation.

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Why Donald Trump’s dreams and a strong Dollar don’t Mix

President-elect Donald Trump has a new constituency to care about: the currency market.

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Demonetisation: Cash shortage hits goods movement as ATMs remain dry

The crisis sparked by the shortage of cash in India following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s anti-graft measure to ban high-value currency bills has hit the movement of goods in Asia’s third-largest economy.

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Why Modi’s India & Xi’s China have best growth stories and will be the driver of world economy

Good news for their long-term growth. China and India don’t suffer from the infamous resource curse.

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Rs 500, Rs 1000 notes ban: PM Modi’s mid-term scorecard brightened by demonetisation move

Here’s an assessment of progress in five key areas of Modi’s pledges

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Asia’s two giants still have the best growth stories: Noah Smith

With globalization receding and China’s economy slowing down, there’s speculation that the Asia boom is over.

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Why resistance to strongmen crumbles so quickly: Pankaj Mishra

The election of Donald Trump, a self-confessed sexual predator and unrepentant racist, as the President of the United States is a calamity.

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PM Narendra Modi mid-term scorecard brightened by anti-graft measures

It was difficult for observers to argue at the start of the month, with his term as Indian prime minister approaching the half-way mark, that Narendra Modi had exceeded expectations with policy reforms.

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Emerging markets plunge as Donald Trump policy risk worsens sentiment

Emerging-market bonds extended a rout and stocks fell to four-month lows as investors dumped higher-yielding assets on speculation Donald Trump’s spending plans may push up U.S. inflation and interest rates.

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State Bank of India gets 478.68 billion rupees in deposits as ATMs run dry

Indians rushed to deposit 478.68 billion rupees ($7.1 billion) of cash at State Bank of India after the government’s surprise move to abolish high-denomination banknotes, as customers queued for hours to deposit or exchange

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Rupee tumbles most since June as emerging-market selloff deepens

The rupee dropped the most in more than four months as speculation the Federal Reserve will become more aggressive in raising interest rates under a Donald Trump-led administration triggered concern over outflows from Indian

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India sweet tooth just got more expensive as sugar output slides

The smallest Indian crop since 2010 means the country will have to import supply, eroding global inventories that were the largest ever last year.

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President Donald Trump, meet President Ronald Reagan’s capital markets: Gadfly

Almost as soon as Donald Trump entered the race for President, some pundits began comparing him to Ronald Reagan.

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Donald Trump victory lifts Warren Buffett back to second-richest in the world

Warren Buffett is once again the second-richest person on the planet, and he has President-Elect Donald Trump to thank.

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Donald Trump shows every sign of carrying out sweeping immigration crackdown

Donald Trump won the presidency campaigning on a promise of a far-reaching immigration crackdown, and early indications are that he intends to execute it.

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Donald Trump’s Original Four: The staffers behind his historic election victory

They were the staff who kept Trump buoyed amid the incessant drumbeat of predictions that he had no chance.

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Why China might welcome trade war with the US

Donald Trump’s big win might seem a big loss for China. After spending much of his campaign calling China a cheater that steals American jobs, Trump’s election almost certainly means Washington will take a much harder lin

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China’s Yuan set for steepest weekly loss since January turmoil

China’s currency is heading for its steepest weekly drop since January, when a series of weaker fixings roiled global financial markets, as Donald Trump’s election victory boosted the dollar and raised the threat of a mor

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