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Being Chief Economic Adviser: Potential lessons for the future CEA

The incumbent must support the government without spinning on its behalf and focus on immediate policy agendas without losing sight of longer term consequences.

Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian, Arvind Subramanian , economy, indian economy, gdp, india gdp News

Quasi-UBI: Rythu Bandhu can be the social & agri policy template

Replacing current farm schemes with a modified telangana-like UBI scheme would yield critical efficiency and income-boosting benefits

Quasi UBI, Rythu Bandhu, universal basic income, Rythu Bandhu policy,  Telangana, agricultural policy News

GST Report Card: Understanding the revenue performance of Goods and Services Tax

After one fiscal year into the implementation of the GST, it is worth asking how it has performed in terms of revenue generation, both for the country and for individual states.

GST Report Card: Understanding the revenue performance of Goods and Services Tax

Economic Survey 2017-18: Here are some of the long-term challenges confronting India

Budget 2018: The response to last year’s Economic Survey was overwhelming, humbling, and of course, burdening. According to behavioural economics, humans place greater welfare weights on avoiding loss than experiencing equi

budget 2018 budget date budget 2018 india India budget Union budget 2018 budget 2018 expectations challenges for india growth challenges for india india economic challenges News

Power must come under GST; Here is why, how and when

Unrebated taxes on power Will lead to increased costs and lower margins by 1-3% for several industries, eroding competitiveness and undermining Make-in-India

GST, implementation,  GST Power, Power News

Recapitalisation success depends on future reforms: CEA Arvind Subramanian

Public-to-private lending has proved toxic. It may be better to have more private-to-private lending and private-to-public lending

Arvind Subramanian, Recapitalisation, RBI, private sector, indian economy, India new Bankruptcy Law, NPAs, fiscal DEFICIT, banking balance sheets, Twin Balance Sheet News

GST enters critical lap even as it suffers from weaknesses

It must be accepted that the GST suffers from weaknesses largely related to the exemption of so many items from its scope: alcohol, petroleum, electricity, land and real estate, health and education.

constitutional amendment Bill, Goods and Services Tax, VAT, Indian Economy News

Black money: Next frontier is to bring land and realty under GST

After the steps taken to reduce black cash and streamline election finance, the natural follow-up step is to clean up one of the biggest sources of black money—land and real estate.

election finance, black money, real estate, GST, LARE, Agricultural land, taxes, pro-governance News

Union Budget 2017: In Economic Survey, CEA Arvind Subramanian says India must broaden competition between states to span cities too

There is free flow of goods, people, and capital across India. Yet, income and health outcomes are not converging

Budget 2020 News

CEA Arvind Subramanian unveils Delhi pollution fighter – the humble arhar dal

Growing arhar instead of paddy can help tackle pollution, increase yields and improve soil health

Opinion News

CEA Arvind Subramanian on understanding the latest GDP numbers

It is quite likely that the GVA numbers are signalling a real improvement in the economy

Arvind Subramanian, indian economy, Chinese economy, china economy, economic activity, Chief Economic Advisor News

Column: What makes apparel sector a great job growth driver, find out here

These will offset the challenges apparel exporters face, from higher duties in major markets to domestic hurdles.

Opinion News

Column: Clearing the air on DBTL’s impact

The Rs 12,700-crore figure indicated potential savings, not the actual in FY15

Column: Clearing the air on DBTL’s impact

Column: Resisting west’s carbon imperialism

The rich world’s move against fossil fuels is a disaster for India, and other poorer countries.

climate change News
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