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Mutual Fund Investment: How should first-time investors start investing in MFs?

Novice investors generally start equity investments at a high market, when the existing investors have already earned a double-digit compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

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Account Aggregator framework makes cash-flow based lending faster

The Account Aggregator framework is one of the most promising new innovations in the BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance) ecosystem.

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Redeemed mutual fund units soon after transmission? Know the tax implications

Transmission takes place after the death of an investor, where the mutual fund (MF) units held by the deceased unitholder are transferred to the nominee(s) or the legal heir(s).

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Want to become wealthy? Not following the financial basics may shatter your dreams

For those, who don't belong to wealthy families, becoming financially independent needs meticulous financial planning and proper execution of the plan.

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Stalling of auto-debit mandates: What should you do now? Will it make transactions safer?

The Reserve Bank of India has taken this step to save you from falling in the clutches of fraudsters by further securing the payment process.

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Beware SBI Cardholders! From Oct 1, your auto bill pay may stop if you fail to do this

The new regulatory guidelines shall come into force with effect from October 1, 2021 and any recurring transaction that is not compliant with the framework will not be processed.

Beware SBI Cardholders! From Oct 1, your auto bill pay may stop if you fail to do this

How does good and bad credit history affect your prospects of securing a loan on favourable terms?

As loans create a financial obligation to repay them from future earnings, people should avoid taking loans, unless it's very urgent or one wants to create assets or increase one's earning prospects.

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Income Tax Return: Why you shouldn’t wait for the extended due date to file ITR

The due date of filing ITR has been extended to provide relief to taxpayers, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and due to concerns and technical glitches in the new Income Tax Portal.

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Why to invest in international mutual funds and how to choose a fund

As portfolio compositions of domestic equity MFs are confined to the stocks of Indian companies only, investing in foreign companies through international MFs will ensure additional diversification.

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How to optimise post-retirement returns to beat inflation

Without any regular income, the prime objective of retired persons is to protect the retirement corpus and get enough return from it to sustain the post-retirement life.

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Key factors to consider while planning to finance your child’s higher education abroad

While it's not very difficult for the rich to finance the studies abroad, meritorious students may get scholarships to meet the bulk of the expenses that would lighten their financial burden.

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Home Loan: Should you repay it or invest if you have lump sum money?

Home buyers save money on rent by moving from a rented to own home and there are also income tax benefits on the interest paid on a home loan and on the principal repayment as well.

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Embedded Finance: Making loans available to new-to-credit rural customers

Rural credit seekers continue to reel under the high interest rates and unfair practices despite the increase in access to technology.

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Safeguarding e-Rupi from misuse: The challenges ahead

A successful implementation of the e-Rupi would not only curb black money, but would also ensure documentation of spending the currency as well.

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Looking to invest your PPF maturity money tax-efficiently? Try these MF schemes

Investors looking for other investment options to park their maturity money instead of extending their PPF account for another five years would look for getting some additional return without taking much risks.

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Need money urgently? Here’s how to arrange emergency funds quickly

In case a person fails to maintain an emergency fund or in case the fund falls short, a person may need to arrange substantial money urgently on facing an emergency situation.

The company has raised a total of USD 11 million of external capital so far.

Tax on Provident Fund: Know how PF contributions, interest will be taxed

Rule 9D provides for separate accounts to be maintained within the provident fund account with respect to the taxable as well as non-taxable contribution.

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Sold unlisted shares? Know the tax implications

As equity shares of a company are considered as capital assets, selling such shares would either result in a capital gain or capital loss.

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CIBIL Score: Can you get a personal loan with a low credit score?

Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL) is the organisation that maintains credit scores (CIBIL Score) on the basis of various criteria that affect credit worthiness.

Yes, personal loans are no-security loans, hence expensive. If you have any financial assets, like shares /mutual funds/ LIC policy (traditional)/bank FD, you may consider taking a loan against such an asset.

Income Tax Return: With glitches in e-filing site yet to be removed, due date extension looks inevitable

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has given Infosys a final deadline of September 15 to remove all the glitches from the new e-filing site.

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New NSE Indices: Are they worth investing?

NSE has launched Nifty India Manufacturing Index on August 16, 2021 and Nifty India Select 7 Government Bond Index on August 20, 2021.

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Penny drop to make NPS withdrawal safe but expensive

There are no restrictions on withdrawal from the Tier-2 NPS Accounts, while there are restrictions on withdrawals from Tier-1 Accounts.

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Want to build a global portfolio? Here’s how to invest in foreign stocks

Apart from the diversification through investments in domestic stocks, investing in foreign stocks would provide greater stability in a portfolio through geographical diversification.

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Points to keep in mind while transferring money globally

The advancement in communication technologies and ease of travel globally have made people global citizens.

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Youth catches limelight of FinTech companies amid rapid digitisation

The tech savvy youth is reinventing customer experience by preferring simplified banking and being willing to get everything at a tap of a mobile screen.

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Gold price slides below Sovereign Gold Bond issue price; what should investors do?

To decide on the mode of investment, apart from the market price of physical gold and issue price of SGB, the investors should also consider the risks involved.

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E-RUPI: How will it affect the payment system in India?

This digital payment instrument may be used for purchase of specific goods or services, but can't be converted to cash or transferred to another person.

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