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Free trade agreements: India’s main challenge will come after RCEP

Concluding the RCEP is probably not as big a challenge for India, as making it useful is going to be. The toughest part of the deal is yet to be reached.

As India prepares to join the RCEP—and negotiators try hard to obtain a deal that would be as acceptable to a grudging industry as possible—the reality remains unchanged News

Japan-Korea trade war: History comes back to haunt bilateral ties

Trade wars appear to be becoming the norm rather than exceptions, and the new conflict between Japan and South Korea is set to worsen the effects of the US-China trade war

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Explained: Why India is indeed a ‘tariff king’

There is very little by way of analytical comparison of tariff structures that would negate the impression of India being a high-tariff economy, at least among the emerging market developing countries

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India ditches data dialogue again

The sensitivity about protection of data is clearly not the main reason behind some developing countries staying away from global digital trade work programmes

One of the most profound truths to emerge over the last couple of decades is the sharp heterogeneity amongst the developing world. (Illustration: rohnit phore) News

India-US trade: Are we reaching a point of no return?

Restoring normalcy in India-US trade relations will need a strong dose of injection of trust.

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Why regional election results are good for RCEP

Many quarters are heaving sighs of relief as leaders familiar with each other have retained power; a great impetus for RCEP prospects

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When countries use ‘security’ to restrict trade

Although the WTO has expressed its right to adjudicate security exceptions invoked by members under Article XXI of GATT, it remains to be seen whether WTO members, particularly major powers, accept this point of view.

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Explained: RBI’s new data localisation rules and what’s missing

What is perhaps becoming increasingly clear is that the Supreme Court’s judgment has provided the framework for RBI and the DIPP to push hard on data nationalisation.

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Why even heavy local data storage costs aren’t deterring US firms in India

Why aren’t the large costs of local data storage capacities deterring American payment system providers from operating in India? The answer is the size of the Indian market.

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Why is India refusing to join WTO e-commerce talks

India remains opposed on the larger ground that such talks can obliterate progress on many pending issues on the DDA and on the more specific ground of e-commerce talks to be embedded in the WTO’s original digital trade age

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Trade deficit: India meets its match in the US as both countries now looking for local

For the first time, however, India encounters a US trade administration that is determined to wipe out trade deficits. Such an attitude is much different from responding to challenges that are regulatory in nature, such as in

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India took the right call on Huawei

A wider pool of companies participating in trials augurs well for the long-term prospects of 5G growth in India from both price and service efficiency perspectives.

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Trade war: India can gain in the long term – Here is how

While there is a case for increased agri-exports to China, India has healthy prospects when it comes to Chinese firms looking to relocate production.

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Trade Wars: America’s new narrative on trade, security and connectivity resonates China’s ‘geopolitical’ BRI

The US security perspective on trade is not limited to blocking imports for reducing dependence on foreign products. It extends to securing greater global access for key US industries in major markets. This objective of the F

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US wants Free and Open India Pacific (FOIP) to counter China’s OBOR. But, is the American project good for India?

While advancing ‘Made in China’ is a core objective of the Belt and Road Initiative, ‘America first’ appears to be a similar objective for the Free and Open Indo-Pacific. This is hardly the way the FOIP can expect to

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More disruptions ahead in global trade

The unpredictability of US trade policy make future trade patterns difficult to fathom

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Indian trade is stuck in non-alignment

Till now, there is no detailed study available indicating the degree of ‘damage’ in terms of loss of jobs and income if imports increase

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Trade war: The risks are different for India

While India is a lesser evil than, say, China for the US as far as its role in contributing to the US’s global trade deficit is concerned, expect H1-B clamp down, closer IP scrutiny.

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Trade war: The US scores own goal

US trade actions don’t note the complexity of modern trade in terms of its decentralised organisation across locations. Hitting a ‘made in China’ labelled item might end up inflicting more damage not on China, but on th

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Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership: Picking up some hope?

The pace picked up by the negotiations, and the quick frequency with which trade ministers have met this year, holds out hope for a deal. Even if a low-quality RCEP comes through, it will bring some cheer for the moribund wor

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Don’t write SEZs off – Here is why

The current policy of integrating existing coastal SEZs into the overarching plan of coastal development under ‘Sagarmala’ can lead to a turnaround for SEZs.

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Indian ports: Victims of inward vision?

Without transshipment, India’s port-led industrial growth strategy through Sagar Mala would remain ineffective

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Indian ports: Victim of inward vision?

It is well known that India’s domestic infrastructure is not up to the global standards. It is also a common knowledge that low quality infrastructure raises business costs and reduces global competitiveness.

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US tariffs hit WTO hard

There won’t be any shortage of appropriate domestic laws justifying retaliatory/ inspired trade action by other countries

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Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Challenging the credibility of Belt and Road Initiative

India will be hosting the third annual meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) at Mumbai, in June this year. This is a significant occasion for various reasons.

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Belt and road initiative: Ominously, Chinese investment in South Asia target control of natural resources

Economic corridors have hardly been as controversial as China’s Belt and Road initiative (BRI). It could have avoided controversies if it had proceeded in a consultative fashion like multi-country cross-border corridors.

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Why India must review its position and gear up for constructively contributing to the global e-commerce story

E-commerce might well be the issue on which India may find its leadership of the third world in global trade matters being put to test.

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