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Why soft skills are critical for knowledge economies

Why 21st century employability skills, or soft skills, are critical for knowledge economies.

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How to reverse the trend of jobless growth

Promoting the growth of MSMEs, skilling for an industry-ready workforce, producing periodic data on employment, promoting & tracking entrepreneurial sector are some ways that can lead to sustainable employment generation

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Why India needs culture of entrepreneurship in classrooms

While there are successful examples of young innovators like PC Musthafa (iD Fresh), Sampriti Bhattacharyya (Hydroswarm) and Vijay Sharma (One97), the harsh reality is that an inordinately large number of start-ups fail. That

Why India needs culture of entrepreneurship in classrooms

Skill India: How to train 35 cr people over next 5-7 years

Skilling 35 crore people within the next 5-7 years, and continuing the tempo for another five years, is an epic task

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Can entrepreneurship meet the job-creation challenge?

According to the ministry of corporate affairs, about 1 lakh new companies were registered in India in 2014. So, entrepreneurship is growing. But the outcome of this positive trend will be tested by the number and quality of

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Fulfilling the promise of a skilled India

Although decent progress has been made in skill enhancement across the board, we must not forget that the numbers we need to address are in millions—the vision of the National Skill Development Initiative is to skill 500 mi

Fulfilling the promise of a skilled India