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Trade dispute: Japan seeks to emerge from the shadow of history

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s attempts to amend the Constitution and the current trade skirmish between Japan and South Korea can be traced back to history—a history that Japan seeks to put behind, but so far with little su

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North Korea walks diplomatic tightrope

North Korea is seemingly being wooed by two great powers, but in reality is caught in the middle. Between a social-media savvy President Trump manoeuvring his presidential re-election campaign 2020, and the expiry of the Nort

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Why did China back down in Hong Kong?

One of the key factors behind China withdrawing is Taiwan, what with China still hopeful and dangling the reunification carrot.

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Indo-Pacific is ‘priority theatre’ for the US

The new American vision, marked by clarity and simplicity, reiterates that the US is a Pacific power, a resident Asian power, and that the US ‘pivot’ is here in Asia to stay—with the Indo-Pacific identified as the ‘pr

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US moves against Huawei’s real owner?

It appears the American move is directed less against Huawei and more against Chinese state. The thinking is that the US is the hand that feeds China and contributes to its surplus.

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The many facets of Sino-US trade dispute

While it is a forgone conclusion that both the US and China will be affected by tariffs, China will be more so. In the US, the load of tariffs will impact US importers and indirectly impact consumers who now have to pay more

The bottom line is that Xi Jinping may have provoked the dispute, departing from the dictum of China “biding its time” before its time—a cumulative backlash to China’s actions in Taiwan and North-east Asia, and the South China Sea (Illustration: Rohnit phore) News

How US steadily upping the game to counter China

The US has claimed that China’s coast guard and fishing boats are not harmless, benign entities, but de facto maritime militia expanding China’s presence in the seas.

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Taming the Dragon: What works for India when it comes to dealing with China

Be it Europe or Asia, there is one commonality that underpins relations with China—ambivalence and pragmatism.

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Hanoi Summit: Will the economic hook open the diplomatic window?

The 2019 North Korea-US Hanoi Summit highlighted that the US has the proverbial wild card— the promise of economic boom that may open a diplomatic window and shape future negotiations.

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Dragon in the room: China’s technology strides augur well for developing world

There are allegations that China’s practices force foreign companies to part with technology—a backhanded intellectual theft that has been at the heart of the China-US discord. There have been ethical concerns, too (the 2

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Is China witnessing a backlash of departure from moderniser Deng Xiaoping’s dictrums?

China’s command economy has returned through the backdoor, with the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the state’s effort to pick and promote private enterprise such as information and communications giant Huawei, telecom

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Book review: ‘What China and India Once Were’ by Sheldon Pollock and Benjamin Elman

A vast body of works that takes the reader back and forth in time, gazing at the two neighbouring countries through the prisms of history, literature, science, art, politics and much more.

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Japan’s historical muddle in Northeast peninsula: Naomi Osaka, Denny Tamaki, Priyanka Yoshikawa open Pandora’s box

Japan’s Naomi Osaka, Denny Tamaki and Priyanka Yoshikawa open a Pandora’s box.

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Japan-North Korea relations remain in a freeze – Shinzo Abe seeks an evolution of Yoshida Doctrine

Shinzo Abe seeks an evolution of Yoshida Doctrine. Abe has made constitutional revision high on the agenda, seeking the ‘birth of a new Japan’ before it hosts the 2020 Olympics.

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‘Crazy Rich Asians’ comes to town: Based on the best-selling novel Crazy Rich Asians

Beyond the chaff of class, riches and the fluff, ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ comes across as a reminder of the possibilities and choiceful learnings from Singapore’s economic transformation.

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The return of Mahathir Mohamad: Malaysia leans on Japan

As a major ASEAN and regional player, actively reaching out to Japan, re-examining Chinese investments, and being upfront on the South China Sea, Mahathir Mohamad has onset a change in the region—still being tested, but one

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Trump-Kim summit: China caught off-guard?

As Singapore prepares to host the leaders, it is still unknown whether the US will foot the bill for the North Korean leader’s trip and if the North Korean delegation will travel using the (old) Soviet-made Ilyushin Il-62 o

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China’s Social Credit System: Big Brother is watching

SCS may be understood as the ‘reset’ of China’s infamous yesteryears’ dossier. But what is the dossier? Indians may connect with China’s dossier with reference to the ration card, much needed (back then) for a telep

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Sino-Indian Relations: India’s China policy is no longer adequate

Wuhan, a city on the banks of the Yangtze river in hinterland China, far from the country’s prosperous ‘golden coastline’ of Shanghai and political capital Beijing, is a city pregnant with metaphor. In 1966, it was in W

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Xi’s new era: He has reversed the equation by seeking economic revival in the political mandate

China’s president Xi Jinping has a successor—himself. With this, Xi has re-stated the old dictum—now, political mandate is the basis of the economic mandate.

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Why America’s Indo-Pacific vision is no cakewalk

It envisages a “connected and cooperative region stabilised by a durable balance of power.” India, like others, is getting on-board, but living the Indo-Pacific dream is not easy, with irritants along the way

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Why ‘Act East’ will work when ‘Look East’ did not

Act East will gather momentum because now there is greater connectivity, better prospect of trade, market and exchange of information. Export-oriented ASEAN will look at India because of India’s emerging market and quality

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China and democracy: Xi Jinping has extraordinary mandate, but fate of ‘5th modernisation’ there remains elusive

It took one young, bold man in China to sharpen the wisdom of China’s legendary moderniser-par-excellence, Deng Xiaoping.

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China rising, but it can’t match up to American power; see why that is

China is no doubt going from strength to strength and is the most important rising power, economically and militarily, yet when seen relative to American power, it has a long way to go

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Xi Jinping’s thought raised to level of Mao, but Deng may have the last word – the wisdom of future generations may decide status

‘Thought’, ‘theory’ and ‘ism’ have different statuses in China’s ideological hierarchy—it has been Mao Zedong’s ‘thought’ and now Xi Jinping’s ‘thought’ (Deng Xiaoping had a ‘theory’)

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Xi Jinping enthralls with American Dream in China, but all that glitters is not gold

Xi’s China enthrals us as a flying economic phoenix, all fairy golden feathers—but all that glitters is not gold.

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Decoding handshake at BRICS: Not Doklam standoff, in the Chinese scheme of things, it is North Korea and FONOP at centrestage

North Korea’s collapse, its unification with South Korea which has extended the olive branch, or North Korea under the Chinese umbrella … all have deep ramifications for China, and this is where the ‘great game’ is be

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