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Farm distress: MSP, loan waivers vs direct income support

MSPs or loan-waivers cannot reach more than 20-30% of peasantry and distort the market much more than direct income support policies

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A race to the bottom: Is there a better way to help farmers?

The marginal farmers, who constitute 68.5% of peasantry, actually take more than half of their loans from informal sources at interest rates that range from 24-36%.

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Agrarian crisis: What PM Narendra Modi can learn from KCR to help farmers

Professional bodies like CACP suggesting hiking msp to 1.5 times a2+fl costs or others touting doubling-of-farm-income without examining their practicality is worrying.

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From plate to plough: Why parties prefer freebies to investments in election manifestoes

Raising the rate of growth of farmers’ incomes from 3.6% to almost 13% by 2022-23 is akin to promising them the moon and taking them for a ride

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From plate to plough: Decoding Maharashtra’s never ending water woes

Cost ratios are highly inflated to justify starting several projects and hardly any ex-post analysis is done to see whether what was promised gets delivered at that cost.

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More nutrition in wheat, rice: Is Modi govt up to bio-fortification to move from food to nutritional security?

Grain production plummeted from 89.4 million metric tonnes (MMT) in 1964-65 to 72.4 MMT in 1965-66. India became heavily dependent on PL 480 food aid from US and underwent a ‘ship-to-mouth’ crisis.

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From plate to plough: How state can support farmers in a smarter way

While recently releasing the book, Supporting Indian Farms the Smart Way by Ashok Gulati, Marco Ferroni and Yuan Zhou, Arun Jaitley remarked that India needs a good blend of investments and subsidies in its agriculture policy

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Maharashtra’s MSP diktat sets the stage for chaos, will leave farmers in the lurch

Forcing traders to buy agri-produce at MSP will leave farmers in the lurch as traders may not be there to buy and the state certainly can’t buy all the produce.

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From plate to plough: Atal Bihari Vajpayee was a big agriculture reformer too

From fully delicensing dairy Production And Significant PDS reforms to Allowing BT Cotton, the Farm sector saw many significant steps taken in the Vajpayee years.

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How doubling farm income just got even tougher

NABARD presented a gift to the nation on August 16, 2018, when it released results of its NABARD All India Rural Financial Inclusion Survey (NAFIS). Among other things, the Survey estimates 2015-16 farmers’ income levels.

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The MSP and Procurement Conundrum

Speaking at the 37th foundation day celebrations of NABARD, the union finance minister, Arun Jaitley, gave a good food for thought to the audience when he said, “if there is any area in the economy where we can give example

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Under Modi, agriculture is just trudging along

Rather tHan MSP, for better prices getting the markets right by overhauling the agri-marketing infrastructure and associated laws presents a better solution.

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Creating a national agriculture market

The e-nam platform only caters to 7% of the Indian farmer population, and handles only about 2% of the total value of agricultural output of the country

As many as 22 states have adopted it in some form, yet it failed to transform the agri-marketing structure in India. News

From Plate to Plough: PMFBY reaping the failure sown by states

The PMFBY involves farmers, banks, state and central government, insurance companies and re-insurers.

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Reading Modi government’s agri-performance right

From Plate to Plough: In the last four years, agri-profitability fell rather than increased; and FCI paraphernalia expanded and deepened rather than getting reformed and shrinking

Next month, the Narendra-Modi government will complete four years in power at the Centre. News

Doubling farmers’ income: Here’s why boosting agri-exports is important

The inherent ‘consumer-bias’ in these policies makes trading environment unstable and unpredictable.

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Why doubling farmers’ income by 2022 is a pipe dream

Take bold decisions like restricting subsidies on food, mgnrega, etc, to less than 25% and increasing investment in the sector to 75%.


Operation Greens: Making it to the TOP

But important thing to note in OF was that it was driven largely by small holders, and AMUL model ensured 75-80% of the price paid by milk consumers goes to farmers.

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Budget 2018: Arun Jaitley must clear the air on the costs considered for calculating the MSP

Budget 2018: Finance minister Arun Jaitley tried to redress the farmers’ woes by announcing that the minimum support price (MSP) will be now 50% above the cost of production. And, he also said that for Rabi crops, they have

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Budget 2018: Fix farmers woes by going the Telangana way; here’s how

Budget 2018: Farm distress is likely to be one of the major focal points of the Union Budget 2018-19, as the growth in agri-GDP as well as farmers’ (real) incomes has fallen to around 2% per annum during the first four year

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From Modi, Manmohan, Vajpayee to Rao, here is who generated the lowest agri growth

The first advance estimates of GDP and Gross Value Added (GVA) at basic prices for various sectors for the year 2017-18 are out.

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To put 2017’s bitter harvest behind, Narendra Modi government must implement agri-reforms

The party now rules 19 states, either on its own or as a dominant NDA-partner. More than two-thirds of Indians live in these states, and this is perhaps the best opportunity for the Modi government to carry out agriculture re

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Reviving Indian agri-futures: Can Modi government take bold step to revive legacy of AB Vajpayee?

In November 2017, prices of most of the major kharif crops crashed below their respective minimum support prices (MSPs), triggering farm distress.

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How India can tap agriculture to boost trade surplus

The new minister for commerce and industry, Suresh Prabhu, expressed his resolve to expand exports at the occasion of his anointment as the minister.

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Plate to plough: PM Modi’s Gujarat model on agriculture that other Indian states can replicate

We have been great admirers of the ‘agrarian miracle’ that Gujarat achieved under the leadership of Narendra Modi (NaMo), when he was the chief minister of Gujarat from October 7, 2001, to May 22, 2014. Gujarat agri-GDP r

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Are Niti Aayog measures to boost agriculture old wine in a new bottle? Check out what is on its agenda

Last month, NITI Aayog released its three-year action agenda (TYAA) for the government as a road map for reforming various sectors of the economy, including agriculture.

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Getting Agri-futures right is need of the hour; Here’s what government needs to do

Even after 70 years of Independence, the marketing system for agri-products remains unsupportive of farmers. They can’t discover and realise the best prices possible for their produce across space and time as markets are no

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