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Covid-19 lessons from South Korea: Between trust and surveillance

While South Korea has achieved exemplary success, it may have come at the cost of infringement of privacy—phone trails and CCTV cameras to track almost every citizen

South Korea has registered more than 9,500 cases, but more than 5,000 of the Covid-19 patients have recovered. News

Why Malaysian politics matters

Despite the beguiling tagline of Malaysia as ‘Simply Asia', Malaysia’s political landscape sidelines Malaysian Indians and Malaysian Chinese. Malaysian politics morphing as ‘Malay first’ (Muslim first) is a familiar s

Malaysian politics, Malaysia, Mahathir Mohammed, Pakatan Harapan, Anwar Ibrahim, Prince Charles,Wan Azizah Wan Ismail  News

Coronavirus lessons from Singapore: Citizens before political stability and economic costs

Singapore, until now, has been successfully addressing the COVID-19 outbreak. It placed ‘citizens first’ ahead of political stability and economic costs. Despite it being a city state, China is taking a lot of interest in

coronavirus, coronavirus outbreak News

Wuhan impact on China: With a formidable GDP of $14.37 trillion, the country will recover and bounce back in business

Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, was long known for its car factories and the Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation (WISCO). Today, Wuhan has come to be known as the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak.

coronavirus, coronavirus impact News

Tough times for China Model: Chinese Year of the Rat begins with metaphorical ‘plague’

China’s crisis illustrates that ‘top down’ is not a one-way street of fairy break-neck development but comes at a huge cost

China Model, Chinese Year of the Rat, plague, Xi Jinping, Li Wenliang, coronavirus, SARS,  SARS virus, Wuhan, Wang Xiaodong News

Behind Myanmar -China pauk phaw relations

Irrespective of India’s Look East, US sanctions or UK sanctions in Myanmar, China has been out there in Myanmar, parked with a consistent policy and focus—and backed by economic muscle.

myanmar, china News

US-China trade deal: A win-win for the US and President Trump, not for China; Here’s why

China’s manufactures will benefit, as will consumers reeling from high prices of pork, milk powder and supplements.

us, china News

Taiwan’s presidential elections: Electorate have spoken! Not just on Hong Kong but also on China

Taiwan’s electorate have spoken—not just on Hong Kong but also on China, and going forward, their own future.

china, taiwan News

Hong Kong—A revolution is rewritten

It is not too late for China to reflect and understand the sanctity of the electoral process. Hongkongers have through the ballot box brought the Goliath down, a revolution rewritten

Hong Kong, Hong Kong revolution, Carrie Lam, Beijing, Lady Liberty, Hongkongers, Hong Kong government, Communist Party News

Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act complete China’s annus horribilis

The Sino-US trade war, Xinjiang leak, Hong Kong turmoil, Hong Kong election results, and on top of that both Houses of the US passing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act complete China’s, and Xi’s, annus horribil

china, india News

How is TikTok outpacing Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat on social media platform

TikTok has been downloaded 1.5 billion times globally on the App Store and Google Play, including 122 million times in America, where it is popular with a younger demographic profile.

TikTok is entrepreneur Zhang’s brainchild, who at 36 years is as young a tycoon as India’s Roshni Nadar (CEO, HCL Enterprise). (Illustrations: Rohnit phore) News

RCEP: Malaysia negotiates better terms from China

Mahathir has used the electoral mandate and the pro-Mahathir wave to keel predecessor Najib’s pro-China policy into a more centrist one, opening the doors to the possibility of dialogue and renegotiation with China

RCEP, Malaysia, China, Mahathir Mohamed, ASEAN, Belt and Road Initiative, RCEP india, RCEP 2019 News

Hong Kong protests go beyond just democratisation

Hong Kong protests run deep and go beyond just democratisation—a manifestation of the latent social and economic undercurrents

China, Hong Kong, Tiananmen, Beijing, hong kong extradition bill, hong kong protest, China rising, Carrie Lam, People Armed Police News

Modi-Xi Meet: How India-China ties are underscored by economic asymmetry

President Xi Jinping and Prime minister Narendra Modi have much in common—pragmatism, nationalism and marked shifts in foreign policy, but Sino-Indian relations are underscored by economic asymmetry.

