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Shipping industry faces several constraints on complying with IMO’s regulation on sulphur bunker fuel oil usage

The shipping industry faces several constraints on complying with IMO’s regulation on sulphur bunker fuel oil usage.

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Is the aam aadmi riding the NaMo wave? Modi government gets quite a good amount of our attention span

People decide based on their perceptions of gains and losses, rather than actual final outcomes. During next year’s elections, it’s likely that a major chunk of the population will decide whom to vote on the basis of how

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Why RBI must not lose its focus from inflation, and pursue an independent monetary policy with flexible exchange rate

A few months ago, many on the street were in favour of a weak rupee. Even former Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian had said that the rupee should be allowed to depreciate as a part of the adjusting mechanism.

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Digital boost: Reduction in GST, licence fees and SUC to provide respite to telecom sector

Reduction in levies such as GST, licence fees and SUC will provide some respite to telecom sector

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This is not the last upswing in oil prices; India has to make its demand for oil more elastic. Here’s why.

India imported 1.7 billion barrels of crude in the last fiscal, worth $88 billion, when the average price of Indian basket of crude was about $52 a barrel.

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Is the UAE moving away from oil?

Oil contributes around 35% to the UAE government revenues. Had it not been for the revenues from oil, fiscal deficit would have ballooned to 10.2% of GDP in 2017 from 0.2%.

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Petrol, Diesel Prices: Let invincible hand do its job

Sustainable reduction in fuel prices will come when currency & global oil prices move in our favour. This doesn’t seem too distant

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Fossil fuel market due for overhaul

Outlook for fossil fuels is tough to comprehend, but as long as they can be made cleaner, it seems they are here to stay.

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A sustainable switch to renewables

While the push towards cleaner renewable sources is appreciable, it should not be at the cost of making energy expensive and unreliable. The overall footprint of fossil fuels—such as coal and oil—at the moment is quite lo

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Skill India and Make In India: Making the most of India’s structural change

The best way forward would be to align “Skill India” and “Make-in-India” with a focus on our comparative advantage. A single-minded pursuit of increasing India’s manufacturing base might not yield the best results.

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Why RBI has been overestimating future inflation

Household inflation expectations have remained anchored in the sense that they haven’t been impacted much by transitory shocks.

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Measures to ease traffic: How Centre, State govt can ease freight movement

While the central government is promoting alternative and multi-modal means of transport, these will take some time to get implemented. In the interim, state governments and municipalities must undertake quick-fix measures to

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Despite all the hype, Budget 2018 was just another missed opportunity for the education sector

Budget 2018: The finance minister, in his Union Budget 2018 speech, mentioned “education” the most number of times (to be precise, 29 times), amongst other buzzwords like agriculture (26 times) and health (21 times). Howe

Budget 2018: Arun Jaitley presented Union Budget on Feb 1 News

Farmers and fertiliser spend: How to make nutrient-based subsidy a success

The NSSO 70th round survey estimates there are 156 million rural households in India, of which 57.8% are agricultural.

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Clear energy policy a must before a clean one; Ad hoc moves will not lead India anywhere

Last year, India joined the Paris Agreement to tackle climate change. India accounts for 4.1% of global emissions, and the country opted for increased use of clean and green energy to reduce its emissions relative to GDP, rat

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Growth rate in India: Time for reality check on achhe din

India’s growth has been lopsided driven by government and private spending. Private sector investment hasn’t recovered sustainably for two years. Jump-starting the economy through financing growth is also not possible whe

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RBI is an overcautious central bank; here is why it can hurt growth

A sharp fall in both retail and wholesale inflation has raised the stakes for a rate cut by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in its next monetary policy review.

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Time right for Urjit Patel led RBI to cut interest rates; here’s why

RBI’s neutral stance in its latest monetary policy statement has been primarily driven by its long standing argument of “stickiness of core inflation”

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Farm incomes and rural consumption: It will take time to rev-up the rural economy

Just when the rural sector was showing signs of revival, partial withdrawal of old currency notes in November last year created a dent in rural demand.

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The hide and seek of India’s inflation

Further attempts to bring down headline inflation via rate hikes might actually hurt demand and stall economic recovery

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India caught in two-speed growth

A broad-based economic recovery will be contingent on a sustained pick-up in private investment cycle

India caught in two-speed growth

‘Happening Haryana’ to ‘Invest Karnataka’, states should compete for Make-in-India

The Make in India campaign should not be seen as a political stunt, but as a platform to promote competitive federalism.

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Inflation: No place for complacency

RBI may have less room to cut rates next fiscal

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Are Indian corporates going the Japanese way?

High corporate debt levels hindering revival of capex cycle

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Invest to get demographic dividend

India will not be able to reap its full benefits unless the Make-in-India and Skill India campaigns are successfully implemented.

Invest to get demographic dividend

Don’t lose sleep over RMB devaluation

Geopolitical differences between India and China are getting stronger. Opportunities lie in enhancing bilateral investment flows

Don’t lose sleep over RMB devaluation

Easy solutions for Swachh Bharat

The act of cleanliness can be an economic activity, contributing to GDP, reducing healthcare costs and also a source of employment

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