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Explained: Why WTO needs an interim arbitration body

With WTO’s dispute settlement process set to fall apart due to appellate body vacancies remaining unfilled, a parallel arbitration procedure is a must

The WTO Agreement contains a set of rules for the conduct of international trade relations.

Global trade: Making a start for WTO reforms

Members desirous of preventing disruption of the appellate process in WTO disputes would enter into a plurilateral accord providing for appeal arbitration

In the contentious environment that has prevailed in the WTO Agreement from the outset, it is not going to be easy to agree on WTO reform. (File photo)

World War: No let up in trade war at G-20 Summit

There is a glimmer of hope that a meeting on the sidelines of the G20 Summit at Buenos Aires between president Donald Trump of the United States and president Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China, on November 30, 2

g 20 summit 2018 reuters

Collapsing trade order: How the WTO is under attack

The stasis in negotiated liberalisation of trade has, over the last 18 years, whittled down the standing of the WTO as an intergovernmental institution of eminence.

Trade talk: GSP benefits not the issue in Indo-US trade

GSP benefits look odd since India is no longer a poor country, but these offset the advantages China has as well as those that Mexico/Korea get from FTAs with US.

Changing trade order: Donald Trump’s WTO moves worse than its war

By stalling the dispute resolution mechanism at the WTO, the US is Pushing the multilateral trade regulator towards A slow Death

Donald Trump, World Trade Organization, US trade war, US defence and military pacts, US china trade war, GATT 1947

Global trade woes: Delhi WTO meet must help diffuse the developing trade crisis

India’s invitation to the trade ministers of 40 WTO members to an informal gathering in New Delhi, on March 19-20, is without a pre-announced agenda.

world trade organisation, WTO, WTO Delhi, WTO members, global trade, trade crisis

WTO & Public Stockholding Issue: Price support must be adjusted for inflation

Subsidising members should be allowed neutralisation for inflation to the extent of it exceeding 2% per annum, which can be considered the normal rate of inflation.

WTO, Public Stockholding Issue, MSP, farmers, inflation

No winner in this Trump’s trade war

A firestorm is raging in world trade. It was set off by US president Donald Trump announcing on March 3, that the US will levy tariffs on imported metals—25% on steel, 10% on aluminium.

donald trump, trade wars, trump tariff, aluminium, steel

WTO Summit: Why Buenos Aires Ministerial was a non-event; there was not even a big fight

The 11 Ministerial Conference (MC11) of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ended on December 13, 2017, as it had begun—without any fervour. At Nairobi in 2015—during MC10—there was a major agreement eliminating export s

Ministerial Conference, MC11, World Trade Oragnisation, WTO, export subsidies, agriculture

The 10th WTO Ministerial Conference: Multilateralism in retreat

Securing a political mandate for making fresh efforts to conclude the Doha Round of negotiations must be the main objective of India and other developing countries during the Nairobi conference

Column: Neither a threat, nor an opportunity

For India, joining the TPP FTA can be only for political or strategic reasons, not for economic benefits

Column: Neither a threat, nor an opportunity

Column: WTO talks once again on the edge

Developed countries now support a proposal that jettisons the tiered reduction approach

Column: WTO talks once again on the edge
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