The present meet is a testament to the “Wuhan spirit” deemed to help manage, if not resolve, the differences that underlie Sino-Indian relations. News

Seventy years of revolution: Unprecedented backlash marks China’s rise

…With USS Ronald Reagan in the South China Sea, and Japan’s Defense White Paper 2019 calling out China as the main security threat to Japan

china, trade with china, japan trade deficit, trade war, us-china, exports, imports News

US-China trade war: Stakes high for Washington, higher for Beijing

The trade war, while economic in intent, has strong political undertones, and while the stakes are high for America, they are much higher for China.

US-China trade war, Washington, Beijing, China, US, tariff hike, Chinese goods News

How China does a volte-face in Hong Kong

China’s step down is a mystery. Is it because China cannot attempt a Tiananmen 2019 fearing global backlash? Has China been cornered because of the Reuters leaks? Is truce in Hong Kong tied to the impeding trade talks with

hong kong protest, China, Hong Kong, extradition Bill, Carrie Lam, beijing, hong kong triads, Xiaomi, Tiananmen 2019 News

China’s double-barrel gun in Hong Kong backfires

Overt action of amassing armoured carriers and paramilitary forces in Shenzhen, and covertly running a social media disinformation campaign have failed to quell protests in Hong Kong.

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Trade dispute: Japan seeks to emerge from the shadow of history

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s attempts to amend the Constitution and the current trade skirmish between Japan and South Korea can be traced back to history—a history that Japan seeks to put behind, but so far with little su

Trade dispute, Japan, korea, South Korea, US, Donald trump, Reiwa era News

North Korea walks diplomatic tightrope

North Korea is seemingly being wooed by two great powers, but in reality is caught in the middle. Between a social-media savvy President Trump manoeuvring his presidential re-election campaign 2020, and the expiry of the Nort

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Why did China back down in Hong Kong?

One of the key factors behind China withdrawing is Taiwan, what with China still hopeful and dangling the reunification carrot.

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Indo-Pacific is ‘priority theatre’ for the US

The new American vision, marked by clarity and simplicity, reiterates that the US is a Pacific power, a resident Asian power, and that the US ‘pivot’ is here in Asia to stay—with the Indo-Pacific identified as the ‘pr

Indo-Pacific, Patrick Shanahan, Sino-US trade war, Shangri-La Dialogue, National Defense Strategy, global GDP,  US foreign direct investment News

US moves against Huawei’s real owner?

It appears the American move is directed less against Huawei and more against Chinese state. The thinking is that the US is the hand that feeds China and contributes to its surplus.

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The many facets of Sino-US trade dispute

While it is a forgone conclusion that both the US and China will be affected by tariffs, China will be more so. In the US, the load of tariffs will impact US importers and indirectly impact consumers who now have to pay more

The bottom line is that Xi Jinping may have provoked the dispute, departing from the dictum of China “biding its time” before its time—a cumulative backlash to China’s actions in Taiwan and North-east Asia, and the South China Sea (Illustration: Rohnit phore) News

How US steadily upping the game to counter China

The US has claimed that China’s coast guard and fishing boats are not harmless, benign entities, but de facto maritime militia expanding China’s presence in the seas.

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Taming the Dragon: What works for India when it comes to dealing with China

Be it Europe or Asia, there is one commonality that underpins relations with China—ambivalence and pragmatism.

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Hanoi Summit: Will the economic hook open the diplomatic window?

The 2019 North Korea-US Hanoi Summit highlighted that the US has the proverbial wild card— the promise of economic boom that may open a diplomatic window and shape future negotiations.

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