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Putting India’s exports on a sustained growth path

The government needs to invest in transport and logistics rather than rely on ad hoc export promotion measures, which have failed to boost exports

The focus of the new Foreign Trade Policy should, therefore, be obvious—the government needs to invest and promote investments in transport and logistics, rather than rely on ad hoc export promotion measures, which have failed to promote India’s exports.

Trade Talk: Is India a reluctant liberaliser?

Successive governments have remained focused on trade liberalisation but have largely ignored the need to improve the competitiveness of domestic enterprises

RCEP: Has Govt of India foreclosed its options of joining any FTA in the future?

The Atmanirbhar Abhiyan is in total contradiction to the raison d’etre of trade agreements like the RCEP deal.

RCEP didn’t make much sense for India

Experience of FTAs with 12 East Asian countries shows that participation in regional value chains without ensuring that the domestic entities are efficient is a non-starter

RCEP, 3rd RCEP Summit, Bangkok, ASEAN, Chinese products, Indian economy, FTA, tariffs on manufacturing products 

Boosting exports: Standards matter more than schemes

WTO can’t force India to cut export subsidies in keeping with its norms as the Appellate Body of WTO’s dispute settlement becomes dysfunctional from December 11, 2019

Dighi Port,Dighi Port committee, APSEZ, resolution plan,  JNPT, NCLAT, infra news

Budget 2019: Going forward, FM Sitharaman would have to calibrate customs duties, says JNU professor Biswajit Dhar

Budget 2019 India: The finance minister will have to calibrate customs duties to keep Indian business interested in investing in productive capacities in the country

Budget 2019, Union Budget 2019 India, Budget 2019-20

The alarming fall of India’s FDI

Equity inflows are the largest component of FDI inflows, but according to the international benchmark set by the OECD/ IMF, there are two other components, re-invested earnings and ‘other capital’.

Food subsidies and WTO: Rich of the US to challenge India

Last week, the United States (US) submitted a document in the World Trading Organization (WTO) questioning the compatibility of India’s agricultural subsidies with the relevant provisions of the Agreement on Agriculture (Ao

WTO, 11th Ministerial Conference, Nairobi Package, domestic policy,  e-commerce 

Opportune moment for a shift in policy

With the US triggering the dispute at WTO on export subsidies, policymakers should focus on strengthening the trade-related infra and investing in trade facilitation measures to boost the sector.

trade, wto, india, us

Donald Trump’s tariffs leave no winners

The decision is threatening to impart a shock to the global economy just when it is showing signs of full recovery.

 Sarah Sanders, White House, Donald trump, trump administration

WTO Summit: What is the biggest takeaway for India; find out here

Yet another WTO Ministerial Conference has ended with the 164 members of the organisation failing to agree on how to take the agenda of the organisation forward.

WTO Ministerial Conference, Organisation, WTO, Ministerial Declaration

Column: China’s yuan manoeuvres

With a more market-determined yuan, the case for it being recognised as a reserve currency has become stronger

china yuan

Column: Tackling negative growth in exports

The export strategy needs to be coupled with strengthening of domestic production through Make-in-India

Column: Tackling negative growth in exports

Column: Tackling the exports headwinds

Ensure a broad-based exports growth momentum and focus on manufacturing’s competitiveness

Column: Tackling the exports headwinds
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