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British PM Theresa May to chair emergency session on seized tanker

Britain is considering a number of options to raise the economic and diplomatic pressure on Iran but officials say military operations are not being considered at the moment.

Britain says the tanker was in Omani waters at the time, which Iran disputes. (Reuters File photo) News

Donald Trump to nominate Eugene Scalia for labour secretary

Trump had previously announced that Acosta would be succeeded in an acting capacity by his deputy, Patrick Pizzella.

Donald Trump tweeted the news Thursday evening (AP Photo) News

In arson attack, man shouting ‘You die’ kills 33 at Japan anime studio

Most of the victims were employees of Kyoto Animation, which does work on feature films and TV productions but is best known for its mega-hit stories featuring high school girls.

A firefighter is seen near the roof of the torched Kyoto Animation building (Reuters photo) News

China’s economy growth cools further amid US tariff war

The world's second-largest economy expanded by 6.2% over a year earlier in the three months ending in June, down from the previous quarter's 6.4%, government data showed Monday.

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Wimbledon final 2019: Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic deliver modern-day tennis classic; watch highlights

Wimbledon final 2019: Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic pushed each other to the limit in what became as much a test of focus and stamina as it was about skill.

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Somali forces end extremist siege of Kismayo hotel; 18 dead

Al-Shabab, which is allied to al-Qaida, often uses car bombs to infiltrate heavily fortified targets like the hotel in Kismayo, which has been relatively quiet in recent years.

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Google users must act fast after company makes shocking revelations

Google says contractors listen to recordings to better understand language patterns and accents

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Twitter bans ‘dehumanising’ posts toward religious groups

Twitter now prohibits hate speech that targets religious groups using dehumanising language. The social network already bars hateful language directed at individual religious adherents.

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Seeking unity, Nancy Pelosi calls for bill to protect migrant kids

Pelosi, D-Calif., tried rallying Democrats against a common foe — Republicans led by President Donald Trump — less than two weeks after a USD 4.6 billion border bill drove a bitter rift into her party.

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US says talks with Taliban ‘very productive’, denies troop withdrawal window

The appointment last year of Zalmay Khalilzad as a US special peace envoy began the accelerated effort to find a negotiated end to Afghanistan's war and America's longest military engagement.

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Libyan official says airstrike kills 40 migrants in Tripoli

In a statement, the UN-supported government blamed the self-styled Libyan National Army, led by Khalifa Hifter, for the airstrike.

A destroyed and burnt tank in Libya (Reuters Photo) News

Facebook office evacuated after mail tests positive for sarin

A drop of sarin on skin can cause sweating and muscle twitching, and exposure to large doses can result in paralysis and respiratory failure leading to death.

Facebook spokesman Anthony Harrison said four buildings were evacuated and that three have been cleared for people to come back in. (Reuters File photo) News

Recorder found in Texas plane crash; some victims identified

On June 21, a different model crashed shortly after takeoff in Hawaii, killing 11 people in the deadliest civil aviation accident since 2011.

National Transportation Safety Board and FBI investigators inspect a hangar at Addison Airport in Addison, Texas. (AP Photo) News

South Korea hopes Trump-Kim meeting helps inter-Korean engagement

Lee Sang-min, the spokesman of South Korea's Unification Ministry, said that the Trump-Kim meeting could breathe new life into the nuclear negotiations and benefit Seoul's efforts to keep alive momentum for talks and cooperat

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Vehicle age hits record high in United States: Here is why

Western states, of the United States, have the oldest vehicles at 12.4 years, while in the Northeast the average age is only 10.9 years. That’s due largely to less stop-and-start traffic that wears on a vehicle. Weather con

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Powerful car bomb rocks Afghanistan capital Kabul, 53 wounded

The rush-hour explosion sent a plume of smoke into the air above the Puli Mahmood Khan neighbourhood of the Afghan capital and shook buildings up to two kilometres away, with an AFP reporter saying he could hear gunshots afte

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Donald Trump meets Kim Jong Un in North Korea after crossing demilitarised zone

What was originally expected to be a brief exchange of pleasantries over the raised line of concrete marking the border between North and South - Trump had said it would last "two minutes" - turned into private talks stretchi

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Facebook’s digital currency may flourish where banks don’t

The demand for cash remittances is so big in fact that migrants sometimes line up outside Western Unions the night before the branches open, sleeping on the sidewalk to keep their place in the queue.

Libra could address this issue by providing a universal, stable currency that is easily transferrable between persons or businesses without involving setting up an entire payment infrastructure. (Reuters photo) News

G20 Summit: Leaders showcase support for women’s empowerment

Ivanka Trump, adviser to President Donald Trump, said Saturday that the world economy would get a boost of up to USD 28 trillion by 2025 if women were on an equal economic footing.

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Trump jokes to Putin: ‘Don’t meddle in the election, please’

The tone of the president's comments were immediately open to interpretation but would seem to do little to silence questions about Trump's relationship with Russia in the aftermath of special counsel Robert Mueller's conclus

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Boeing aims to finish software fix to 737 Max in September

Once Boeing submits its changes, the FAA is expected to take several weeks to analyze them, and airlines would need additional time to take their grounded Max jets out of storage and prepare them to fly again.

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Airline group advocates more training for Boeing 737 Max

If additional training is required, including the possible introduction of simulators for the Max, it could come at a tremendous cost to Boeing.

Boeing's 737 Max fleet has been grounded worldwide after crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia killed 346 people. (AP File photo) News

North Korea urges South to stop mediating between Pyongyang, Washington

The North Korean statement was an apparent continuation of its displeasure with Seoul and Washington over the stalled diplomacy.

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SpaceX launches Falcon Heavy rocket with 24 satellites

``It was a long shot,'' tweeted SpaceX founder and chief executive Elon Musk.

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US blacklists 5 Chinese organizations working in supercomputing

Commerce is putting five Chinese organizations, including supercomputer maker Sugon, on its so-called Entity List, saying their activities are ``contrary to the national security and foreign policy interests of the United Sta

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Mountain of garbage! Tonnes of trash, abandoned tents, human waste pile up on Mount Everest

Sherpa said the logos on the ice-embedded tents that identify the expedition companies were deliberately ripped out so the culprits could evade detection.

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Skydiving plane crashes in Hawaii, killing all 11 aboard

The twin-engine Beechcraft King Air plane took off from Dillingham Airfield on the north shore of the island.

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