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Dissecting economic slowdown: Get wiser about consumption to push growth up

The reasons could be a combination of higher tax rate on ‘luxury’ goods, subdued ‘animal spirits’ from stagnation/volatility/erosion in value of real estate and stock markets—the main wealth vehicles—and negative

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Reduce cost, risk of doing business to achieve $5 trillion GDP target

ASEAN countries have been the biggest beneficiary of this structural shift in global supply chains—between 2017 and 2018, the total FDI into ASEAN has more than doubled to $180 billion, and so did the number of Chinese comp

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Cost of doing business trumps ease of doing business

The 100-Day plan of big ideas for decisive action is important. But, so is a longer term plan to overcome the systemic and structural challenges to making industry globally competitive.

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Disruptive innovation: How profit pools will shift between now and 2035

In automobiles, profits will shift dramatically and come from electrification & software, from mobility services and value propositions built around data & connectivity.

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Jobs growth: Digitally-enabled mass services to be game changer

In the last 150 years, the world has seen three industrial revolutions starting with the steam engine in the 19th century, mass manufacturing in the mid-20th one and the internet in late 20th century. Each of these technologi

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Rethinking the job paradigm: Need increased focus on developing ‘mass services’ as driver of growth

As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, we have to necessarily ‘reboot’ our models if we have to deliver jobs with growth

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Move from unipolar world led by US to multipolar world: How strategies need to be realigned for globalisation

Globalisation has changed. It is no more about multilateralism, but bilateral deals. It is no more about developing a global strategy, but a country-by-country strategy.

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Walmart-Flipkart deal: India is the ‘servitisation’ battleground for US & China

For indian policy makers, the deal and its potential impact, underscores the urgent need to deepen the domestic Venture capital eco-system.

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Industry 4.0: How digitalisation will kill traditional manufacturing

The days of the large overseas export-oriented plants in low-cost countries are numbered. and the nature of the workforce is also changing fast.

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From Isro, Aadhaar card to Maruti, India readying to be a global industry/services leader

Within three years of the challenge, Maruti conceptualised, designed, developed, validated and launched the Vitara Brezza, which has become the market leader—once again, at a fraction of the cost a car company in the develo

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Undocumented digital services: Here is how to redefine trade in ‘new globalisation’

As more one-off transactions turn into extended, long-term contracts, the share of undocumented digital services will increase as a percentage of services trade

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New globalisation: Countries must agree on ways to measure digital trade flows

Many traditional hardware manufacturers are increasingly viewing themselves as providers of digitally-enabled services rather than just physical goods

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Why PM Narendra Modi government must not miss the servitisation revolution bus in new industrial policy

Growth of servitisation faces hurdles around the lack of skills—both for its own needs in India and to exploit the huge opportunity for providing such services to global firms—ill-defined privacy laws, etc.

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Jobless growth? Even if labour data is wrong, it cannot hide the fact that Indian economy is now more capital intensive

Even if the labour hours data is wrong and is corrected upwards, it cannot hide the fact that India’s economy has become significantly more capital-intensive.

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Globalisation in crisis: Not a zero-sum game, unless we make it

Whether it will come out of the current crisis soon or not is in the hands of the global political leaders

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Globalisation 4.0: Radical new phase driven by digital tech is beginning

Leveraging new technologies, Uber has become one of the fastest-globalising companies ever, despite all the regulatory issues it has faced

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Robot led transformation and make in India nice angles

The digital transformation of global manufacturing in the 21st century need not be a threat to India

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Why Make-in-India must re-tool manufacturing

The strategy of low-cost manufacturing and merchandise exports will not be enough

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Going beyond foundation stones

Use of technology can help bureaucrats in charge of implementing the govt’s programmes or projects cut down on the time spent on administrative functions that impedes faster execution

Going beyond foundation stones

Column: Making Make-in-India happen

In some investment-intensive sectors, India must offer a package of incentives to attract global players

Column: Making Make-in-India happen

Untying the Gordian knot

The key to an investment-driven growth strategy is to get the lubricant—money—flowing through the system

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Make government schools accountable

Our education system doesn’t need more money, or more infrastructure or guest teachers or remedial classes, it needs internal governance and accountability

Make government schools accountable

Moving the needle on public school outcomes

Government schools need to match if not outperform affordable private schools

Moving the needle on public school outcomes

More than just making in India

Make-in-India has to focus on improving the quality and flexibility of our labour force, enhancing technology and value-addition

More than just making in India
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