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Tax benefits on NPS Tier II accounts bring it at par with ELSS for govt employees

Recently, the government has decided to provide its employees 80C benefits on contributions made to Tier II accounts, provided such contributions are made for at least three years.

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IRDAI releases guidelines for Corona Kavach, 29 insurers to issue the Covid-19 specific policy

IRDAI has released standard features of the Covid-19 specific health insurance plan Corona Kavach and has allowed 29 General and Health Insurance companies to market the Policy.

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Income Tax Benefits for Senior Citizens: Know the advantages that elderly people enjoy

Senior Citizens between 60 and 80 years of age and Very Senior Citizens above the age of 80 years enjoy additional tax benefits compared to those available to individuals below the age of 60 years.

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Government Securities vs Gilt Funds: Taxation, risk, return, liquidity compared

Gilt Funds are part of the Debt Mutual Fund (MF) category that invest in various government securities of different duration and hence have similar risk and return profile.

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Tax Alert! Your share trading, other data will now be with Income Tax Department

A formal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed today between the CBDT and SEBI, via video conference, for exchange of data between the two organisations.

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Another setback for debt mutual fund investors as UTI segregates portfolios of two funds

India's oldest AMC – Unit Trust of India (UTI) – has decided to segregate portfolios in respect of debt securities of Zee Learn Limited in UTI Credit Risk Fund and UTI Medium Term Fund.

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Sovereign Gold Bond: Amid high gold prices, SGB is available at a discount; Should you invest?

Not only the outright discount that the investors would get by opting to invest in SGB over physical gold, but there are several other advantages also.

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Corona Crisis: How to manage your finances to survive amid salary cut, job loss?

Not only the workers employed in the unorganised sector, but employees of the organised sector are also facing hardship due to salary cuts and job losses.

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New RBI Bond vs Bank FD: Which investment option is better for you?

The new series of floating-rate Bonds issued by the RBI will have interest rate risks with the rate of interest to be reviewed in every six months.

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What happens to MF investment when an investor dies without nominating anyone? AMFI guideline

A person may apply for single holding or maximum three persons may apply for joint holding and may choose to nominate no one or may choose to nominate maximum three persons.

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New RBI Bond indicates further rate cuts! Should you invest in it?

Instruments with floating interest rates are issued only when there are predictions that the overall interest rate will fall and the issuer needn't pay higher interest for the entire investment period.

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Apps Ban: Difficulty in scanning documents may hit e-KYC, investments; Alternatives you may try

With very few people having a full fledged document scanner at their homes, most applicants rely on mobile scanning applications for scanning and uploading the required documents.

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Investing in ELSS to save taxes? You have to pay more now to get full tax benefit

With the implementation of the Stamp Duty on financial securities transactions at the national level, 0.005 per cent Duty will be charged on amounts invested in MFs.

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How technology made life easy during Covid-19 lockdown

For those locked down at their homes, thankfully, technology was a saviour during the lockdown as people were able to do many things virtually.

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Income Tax Return Forms are available: Can you file your ITR now?

Out of the seven ITR Forms, only three Forms – ITR-1, ITR-2 and ITR-4 – have been uploaded for filing the return of income for the AY 2020-21 online, while other are available offline only.

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Stamp Duty to make investments in MF, ULIP, NPS, PF, other instruments expensive from July 1

Stamp Duty is well known in property transactions, but according to the Indian Stamp Act, 1899, the Duty is levied on every financial instrument at the time of issue at the primary market.

IRDAI asks insurers to launch standard Covid-19 health covers with same name, features

It would be the first instance that all the insurance companies will launch a plan with the same name as the insurance regulator IRDAI has decided to name the product.

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SIP Cover: Get insurance cover with no extra cost along with your Systematic Investment Plan

SIP Cover is one of the options before investors to have a free life insurance cover to protect themselves and their investment at the time of COVID-19 pandemic.

IDBI Federal Life, COVID-19 pandemic

Franklin Templeton Debt Fund Freeze: Ray of hope for investors to get back their money

As debt mutual funds are less riskier than the equity funds, people often park their short-term money and even emergency funds in debt MF.

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ITR filings fail to take off as extensions in compliance deadlines put updation of Form 26AS on hold

One of the important documents – that helps taxpayers file their returns – is Form 26AS, which contains the figures of taxable incomes and TDS from the income.

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Time to go cashless? TDS, other charges to make cash withdrawals more expensive

The government has tightened the provision under Section 194N by lowering the original threshold of cash withdrawal from Rs 1 crore to Rs 20 lakh to levy 2 per cent TDS.

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You may invest till July 31 to save taxes for FY 2019-20 and to keep PPF, SSY, NSC accounts active

If you have missed the opportunity to make full tax-saving investments or failed to make minimum investments till March 31, you may do so till July 31, 2020.

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From investments to work from home to entertainment – How videos helped during the Covid-19 lockdown

According to a report, consumers worldwide watch over four hours of online video every day with highest daily viewing in India at five hours and sixteen minutes.

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Senior citizen investment options for 2020: Vaya Vandana Yojana vs PPF vs FD vs Post Office MIS vs SCSS

The priority of investment for a senior citizen, who banks only on retirement corpus, is remarkably different from the investment priority of a working individual.

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Reduction in 54EC Bond coupon rate on cards: Invest now to get higher return while saving LTCG tax

The 54EC bonds are not only AAA rated, but are backed by the government also, hence the risk factor associated with buying 54EC bonds is mitigated.

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Beware! You may lose data, money as major cyber attacks feared

According to CERT-In, cybercriminals would launch a phishing campaign using malicious emails intended to drive recipients towards fake websites.

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Covid-19 fear makes people rush for health insurance cover

Financial loss is a real issue in situations like the COVID-19 pandemic when one doesn’t know treatment costs and whether the government will pay or not.

Coronavirus Outbreak, Novel Coronavirus COVID-19, global health crisis, Covid-19 pendamic, health insurance, Max Bupa Health Insurance Covid-19 Survey
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