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Budgetary proposals: Execution on the ground will be key

Union Budget 2021 India: With Budget 2021-22 meeting most of the expectations on infrastructure financing, there is need to hammer out proper mechanisms to realise the ambitious agenda

However, a lot will depend on how effectively they are implemented on the ground.

Wishlist for Union Budget 2021-22: Spur spend by states, pvt sector to meet NIP goals

Budget 2021-22 needs to prioritise interventions which can act as a force multiplier for both state govt investments as well as long-term private and external sources of finance

Infrastructure financing: NIP vital to India’s prospects

With govt coffers shrinking, there’s need to tap domestic pension funds & insurance firms and deepen the bond markets to push projects

The other key enabler is a vibrant infrastructure bond market which supports liquidity of longer tenure bonds.

COVID-19 crisis: Where will all this lead us to?

India, for example, announced that the government would pay both the employers’ and employees’ PF contributions for enterprises below a threshold size for three months.

While the quantum of financial support varies across countries, the interventions proposed are largely similar.

PPP model for infrastructure development: Why there’s need to avoid pitfalls of past

The setting up of a nodal Credit Guarantee Enhancement Corporation would help individual projects improve their risk rating

Consolidation of guidelines, provision for reworking of contracts and dispute resolution ought to be prioritised

Getting smart about smart cities – Proactive leadership, convergence across schemes have been the key differentiators

Proactive leadership, convergence across schemes have been the key differentiators

Smart Cities Mission, AMRUT, MoHUA, ministry of railways,  DIPP, Bhubaneswar ,Jaipur, pune, Ahmedabad, surat

Smart cities and PPPs: Why data is the new currency

Indian cities must leverage city data for monetisation and economic development.

Smart cities, PPPs, new currency, public private partnerships, urban infrastructure, housing, roads

Smart City mission: E-governance to transform municipal governance

The opportunities for transforming municipal governance on the back of disruptive technology being implemented as part of the Smart City mission are enormous.

Smart Cities, Smart Cities mission, AMRUT, Swaach Bharat,SCADA based water management,  street lighting, intelligent traffic transport management solutions

Smart cities are here—what about e-governance and ICT?

While e-governance initiatives usually account for only 10-15% of the total investment, they are an essential part of the overall city architecture

Smart cities are here—what about e-governance and ICT?

eGov: It’s time to make the smart city dream come true

With the smart cities programme being cleared by the Union Cabinet, we now expect to see some quick implementation on the ground.

smart city
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