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NSE mobile app GoBid for small investors: Sovereign guarantee in G-Secs but one big risk too

The new App will allow retail investors to invest in treasury bills (T-Bills) of 91 days, 182 days and 364 days and various government bonds from one year to almost 40 years.

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Overdraft against FD: SBI offers instant loan up to Rs 5 crore at just 1% above your time deposit rate

You don't have to pledge anything as security against the loan, as there will be an automatic lien on the underlying time deposit against which the loan or overdraft is taken.

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No money to avail Employee Stock Ownership Plan? ICICI Securities offers you easy ESOP fund

Employees need money to pay the exercise price as well as the perquisite tax on the differential value of the stocks, which arises on the day of exercising the option.

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Alert for pensioners! How to get Life Certificate offline and online before your pension stops

After retirement, many government employees choose to move to a different location, causing a huge logistical issue for them to access the Life Certificate to get their rightful pension amount.

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Post Office RD Vs Bank RD: Know the pros and cons before you open a recurring deposit account

RDs help you inculcate a habit of regular investments out of your salary that generates a higher return in the long term, than keeping the money in a savings account.

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When you should not invest your hard earned money in fixed deposits

For risk-averse investors, fixed deposits (FDs) are a good choice to park their extra money to earn interest more than that of savings accounts and that too with a guaranteed maturity value.

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How to make your online financial transactions safer

The surge of e-commerce by making available almost all the products online at a discounted price also entices people in making online financial transactions.

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7 steps to make your ATM cum debit card transactions secure

You should be alert while enjoying the benefits of the ATM cum debit cards as instances of hacking and online frauds are rising alarmingly.

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How to open online Recurring Deposit account in SBI

Recurring deposit (RD) accounts are like special fixed deposit accounts which require you to deposit the investment amount periodically instead of investing the entire amount in one go.

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Investing in gold or gold-based instruments? Know tax implications before you put your money

On the auspicious occasions of Diwali, Dhanteras or Akshay Tritiya, people look to acquire wealth, and gold is considered the best investment for the same.

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Dhanteras 2018: How to buy gold online at RBI fixed rate of Rs 3,133 per gram

To meet the urge of people to invest in gold, the Series III of Sovereign Gold Bond of the financial 2018-19 has been opened for subscription.

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Fly high this Diwali as airlines rain discounts, additional bonus, gift cards and vouchers

It's a gala time for travelers this Diwali with the airlines competing with each other to lure more customers with attractive offers.

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Don’t have enough money to grab that online deal? Use up to Rs 20,000 now and ‘PayLater’ to ICICI Bank

Targeting its young and millennial customers, ICICI Bank has introduced ‘PayLater’, an instant digital credit facility for small payments.

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Planning to invest in gold or FDs? Know the tax aspects that will affect your return

Before investing, you should keep in mind that the factors like taxation and inflation have negative impact on that seemingly fixed return.

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Unable to decide Diwali gift? Give your loved ones freedom to choose through HDFC eGiftPlus Card

You may choose a design out of 20 available Diwali-themed designs and personalise the card with the name of your loved one as well as with a message of up to 100 characters, which you may select or write.

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Festive Offers for HDFC Bank Salary Account holders: Cash backs, easy car and home loans and more

Following its offer of Loan Against Property, private sector lender HDFC Bank has rained in more bonanza for its corporate salary employees this festive season.

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Need a credit card to make the most of Diwali sale? Know benefits offered by SBI, ICICI and HDFC Bank cards

As Flipkart and Amazon are offering mega discounts to lure consumers on Diwali, you might be wondering how to maximise gains by availing further discounts offered by various banks on card payments.

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Overdraft against salary: How much can you get at HDFC Bank, SBI, ICICI Bank for Diwali shopping

Most banks have the provision of advancing short-term loans to salary account holders as overdraft, which would help you make some extra payments with ease.

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Post Office RD Vs Bank RD: Interest rates and how to make online payment

Recurring Deposit is a great instrument for people having regular income to have a large lump sum return over a period.

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Planning to buy gold this Dhanteras? Here are some cheap and convenient ways to purchase the metal

Women in India love physical gold and like to wear ornaments like ear rings, gold chains, bangles etc on a daily basis despite the problems of safety and storage associated with them.

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When will FDs double the bonus amount invested this Diwali? Check out from SBI fixed deposits to Post Office deposits

Investing a part of your Diwali Bonus is nothing but postponing the happiness to a period when there will be nothing much to cheer about.

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5 investment options for senior citizens this Diwali: Know about return, safety, liquidity and tax aspects

As sources of earned income dry up after the retirement age, senior citizens have to depend upon the return generated from the investments to sustain.

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EPF Passbook: Should you have one? Salaried should know these facts about the PF document

To check if PF amounts are deposited by your current and previous emplyers on time, you have to download your EPF passbook using your UAN.

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Five monthly income strategies for you: From FDs to Post Office MIS to annuity to MF SWP and dividend

The annuity or pension plans offered by insurance companies provide the option of getting monthly pension for lifetime.

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Highest FD rates can vary across durations: Here’s how to decide best fixed deposit tenure at this time

Lower withdrawal pressure allows the concerned bank or organisation to maintain low liquid funds and invest major part of the deposits in profitable ventures, resulting in higher gains.

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With seats in govt colleges becoming scarce, how to fund higher education of your child?

At present, while annual average fee of all courses offered by a government university is close to Rs 20,000, that of a private university is around Rs 2,00,000.

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EPF Vs GPF Vs PPF: Interest rates, features and comparison with NPS as pension product

GPF and PPF are pure accumulation products, while NPS and EPF also have distribution phase apart from the accumulation phase.

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