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5 top bets by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway in 2016

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. sharply increased bets on airlines and iPhone maker Apple Inc. in the fourth quarter, while taking a stake in seed company Monsanto Co.

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As GDP soars 10%, once bankrupt Iceland now plans survival for the ‘Next Collapse’

Iceland’s history is of booms and busts. So as the inhabitants of a volcanic rock in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean roar back from their 2008 economic meltdown (this latest boom was fed by tourism and construction),

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What Oil Crisis? Explorers look set to drill record number of wells in Norway’s Arctic waters this year

Explorers look set to drill a record number of wells in Norway’s Arctic waters this year, undeterred by oil prices apparently stuck below $60 a barrel.

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Make in India for defence: These companies are seeking to become the Boeings and Lockheed Martins of India

A handful of companies are seeking to become the Boeings and Lockheed Martins of India, collaborating with global defense manufacturers to locally build advanced military hardware.

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Modi’s Make in India lures Sikorsky: US plane maker in talks with Indian carriers to sell Skytruck planes

Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., a unit of Lockheed Martin Corp., is in talks with startup airlines in India to sell its small, twin-turboprop M28 planes as Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeks to boost air travel in remote parts of th

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Janet Yellen rejects Donald Trump attacks on Dodd-Frank, says banks now safer

Janet Yellen defended the Federal Reserve’s oversight of Wall Street in the years since the financial crisis, arguing banks are safer, have kept lending and remain profitable, despite claims by the Trump administration and

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Microsoft calls on countries to keep civilians out of cyberhacks

The issue of nation-state hacking has heated up in the aftermath of the U.S. election, with the intelligence community’s assessment that Russia sought to sway the election in favor of President Donald Trump.

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Dalai Lama’s visit proves costly for Silvio Berlusconi, China delays sale of AC Milan football team

During a European tour in October, the Dalai Lama paid a visit to Milan, where the mayor presented him with a key to the city and made him an honorary Milanese citizen.

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China’s stocks are set for a bright decade, says Morgan Stanley

It may not be a smooth ride, but investors who jump into Chinese equities and hold on for the long term will end up happy, according to Morgan Stanley.

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Apple shares hit record close on optimism for next iPhone

Apple Inc. shares hit a record on optimism the next iPhone will drive a resurgence in sales and help the company’s services businesses grow.

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US, world’s biggest debt market, faces huge Trump test

President Donald Trump is a man obsessed by imports, and untroubled by exports.

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Great financial purge in Russia: Putin’s central banker Elvira Nabiullina shuts 100 banks a year in epic crackdown 

In Russia, Peresvet Bank had an edge no other big private financial institution could match. Its largest shareholder was the powerful Russian Orthodox Church. In a 2015 pitch to investors, Peresvet said the backing of the chu

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Michael Flynn’s departure leaves Trump national security team in turmoil

White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned Monday amid a snowballing controversy over whether he lied about his contacts with a Russian official, throwing President Donald Trump’s security team into turmoi

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Best Rupee rally in a year sees RBI buying dollars to bolster its forex reserves

The rupee’s sharpest rally in almost a year is giving India’s central bank scope to take out an insurance policy for what could be a tumultuous 2017.

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Donald Trump looks like a net negative on economic growth: Goldman Sachs

A week after a group of the bank’s political analysts warned of risks from protectionist moves, Jan Hatzius and economist Jari Stehn wrote that they anticipate a delayed boost from increased government spending because a bi

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Facebook tries to offer music labels a YouTube alternative

A parade of up-and-coming musicians from Universal Music took the stage at the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles Saturday in a pre-Grammy Awards performance for a room full of the executives who will make or break their caree

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Rich Compensation at Google Car Project Fueled Talent Departures

For the past year, Google's car project has been a talent sieve, thanks to leadership changes, strategy doubts, new startup dreams and rivals luring self-driving technology experts. Another force pushing people out? Money. A

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Deutsche Bank under scrutiny in Russia over tax practices

Deutsche Bank AG, which last month settled charges that it helped investors launder money through its business in Moscow, remains under scrutiny in Russia over its tax practices.

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US, world’s safest debt market, may not be safe anymore as America’s biggest creditors dump treasuries in warning to Trump

In the age of Trump, America’s biggest foreign creditors are suddenly having second thoughts about financing the U.S. government.

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Swiss reject corporate tax reform, decision that risks hurting its appeal as a place for multinational companies

Switzerland shot down the government’s plan to reform corporate taxation, a decision that risks hurting its appeal as a place for multinational companies.

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Tata-owned Land Rover resurrects the best Range Rovers ever—for a price

File this away as the latest example in the craze to bring back every cool car, Jeep and SUV from years past: Land Rover has reintroduced the classic Range.

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High oil prices over OPEC supply cut: Prices may come down as shale drilling booms in US

After unprecedented optimism that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries will manage to ease a global supply glut, money managers reduced their bets on rising West Texas Intermediate prices for the first time in a

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Why the carnage in Indian bond market has been so acute

Three out of three. That’s how many times the Reserve Bank of India’s monetary policy panel has wrong-footed the markets since its October debut. Its latest surprise last Wednesday triggered a five-fold jump in bond volat

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India, Indonesia among Asia’s potential trade hot spots escaping Donald Trump’s glare on trade

India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam have largely escaped U.S. President Donald Trump’s glare on trade, but he may yet come looking.

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Showdown of America First versus Made-in-India looms at Aero India 2017

Boeing Co. and Lockheed Martin Corp. promised to build plants in India if the world’s biggest arms importer chose their fighter jets and weapons. That was before President Donald Trump’s America First call.

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Bearish sugar? Here are 6 things that may spoil the surplus

Counting on next season’s return to surplus to buy your sugar cheap? You may want to hedge your bets.

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Demonetisation takes a toll on fuel consumption: India’s oil demand plunges most in 13 years amid notebandi

India’s monthly oil demand fell the most since May 2003 as the government’s crackdown on high-value currency notes continued to reverberate through the country’s $2 trillion economy.

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