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An industrial revolution with digitalisation & IoT at its core

Companies need to align what they offer to reflect Industry 4.0 and add digital solutions and services to their portfolio.

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Why Indian SMEs need to partner with IoT platforms

The need of the hour is digitalisation across value chains, innovative funding, strategic partnerships and turnkey solutions that can make Indian factories smarter

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Manufacturing, a career for nation-builders

While Indian contribution to the global manufacturing pie has grown from 0.9% to just 2% in the past two decades, it has the potential for an unshackled rate of growth over the next 10 years.

Manufacturing, a career for nation-builders

Industrie 4.0: roadmap for SMEs

Industrie 4.0 allows client series and personalised products to be produced at unit costs previously only possible in mass production

Industrie 4.0: roadmap for SMEs