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India, China and Belt and Road Initiative: This is what will likely happen now

The weight other South Asian countries attach to the Chinese influence is much larger than they attach to frictionless ties with India, given these countries also run trust deficits with India.

India, China, Belt and Road Initiative, BRI

India struggling with cross-border data dilemma; needed a permanent cure

Governing digital trade and data flow through trade agreements faces the challenge of moving into areas that are difficult to regulate, given their overlap with other complex trade issues such as IPR

India, cross-border data dilemma

Transpacific Partnership minus the US: March of the middle in offing

Many had given up on the Transpacific Partnership after Donald Trump pulled the US out of the deal right after assuming office in January earlier this year.

Transpacific Partnership, Transpacific Partnership news, Transpacific Partnership latest news, Transpacific Partnership us, Transpacific Partnership donald trump, donald trump

High on symbolism, low on trade

Simulations based on the liberalisation in tariffs among countries are unable to accommodate the large non-tariff barriers.

low on trade, trade, High on symbolism, RCEP negotiations, tariff concessions, RCEP

Why Sri Lanka is struggling to trade

The Country is hobbled by the fear that trade agreements will mean much greater access for trade partners to its market than it will get to theirs in the bargain

Sri Lanka, Sri Lankatrade, South Asian , South Asian  trade policies, Generalized System of Preferences , US, europe, National Trade Policy, RCEP, FTA

GST must not turn into instrument for pushing small and informal out of economic mainstream

Three weeks into the GST, the effects of a new indirect system is being felt by India. As it continues to adapt to GST, there are some distinct takeaways for the longer-term future.


EU, Japan FTA: Why it provides credible alternative to China plans to serve its interests

EU and Japan recently reached political conclusion on an economic partnership agreement. The European Commission has described it as the ‘most important’ bilateral trade agreement concluded by the EU.

european Union,  US sanctions,  US sanctions,  European commissioners, Brussels, US lawmakers, Jean-Claude Juncker

US H1B visa: Donald Trump will not budge given adverse domestic sentiments

Notwithstanding geopolitical convergences and strong ties on defence and security, US won’t budge on mobility and H1B visas given adverse domestic sentiments.

Global e-commerce: China funded digital connectivity in OBOR has massive implications

China-funded digital connectivity in OBOR geographies has massive implications for global e-com.

Ecommerce, China

How Centre’s new procurement policy to boost Make in India could make India run afoul of multilateral trade framework

The ever-larger presence of the State in the Indian economy is driven home again by the recently approved public procurement policy for local goods for boosting ‘Make in India’.

new procurement policy, procurement policy, procurement policy impact, make in india, multilateral trade framework

Globalisation should recover faster now that Brexit, US polls blows are in the past

Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the French Presidential elections is being described as the triumph of globalisation over nationalism.

Road diplomacy: How India is isolating itself in regional space

China has begun using the One-Belt-One-Road (OBOR) project, rechristened the Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI), for expanding diplomatic engagement and securing strategic mileage.

As India remains hard-nosed on its demands, foreign and trade policy gap widens

Countries often join trade negotiations as they consider trade deals ‘insurance policies’ against friction in bilateral ties.

Even as US rakes-up solar energy row with India, world panel producers eye market here for future business

The WTO’s dispute settlement function has been a trustworthy mechanism for settling disputes between WTO members.

WTO crisis? Donald Trump may deal a knockout punch; US disregard for multilateralism could spread elsewhere too

The Trade Policy Agenda emphasises that a major thrust of future US trade policy would be: ‘Resisting efforts by other countries – or Members of international bodies like the World Trade Organization (WTO) – to advance

US-China trade: Donald Trump taking time in crafting an effective strategy

An uneasy diplomatic calm has marked the US-China exchanges in the first month of Donald Trump in office.

Greater power to Income-Tax officials need not be malevolent, but old perceptions still haunt India

Tax policy developments in India are creating significant differences in degree of influence among various sections of tax administrators.

Donald Trump effect on GST: US businesses in India may get impacted

The GST combined with Trump’s economic policies might impact the cost competitiveness of US businesses in India

Donald Trump set to turn campaign trail promises into policies; Mexico, China in cross-hairs

Early indications point to introduction of policies reflecting his views articulated during the campaign phase.

Donald Trump, US President, Jeff Sessions

2016 marks new phase in history of globalisation; here’s why

Posterity would remember 2016 as a year that marked a new phase in the history of globalisation. It might eventually be remembered as the year that produced the most formidable challenges.

What GST can learn from demonetisation: Getting into new tax regime without tech preparedness might be counterproductive

The large-scale withdrawal of currency notes from circulation in India has implications for the impending GST to be adopted by the country.

The Donald Trump effect: India faces prospect of integrating deeper with Asia-Pacific if RCEP expands into FTAAP

As a major non-APEC member of the RCEP, India faces the prospect of integrating deeper with the Asia-Pacific if the RCEP expands into the FTAAP

Donald Trump victory a result of anger and frustration in American public

The victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential elections, however unexpected, underlines the American and global policy elite’s long ignorance of the downsides of economic and cultural globalisation.

US 2016 & India 2014: Donald Trump is no Narendra Modi

Though Trump is also pursuing a ‘jobs and anti-corruption’ agenda, he lacks Modi’s acceptability advantage.

Comeback to protectionism: Free trade is important; here’s why world must realise that fact

Pro-trade policy elites across the world have ignored the redistributive impact of trade for too long

Comeback to protectionism: Free trade is important; here’s why world must realise that fact

Donald Trump and Mr & Ms America: Republican harvesting voters’ support by blaming trade deals

Barely 24 hours before their first presidential debate on September 26, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were neck-and-neck in the Bloomberg Politics national poll.

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