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Covid fallout: Sinking trust in world trade

As China falters to provide smooth supply of intermediate products to feed the global supply chain, the future of global trade has come under threat.

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Rural demand stimulus could be the key driver to overcome economic slowdown

Agricultural activity needs a priority. Rural connectivity in terms of physical infrastructure has to be developed

Surveys and ratings by the IMF, World Bank, WTO and Moody’s scare us to the extent that the growth rate could be falling dramatically from above 7% to around 5% in 2020. (Representational image) News

Corporate tax cuts: Time for reform now

Time is opportune for India to encash upon the dynamics of global supply chain. With its labour costs increasing and debt of SMEs rising, China is losing its competitive edge.

Reduction in corporate tax coupled with administrative and labor reforms can boost the economy News

Global growth on a tightrope; current revision reflects negative surprises in emerging markets

In addition to resolving trade and tech tensions, countries need to work together to address climate change, corruption, international taxation and cybersecurity

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A balance between fiscal prudence and investment-driven growth is needed

With the slowdown in the economy, unemployment is going to turn its ugly head once again, even though this has been one of the key pressing issues during the 2019 election campaign.

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For developing countries, special and differential treatment still holds the key

The adjustment costs borne by these countries in adapting to a changed environment have been disproportionately high. As a result, developing countries argue that taking on multilateral commitments and obligations would be di

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Govt doesn’t have fiscal capacity to implement anything close to a true UBI

Neither Centre nor states have fiscal capacity to implement anything close to a true UBI.

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Global trade: A message to India amidst protectionist policies of Donald Trump

With the hike in the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate, most of the dollars invested in emerging and European markets have returned home.

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Decoded: Why FTAs are getting popular?

It allows countries to phase their liberalisation to optimise the benefits.

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Public health TRIPS at WTO

TRIPS must be monitored closely, both in countries with strong generic industries and those relying on imports of generic substitutes.

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Why the trade war won’t hurt China

Size does matter, but it is the dynamics and degrees of bargaining power that are at the crux of trade negotiations.

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City urbanisation: Here’s what India can learn from China

Key challenges for city urbanisation in China and lessons for India

China is handling its urbanisation issue in an innovative manner. News

WTO meet: Challenges before the Delhi mini-ministerial

India’s WTO agenda, of addressing the unresolved issues in agriculture and development multilaterally, risks being sidelined by the collaborative efforts of the US, EU, Japan, Canada, Norway and Singapore on intensifying pl

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Challenges for Chinese economy: Can China reignite investment growth in 2018

Fixed asset investment was the most important driver of China’s growth for many years and generated almost half of all demand.

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How Trump presidency is weakening US against China; speeding America’s retreat from Asia

What difference has US President Donald Trump made to America’s standing in the world in his first year of presidency?

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Foreign Trade Policy: More than sops, promote exports as growth engine

The recent mid-term review of foreign trade policy (FTP) promises to scale up exports, as the government believes exports are the engine of growth, and if the country wants to grow at 7% then exports need to provide that extr

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China’s globalistion drive: Here is what would be good for stability of world economy

The US, under President Donald Trump, seems to be withdrawing from its leadership role on global integration and is turning inward.

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Why China’s Belt and Road Initiative is globalisation, Beijing style and what we should really worry about

At a time when gains from globalisation are in doubt and globalisation per se from the West appears to be in retreat, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) seems to be emerging as a potent symbol of the rise of China-based globa

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How will RCEP help economic reforms in India; know here

For ASEAN, India offers a huge domestic market with a growing aspirational middle class.

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Unemployment in India: Why government may need to adopt new approaches

The government may need to adopt new approaches.

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Geographical Indications have the potential to be India’s growth engine

The recent overall slowdown in India’s exports possibly calls for a re-examination of policies essential to propel India’s foreign trade.

Geographical Indications have the potential to be India’s growth engine

Nothing ‘historic’ about Nairobi Ministerial

The outcome of the Tenth WTO Ministerial Conference clearly tilts in favour of developed countries

Nothing ‘historic’ about Nairobi Ministerial

G-20 summit At Turkey: India has a lot to learn and deliver

The group, as a whole, will have to contend with adopting the BEPS framework and fulfilling the commitments made under the Brisbane Action Plan 2014

G-20 summit At Turkey: India has a lot to learn and deliver

India and Africa: Equal partners

Greater economic cooperation between the two can serve the cause of the global South

India and Africa: Equal partners
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