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Private trains: Opening of Indian Railways will not suffice; comprehensive reforms needed

There is an uncanny template available to undertake comprehensive railway reforms. It is time tested in the analogous transport sector. Just structure the railways on the lines of the airlines business

The Railways has the example of private catering on trains with no improvement over the departmental one it supplanted.

A state in crisis: Why Ministry of Home Affairs is a surprising pick to deal with Covid crisis

The nodal agency of choice, the ministry of home affairs, is a surprising pick to deal with what is foremost a health issue with social and economic ramifications.

Social security: Digital platform on which govt on-boards all existing PDS outlets is needed

A digital platform on which government on-boards all existing PDS outlets is needed.

India Post: The network serves functions outside the remit of private competition

The postal network serves a wide-range of functions that is outside the remit of its private sector competitors

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The made-in-India cashless wonder

With over 5 crore successful payment transactions and 15 crore bank accounts linked to Aadhaar, AEPS is an idea whose time has come

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