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In a post-Brexit world, India can leverage its trading relationship with EU

In a post-Brexit world, India can leverage its trading relationship with the EU, and also lead the Commonwealth

The economic impact of Brexit on India could be substantial—and in a good way.

Mission Shakti: Did PM Modi help countrymen reimagine India’s military, commercial and geopolitical power

Did Modi help Indians reimagine India’s military, commercial and geopolitical power in an increasingly confrontational domain of space? Only time will tell.

The emancipation of a nation and of its highest court

The Supreme Court does more than decriminalise consensual homosexual sex and attempts to look beyond the mere sexual self of India’s LGBTQ people. Although the Court assiduously avoids the subject of gay marriage, in the c

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Google penalised: Consumers, innovation are end-victims

The European Commission’s decision affects Google’s core business model in Europe, and the company might decide to finance Android through licensing fees, which, ultimately, would increase the cost of handsets and tablets

Indian Pharma: Think beyond mere price control

Price control of drugs or medical devices is a lazy, populist, farcical measure.

What India needs to develop its own innovative R&D focussed pharma and medical devices sector

For India to develop its own innovative R&D focused pharmaceutical and medical devices sector regulators like NPPA need to re-imagine their regulatory strategies .

Education: India’s innovation agenda is a work-in-progress

Nostalgia must have a shelf life and any discussion on the state of Indian higher education systems cannot be relegated to the memory of the sub-continent’s ancient world-class universities of Nalanda and Taxila.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), NEET, MBBS/BDS, Medical Council of India/Dental Council, Act of Parliament, AIIMS, National Eligibility-cum- Entrance Test (NEET), Aadhaar number, Medical Council of India

To ensure success of Startup India, Digital India, regulators must encourage innovation

They should help facilitate emergence of new industrial ideas along with regulation

A good job, half done

The Competition Assessment of Legislations and Bills Guidelines must include subordinate legislations for economic regulators

A good job, half done

The curious case of Indian innovation

The govt should join India Inc in patronising research and training in codified frugal-engineering practices and brand it as a globally-relevant business methodology

A ‘chota recharge’ model for the internet

Allowing telecom companies to calibrate internet access prices, based on consumer affordability, can increase usage by current customers and attract new customers

A ‘chota recharge’ model for the internet
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