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Top residential property investment hotspots in 2017

The top five hotspots for residential property investment in the country today are Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Chennai.

Residential Real Estate: Learn from 2015 to invest in 2016

Relaxation in FDI rules will help more investment to flow in the country with two of the major obstacles removed: Minimum of 20,000 square metres of development, and a minimum capital of $5 million.

7 tips to help you consider buying a short-term home before you find your dream home

The road so far: Down but not out, all Gurgaon needs is a little push

The city of Gurgaon has for long been a bellwether of the rapid growth in the country over the years, thanks to the presence of multiple multinational corporations.

Should you invest in a weekend home?

Weekend homes, also called second homes or vacation homes, are currently an oasis of market activity in India's the otherwise lacklustre residential real estate sector.

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Online Sale: Real buyers’ problems with the virtual marketplace

On the surface, this approach to selling and buying real estate seems novel and even logical. What works against it is the manner in which the real estate market actually functions in India.

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Luxury home market: Buyers, with money, setting the bar of expectations high

Luxury home buyers now expect to buy into a lifestyle that, by definition, only a few in the world can afford to have.

E-Registration: Simple, transparent process to help prevent unlawful disposal of property

The most frequently-occurring type of disagreement in Indian real estate is land dispute.

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