Oil shock: US becomes net oil exporter for first time in 75 years

The shift to net exports is the dramatic result of an unprecedented boom in American oil production, with thousands of wells pumping from the Permian region of Texas and New Mexico to the Bakken in North Dakota to the Marcell

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Bitcoin woes: Options bought for $1 million will soon be worthless

Purchased for almost $1 million on LedgerX’s trading platform just days after Bitcoin peaked a year ago, the call options have a strike price of $50,000 and an expiry date of Dec. 28, 2018.

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OPEC talks end without oil-cuts deal as Russia holds back

OPEC ended talks without a deal on oil production cuts for the first time in nearly five years as Russia flexed its muscles by so far refusing to commit to the big output curb that Saudi Arabia is demanding.

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Oil prices: Crude falls amid signals of lacklustre OPEC deal to cut output

Crude slipped as Saudi Arabia’s energy minister backed a smaller-than-expected supply cut.

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What’s hurting India’s consumption? RBI has answers

Anecdotal evidence of threats to consumption, which is the backbone of the Indian economy, now has some statistical backing from a central bank survey.

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Govt bonds surge as RBI signals more debt purchases

Volumes in India’s government bonds surged to the highest in more than a year, reflecting a revival of bullish spirits in a market emerging from a yearlong selloff, after the central bank signaled it may keep buying debt fo

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OPEC waits on Vladimir Putin’s decision as it searches for oil cut deal 

OPEC meets on Thursday with the cartel seemingly willing to defy U.S. President Donald Trump and cut oil production -- but the most important decision maker will spend the day a thousand miles away.

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Gucci owner revamps jeweler to Czars as branded rocks boom

A gleaming necklace in Boucheron’s shop window in Paris’s Place Vendome features dozens of lifelike hydrangea blossoms made from mother-of-pearl and diamonds, framing a 43-carat pink tourmaline.

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Elon Musk’s Tesla will start production in China next year: India launch soon?

The plant, dubbed Gigafactory 3, will be the biggest ever foreign-invested manufacturing project in Shanghai. A Tesla representative didn’t have an immediate comment.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s huge Instagram fame brings windfall for Juventus

Instagram’s most-followed person could triple the Italian club’s shirt sales by 2022, while spurring a 60 percent increase in annual sponsorship revenue.

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Asian stocks tumble with US futures; yen gains

Asian stocks slumped with U.S. futures, the Treasury yield curve edged closer towards inversion and the yen climbed on Thursday as the investor aversion to risk that’s been prevalent for much of the quarter resumed.

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX NASA launch successful despite rocket’s water landing

Dragon is slated to rendezvous with the orbiting lab early Saturday and re-enter Earth’s atmosphere and splash down in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Baja California in January, according to NASA.

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Googlers write to CEO demanding equal treatment for contractors

U.S. corporations often use contractors. But some Google employees and outside activists contend the company, which is on track to make more than $30 billion in profit this year, can easily afford to treat everyone who works

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Google, IBM, Oracle to talk tech at White House amid trade war

Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai, International Business Machines Corp.’s Ginni Rometty, Oracle Corp.’s CEO Safra Catz, Microsoft Corp.’s Satya Nadella and Qualcomm Inc.’s Steve Mollenkopf are among those

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Billionaire Jack Ma adopts `Moneyball’ approach to China sports

The strategy will be replicated to other fields, including e-sports, soccer and basketball, as Alisports carves a share of a Chinese sports industry the government estimates could be worth 5 trillion yuan ($728 billion) by 20

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No holds barred: Huawei CFO’s arrest thrusts Chinese tech champion into trade war

Huawei Technologies Co.’s chief financial officer was arrested in Canada over potential violations of U.S. sanctions on Iran, provoking outrage from China and complicating thorny trade negotiations just as they enter a crit

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India on top, claims top 10 in list of world’s fastest-growing cities

Economic output in many of those Indian cities will remain rather small in comparison to the world’s biggest metropolises, aggregated gross domestic product of all Asian cities will exceed that of all North American & Europ

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Oil prices: Saudis, Russia haggle on crude as Donald Trump tells OPEC to keep pumping

OPEC and its allies continued to haggle over the size of potential crude-production cuts in Vienna on Wednesday as U.S. President Donald Trump urged the group to keep the taps open and prices down

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Gold losing it’s glitter: Palladium outshines yellow metal Gold; key things to know

Gold just got left behind by one of its sister metals. After a demand-fueled rally over the past four months that’s seen prices hit successive records, palladium topped gold.

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Cash offering better returns than stocks for first time in 10 years, says JPMorgan Asset

For the first time in a decade, investors can get a lot more from safe, liquid securities than from the S&P 500 Index, adjusted for volatility, they argued.

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RBI Monetary Policy decision day guide: Watch for governor Urjit Patel’s views on autonomy

The Reserve Bank of India will probably keep interest rates unchanged on Wednesday, with the decision itself likely to be a sideshow to Governor Urjit Patel’s press conference. The RBI will also issue a statement at 2:30 p.

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Renewable energy: Elon Musk’s big battery sparks new projects after promising run

The storage industry is increasingly important in places like South Australia, which has less access to traditional fossil-fuel sources like coal and gas.

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When will first 5G iPhone be launched?

Apple Inc. plans to hold off until at least 2020 before offering an iPhone that can connect to the next generation of high-speed phone services coming next year, according to people familiar with its plans.

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Rattled nerves at India Inc lead to boom in overnight funds

Overnight funds could gain more heft if the regulator tightens rules for money-market funds, which in September suffered the worst outflows since at least April 2007 amid defaults at the IL&FS Group.

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There is a magic bullet for some cancers. What if it misses?

Researchers are finding the same pattern with Kymriah, a therapy for children with a rare and hard-to-treat form of leukemia that is quickly fatal. About 83 percent were in remission after three months.

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Oil shock: Qatar’s OPEC exit shows growing sway of Moscow-Riyadh axis

When Qatar shocked the oil world on Monday by announcing plans to quit the OPEC cartel after 57 years, its energy minister said the decision was taken for " technical" reasons.

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Most profitable graphite maker HEG sees more gain on China’s push for blue skies

. India’s HEG Ltd. expects revenue to more than double and the pretax margin to rise to as much 75 percent as demand remains strong because of environmental curbs in China.

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