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Toffee: Insurance for millennials – Know details

The start-up has tied up with private insurers to offer bite-sized insurance packages for dengue treatment, accidents on the daily commute and even injuries suffered at the gym.

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METTL: This online assessment platform offers tools to test candidates for their tech skills

Mettl enables clients to conduct recruitment tests for candidates, assess their hard skills, and evaluate their soft skills through customised psychometric and aptitude tests to determine if they are the right hire.

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Rooftop solar online platform MYSUN: What’s the financial benefit and how to go about it?

The calculator provides a solar savings score to any consumer in any corner of India whereas the site assessment tool app makes a solar assessment of a customer’s roof or ground area measuring the amount of solar energy tha

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This device can reduce your electricity bill up to whopping 40%; here is how

The device tracks the compressor’s functioning and switches it off once the saturation point is reached. In this energy saving mode, the evaporator fan keeps running so that the AC makes maximum use of the stored energy in

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Startup Live History India: When the past virtually comes alive on screen

In the recently released period movie Victoria & Abdul is a scene where Queen Victoria expresses her desire to have a mango, the king of fruits that has its origins in India.

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Trak N Tell IoT startup offers vehicle tracking solutions, promises safe ride

The IoT start-up offers vehicle tracking solutions to individual car owners as well as OEMs

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India as a product design hub: Vu TV founder Devita Saraf reveals strategy for Indian companies

When you think of Japan, what comes to your mind immediately? A tech powerhouse, leader in electronics, et al. Similarly, when you think of Italy, what comes to your mind immediately?

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From fashion, women’s apparel on rent to designer wear in plus sizes and more, here is what Stage3 startup is all about

Wearing designer clothes that don’t empty out your bank account is perhaps the dream of many a youngster, especially during festival times or the wedding season.

Sabena Puri, co-founder, Stage3 News

E commerce: Startups Ombre Lane, FableStreet focusing on selling formal western wear for women professionals online

At a time when fashion e-commerce is vying with electronics for the largest online selling category label, several start-ups are targetting niche segments within the broader apparel category.

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Televisory launches data analytics & operational benchmarking platform

At a time when the importance of data analytics in shaping corporate strategy is increasingly being recognised, Televisory, a start-up based out of India and Singapore, has launched its data analytics and operational benchmar

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Financial advisory services: Robo Advisory startups offering algorithm based solutions now

Robo-advisory leverages the power of artificial intelligence to give automated, unbiased, personalised investment plans, select the right funds to build your portfolio and monitor your investments, all at a fraction of the co

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‘I wear both quantitative and qualitative lenses’

After Hours with Saurabh Yagnik, EVP and Business Head, Sony PIX and AXN

‘I wear both quantitative and qualitative lenses’

Start-ups are very demanding, but exciting: Saket Saurabh, CEO, #fame

Start-ups are the only place where one must do strategy and tactics and think about everything from the big picture to the smallest detail in execution...

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The sum of the parts will always be greater than the individual: Kishore Jayaraman, President, Rolls-Royce

After Hours: Kishore Jayaraman, President, Rolls-Royce India and South Asia

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Dos and don’ts’s latest ad allows women to set their terms and conditions for marriage without donning the rebel tag

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‘The lines between work and fun are pleasantly blurred’

As an entrepreneur I get to transform my vision into reality and have the opportunity to innovate. What could be better than that?

‘The lines between work and fun are pleasantly blurred’

Time to smell the coffee

As the first ad in a campaign, this would have been great. As a sequel to the hugely popular ad featuring the stuttering comedian, this Nescafe ad is a letdown

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“I do not like getting stuck in my own thoughts”

After Hours with Sanjay Jhunjhunwala, Managing Director, Turtle Ltd 1. I love the challenges that come every day in our dynamic business scenario. I enjoy mentoring a team of young and energetic people and helping them build

“I do not like getting stuck in my own thoughts”

‘It’s important for the team to stick together’

We are growing at a breakneck speed and I love such a high-energy work environment where everybody has only one aim—to maintain Foodpanda’s leadership position.

‘It’s important for the team to stick together’

‘I thrive on organised chaos’

The 3D visualisation tool ‘Kaleido’ that we recently launched is the perfect example of this.

‘I thrive on organised chaos’

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross: Royal Treatment

While Maruti Suzuki may be hoping to elevate its brand image with the Nexa showrooms, whether the high-end customer will play along is the million-dollar question

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross: Royal Treatment

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross: Royal Treatment

While Maruti Suzuki may be hoping to elevate its brand image with the Nexa showrooms, whether the high-end customer will play along is the million-dollar question

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross: Royal Treatment

Challenges prod me to keep innovating: Rajiv Kumar, Revlon India

After Hours with Rajiv Kumar, Sales & Marketing Director, Revlon India

Rajiv Kumar, Revlon India News

I hate missing timelines: Neeraj Jain, Zopper CEO

After Hours with Neeraj Jain, CEO, Zopper

Neeraj Jain, Zopper CEO News

Manyavar’s I-Day ad campaign is a smart move to tap on festive season

By inviting its target audience to wear traditional attire to celebrate Independence Day, Manyavar extends its reach beyond weddings; a smart move with the festive season round the corner

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‘The joy of bringing order into chaos is what I love’

I love the madness, the chaos and then the joy of bringing order into the chaos. Things that I love about my job have little to do with the job....

‘The joy of bringing order into chaos is what I love’

‘I have deep respect for Japanese brands’

My association with the internet and e-commerce dates back to the 1990s. It was a time when people were hardly aware about the emerging technology.

‘I have deep respect for Japanese brands’