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Private education: Reforms that we need to create next generation of school entrepreneurs

The need for reform, of course, runs much deeper, and we need to reflect on the impact of our current school regulatory system and adapt it to enable the next generation of school entrepreneurs.

Foundational learning: Let’s not delay the NEP

We need to focus on foundational learning. Today’s primary school-going students will join India’s workforce by 2030, and to reap the benefits of our demographic dividend, we need to start with building a strong foundatio

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Building ecosystem for the social sector

At a critical time in the history of India’s social sector, an ‘ecosystem’ of this kind will decide how the sector grows in the years ahead. At the moment, though, this ecosystem is still an idea being discussed, someti

The Digital India push for education

We need to measure the success of ICT in schools and facilitate the scaling up of innovations that have a demonstrated impact on student learning.

The Digital India push for education
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