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Slowdown? Why there is no need to panic over Indian economy

Past four weeks were a roller coaster time for not just USDINR traders but also for us “experts”.

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Urjit Patel led RBI has done wonderful job with Indian rupee; what he did

The long dollar trade around the globe underwent some interesting twist and turns over the past 12 months.

Urjit Patel led RBI has done wonderful job with Indian rupee; what he did

From an era of Divergence to an era of monetary policy Convergence: How it impacts currency market

From an age of monetary policy divergence, we have moved to monetary policy convergence. Back in summer of 2014, I started to write about how divergent monetary policies can play havoc in currency and other asset markets.

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Dollar is a myopic scope to judge how well the Rupee is doing

Readers are aware that we had warned that Rupee could be in for more gains as the fundamental backdrop is positive for the local unit.

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Re-rating of rupee happening? Narendra Modi working at expense of political harm to increase size of formal economy

What a week it was for the Rupee bulls. Currency zoomed against the US Dollar and well past its peers to clock a gain of 2%. Since the early part of the year I have been warning that a weak US Dollar is coming.

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A weak Dollar policy & blanket protectionism from US can be positive for US economy but not so for rest of the world

Since the beginning of the year, US Dollar has come under selling pressure. There can be numerous reasons for the US Dollars weakness but we would like to highlight three of them.

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We are at the cusp of the third phase of FX war: An overt policy to weaken US dollar

Dollar/Rupee swooned as exporters and speculators joined in to hammer the USD lower. Pair closed the around 67.15 levels on spot in NDF.

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Budget 2017: New Year has been kind to Emerging Markets basket, but not for rupee; all eyes on budget

The New Year has been kind to investors in emerging markets, as equity prices as well bonds prices have recovered from their Post-Trump lows in December 2016.

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Indian Rupee has begun to underperform its Asian peers

Liquidity has returned in global financial markets. Volatility has picked up. Speculators have unwound a part of their long dollar bets ahead of the inauguration of the new US president. As a result, US Dollar has come under

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In 2016, RBI’s actions changed the fortune of Indian rupee

Bitcoin has become the barometer of outflow from China. Over the past 24 months, wealthy Chinese have been moving money out of China, and now the flu has caught middle China too.

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Indian Rupee: Caught between a richly valued asset market & aggressive central banker

The combined effect of “demonetisation” and “Trump” has impacted several financial assets in contrasting ways.

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As demonetisation and Donald Trump hit markets, period of volatility, shocks starts

Two major events have unfolded over the past twelve days-- one, the decision on demonetization and other, election of anti-establishment candidate, Donald Trump.

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US dollar soars on cbanks’ policies; Indian rupee not immune to trend

Divergent path of monetary policies between US and other major central banks is driving the US Dollar higher. Chinese Yuan too is feeling the heat, as outflows picked up from China in Q3...

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No trend-creating triggers seen till the US elections; here’s why

Markets are in a mood for whipsaw over the month of October. Yes, we got some sharp upswings in Dollar, but barring in GBP, where I have been expecting weaker prices since Brexit, there are no trend-creating triggers till the

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Indian Rupee: an interplay of strong domestic macros and dangerously lopsided global forces

Rupee continues to outperform its peers, barring the one day snap decline that happened last week on account of military operation conducted by Indian armed forces against terror camps in PoK. Indian currency is an interplay

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Axis of Volatility: Rise of Trump, Qe-Clief & Fed’s Reputational risk

Over the week, Dollar/Rupee made a sharp U-turn as rumours of “policy driven” devaluation made rounds in media circles.

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Indian rupee sudden plunge against dollar today; 5 reasons why govt cannot go for rupee devaluation

Rupee remains a market driven exchange rate, and unlike currencies which are pegged, like Chinese Yuan, it is not easy to devalue or appreciate a currency as per the whims and fancies of the policymakers.

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Global markets being jolted by systematic funds

Volatility is back and it is back with a bang. After an extremely quiet August, where Rupee traded within a very tight range against US Dollar, we are seeing a good bit of two way movement in the pair.

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From a volatility bubble to a complacency bubble and back

Summer lull continues in financial markets. August is turning out to be a quietest month on record, with realised volatility across asset classes and EM currencies falling to multi-year and even multi-decade lows.

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Financial market reforms: Time to exit from new ways of doing things that don’t work

We are days away from the scheduled announcement from RBI on financial market reforms. The focus will be on developing the corporate bond market.

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‘Urjit Patel impact will be beyond the scope of monetary policy’

Appointment of Dr. Urjit Patel as the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) today indicates continuity. Dr Patel has worked closely with Dr Raghuram Rajan and many of the changes that have occurred in monetary policy fr

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RBI policy review favourable for bond markets, negative for rupee

RBI policy review: Impact has been quite positive on bond market after central bank announced a fresh round of OMOs (purchase of government bonds to infuse Rupee liquidity) but Rupee weakened.

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Indian rupee, financial assets in a Goldilocks zone

Bank of Japan, unexpectedly decided to take baby steps in monetary policy easing.

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Now, expectations of helicopter money from Bank of Japan

While replying to a comment from Thomas Piketty on how little taxes Indians pay, Bibek Debroy had remarked, “Indians pay one of highest tax rates in world...

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Would a change of guard, lead to a change in the way rupee is managed?

Borrowing a quote from Tom McClellan, There are really only 2 fundamentals that matter for the overall stock market: 1) How much money is there? and 2) How badly does that money want to be invested?

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Brexit is a symptom of rising inequality, of tussle between haves and have-nots

British voters shocked the world by deciding to exit Europe. Though I did not expect the final verdict to swing towards Brexit, but we are not surprised as to why it happened.

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Indian rupee rattled by Brexit, Rexit one-two punch; depreciation to 68.50 seen

There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

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