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Exit polls: A clear majority for BJP-led coalition

The principal opposition, the INC-led coalition (the UPA) is predicted to win 119 seats, up from 59 seats in 2014. Other remaining parties are likely to win 119 seats in 2019, versus 148 seats in 2014.

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Assembly election opinion polls: Congress looks set to wrest Rajasthan from BJP, neck in neck fight in MP, Chhattisgarh

Two out of MP, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan will vote for the BJP in general elections regardless of their respective state election outcomes.

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India has enough forex reserves for a rainy day, RBI has space to burn up to $30 billion more

They have fallen below the last 10-year average but RBI has space to burn up to $30 billion more. As FX assets start to fall closer to optimal thresholds, RBI may adopt stronger monetary and non-monetary measures to protect t

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Growth Outlook: Strong cyclical recovery offers space to hike rates

Nomura’s proprietary indicators suggest that the cyclical recovery, which started in H2 2017, is set to continue through Q2 2018.

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MGNREGA lesson for universal basic income: Once introduced, there’s no going back

The one irrefutable lesson from MGNREGA, is that once introduced, there will be no going back

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Infrastructure: How India can create value by rethinking its strategy on standards

For most of us, the word ‘infrastructure’ evokes the mental image of roads, railways, ports, airports, power stations, etc.

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Union Budget 2017: Why investment spend must not be let go of

This year, the government spent roughly Rs 20 trillion. In other words, 15% of India’s GDP.

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How Aadhaar linkage can be a solution for India’s currency problems

What links the Rukatpally Rythu vegetable market in Telangana to local shopkeepers in Bristol in the UK, in Chiba (near Tokyo), Ithaca in New York and in towns across Canada and Australia?

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Demonetisation: Here’s why note ban has led to long queues at the ATMs

Government underestimating the extent of informal economy has led to this situation at the ATMs

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Velocity of money: Demonetisation exercise is partial; here’s why

The size of India’s black economy is estimated to be around 25% of the GDP; that is bigger than the combined share of agriculture and industry GDP

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Why Narendra Modi govt must attack the fundamental triggers that accumulate black money

Countries ranked higher for transparency have less cash transactions

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How to improve ease of doing business: Engaging business a must

It is a mistake to assume that mechanically undertaking a laundry list of reforms will automatically guarantee a good rank

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Ease of doing business: World Bank ranking this year will certify if govt’s reform mojo is intact

DIPP’s new approach has helped states realise that expensive invest-in-us or make-in-us jamboree events are not enough to compete for investments

Ease of doing business: World Bank ranking this year will certify if govt’s reform mojo is intact

Why pensions in India must not be given away for free

If there is anything that India can learn from the pension crisis in Brazil—it is that when you spend around 13% of your GDP on pensions, early retirement ages and inadequate public contribution aren’t the luxuries you ca

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Rent-seeking woes: How to free India of Inspector Raj

Opaque systems of governance that are paranoid of everyone tend to create institutions and frameworks more prone to rent-seeking

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Ease of doing business: How India can trash red tape

Anywhere in the world, the core principles of deregulation have always been the same—strong political buy-in, top down dictation, and businesses pitching in

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