Bibek Debroy

To state the obvious again, since it isn’t often appreciated, what’s true of children, or women for that matter, need not be true of the general population. When dealing with numbers, it is best to remember this. (Representative image)
Peers found missing

The GHI gets it wrong from almost every angle, be it the indicators chosen, questions asked, and even goals targeted

After that, there was a long dry spell, before it started to rain GMs. To set matters in perspective again, for more than 20 years, after Manuel Aaron in 1961, there was a dry spell of IMs too. In the post-Anand era, more than one Indian player has the potential to become a world champion.
Two forgotten names from chess

Since history isn’t usually a strong point, names of Moheschunder Bannerjee (often known as “the Brahmin”) and Saumacharun Ghatak, especially…


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