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Verse in lockdown: Flamingos among other things

In their determination to air brush miseries; Of non-flying flamingos, they embrace the lockdown; Like a new monotheistic religion, and Stay confined in the foetal eyes of deadly viruses.

Resurgent Asia: The story of the Asian economic miracle

Nayyar convincingly argues that ‘inclusive economics institutions’ evolve over time and they are a consequence rather than a cause of progress.

A poet’s life: The life and works of Jayanta Mahapatra

Writing with the ripening shyness of a “squint-eyed fourteen-year fisher girl”, bilingual poet and critic Durga Prasad Panda has edited Jayanta Mahapatra: A Reader, the most compelling volume about the many heteronyms of

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Identity politics at the root of most global problems today: Francis Fukuyama

Fukuyama argues in his latest book that demands of identity politics are at the root of most global problems today, including xenophobia and misplaced nationalism & ideologies.

Book Review: Michiko Kakutani’s The Death of Truth

Written as field notes on falsehood in the Age of Trump for journalists everywhere working to report news, The Death of Truth is the most dazzling, frightening, and also intimate analysis of President Trump, tyranny and lies.

Book Review- ‘Costs of Democracy: Political Finance in India’ is how corrosive power of political finance works in Indian elections

The book is the most compelling, exhaustive, innovative, riveting and perhaps challenging study of the ‘opaque and enigmatic ways’ in which the corrosive power of political finance in Indian elections works.

Costs of Democracy Political Finance in India, Costs of Democracy: Political Finance in India book review,  Indian elections, political finance, 

Book Review: Ashis Nandy: A Life in Dissent

Perhaps Ashis-da himself would have written a fictional conversation between himself and his would-be assassin in a psychological thriller mode, revealing the uncensored inner workings of his ‘beautiful mind’.

Ashis Nandy: A Life in Dissent, book review, Ramin Jahanbegloo, Ananya Vajpeyi

Book Review: Shashi Tharoor’s ‘Why I am a Hindu’ is an emphatic denunciation of Hindutva

A biography of Hinduism that is an exposition of a primordial and polymorphic lived faith, and also an emphatic denunciation of Hindutva.

why i am a hindu, why i am a hindu book review, shashi tharoor, hindutva, hinduism

Book review of Upcountry Tales: Once Upon a Time in the Heart of India by Mark Tully

Most stories in this collection are colloquial and provincial, yet cosmopolitan to the core. After reading these stories, you will agree with Tully that not all people in Purvanchal are squint-eyed demons or yogis in bound-lo

Book review, Upcountry Tales: Once Upon a Time in the Heart of India, Mark Tully

This book by Nayantara Sahgal is most compelling and remorseless satire on growing dangers of neo-fascists forces

Narrated with a dazzling, elegiac ferocity, When the Moon Shines by Day is Nayantara Sahgal’s most compelling and remorseless satire on the growing dangers of neo-fascist forces in contemporary India

GN Devy in his new book ‘The Crisis Within’ warns of the crisis in education in India

Ganesh Narayan Das, aka GN Devy, defies labels, monikers or even plain descriptions. A former professor of English at University of Baroda, Devy is a maverick linguist among educationists and an intrepid ethnomusicologist amo

Ganesh Narayan Das, GN Devy, The Crisis Within, book review, crisis in education in India, education in India

Anirudh Krishna’s ‘The Broken Ladder: The Paradox and the Potential of India’s One Billion’, a poignant narrative of the extremes in India

Written with old-fashioned clarity, hawk-like precision and a sense of urgency, The Broken Ladder: The Paradox and the Potential of India's One Billion is a heart-wrenching tale of space-age wealth versus stone-age poverty in

Age of Anger: A History of the Present by Pankaj Mishra; book review

This is not a book on the intellectual history of the ‘enlightenment and its discontents’ or the globalisation of zombie-ridden capitalism. Written in an intensely personal and incendiary political tone, it explores ‘a

age of anger by pankaj mishra

Words worth: The new stranger

Tabish Khair on xenophobia being elevated from a physical form to abstraction, resulting in Islamophobia and the rise of right-wing populists in Europe and elsewhere

Striving on

A collection of essays by Amartya Sen is a reminder of the author’s relentless advocacy to eliminate injustice in society

Striving on
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