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Exhausted 80C limit? You can still get tax benefits on life insurance premium this year

Due to the presence of so many components, the 80C limit gets exhausted quickly and taxpayers couldn't get benefits on many other tax-saving investments.

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Why standardisation of health insurance policies leads to increase in premium?

After the policies are being standardised as per the IRDAI directive, policyholders are getting renewal notices with higher premium even if there are no changes in age slab or the sum insured.

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Amid dwindling interest rates, LIC of India launches new plan with guaranteed tax-free return

For a 30-year old individual opting for Rs 10 lakh Basic Sum Assured for a policy term of 15 years, the IRR would be 7.215%, which is equivalent to over 10.31% taxable FD interest.

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Tax on PF interest: What are the other viable investment opportunities?

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced in the Union Budget 2021-22 that PF contributions over Rs 2.5 lakh in a financial year will be taxable from the next financial year.

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What’s in store for crypto investors? Find out

Countries like the US, China, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea and South Africa have embraced cryptocurrency, while uncertainty looms in India.

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Leave Travel Concession vs LTC Cash Voucher Scheme: Which is more beneficial?

Under the LTC Cash Voucher Scheme, employees are allowed to purchase goods and avail services that attract GST rate of 12 per cent or more in lieu of travel.

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Keep or Sell: What should cryptocurrency investors do amid uncertainty?

In case of an outright ban, investors may not be able to use any bank account in India to deposit the sale proceeds after liquidation of the cryptocurrencies.

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Now you may open a bank account in US to broaden financial footprint

The benefit of having bank accounts in the US for the consumers in India is that it will broaden their horizons with a global financial footprint.

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Bitcoin crosses $50,000 level, but what’s the future of cryptocurrencies in India?

Without any recognition and regulation in India, the future of cryptcurrencies is still uncertain in the country.

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Investment Tips: How to change preferences as per your age slabs

Financial planning is not a one time process and you need to reassess your investments time to time as needs and preferences change with your age.

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Where should young investors invest in 2021?

While one of the factors that motivates new investors is tax saving, investing to fulfill life goals would require investments beyond the fixed-income tax-saving instruments.

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Mutual Fund Investment: Should you do asset allocation yourself or opt for hybrid funds?

Through asset allocation, one may invest at a low market and book profit at a high market for higher benefits to maximise wealth creation.

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Tax on Provident Fund interest: Will interest on PPF, GPF, CPF contributions also become taxable?

It's a matter of concern whether PPF (Public Provident Fund) contributions will also be taken into consideration while calculating the total amount of contribution.

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Mutual Fund Investment: You may not get MF units at desired NAV even if applied before cut off time

For investment purposes in equity-oriented and debt Mutual Funds, the cut off time becomes less relevant as the units will only be allotted after the realisation of funds.

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Exemption in filing of ITR by senior citizens: How to avail the benefit

Budget 2021: To avail the benefit, an assesee may have have interest income from the same bank in which he is receiving his pension income.

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Budget 2021: Buyers of affordable houses get more time to avail additional tax benefits

Budget 2021: By buying an affordable house, a tax payer may avail tax benefits up to Rs 3.5 on interest paid on home loan taken to buy such a house.

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Budget 2021: Will you have to bear the burden of free Covid-19 vaccines?

Budget 2021 Expectations: If it is made optional for people to buy vaccines to get vaccinated, most people – especially the poor – would prefer not to have it.

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Give priority to risk prevention over insurance claim settlement: IRDAI Chairman

For the financial year ended March 31, 2020, the claims settlement ratio for the entire industry remained stagnant at 85.18 per cent.

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When to borrow and how credit scores help in borrowing

Borrowing provides lump sum money to buy a product when sufficient fund is not there in the hand of a customer.

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Submission of investment proof: All you need to know to minimise tax deduction

To minimise the tax deduction, you should know the provisions of tax-saving investments under various sections of the Income Tax Act.

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Lost job during lockdown? That lucrative job offer may leave you poorer

With stalled production due to Covid-19 lockdown, many companies reduced the size of their workforce to cut cost, resulting in widespread job losses.

This will lead to a reshuffling of jobs in the economy over a decade, and over 100 million workers will have to find a new job, it said, adding 18 million of those will be in India itself.

Budget 2021 Expectations: Widen the scope for tax-saving investments

Budget 2021 Expectations for Income Tax: As the preparations for Union Budget 2021-22 are in the final stage, it is expected that the scope of the tax-saving investments may be increased, if not the limit.

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Budget 2021 Expectations: What FM may do on direct tax front

Budget 2021 Expectations for Direct Taxes: Expectations are high as Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is going to present the Union Budget amid Covid-19 pandemic.

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Financial Management for Senior Citizens: How to beat inflation while getting regular income

The absence of regular income severely limits the risk-taking capacity of senior citizens and the safety of capital becomes the topmost priority.

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Budget 2021 Expectation: Exempt LTCG tax on equities to boost capital markets

Budget 2021 Expectations for LTCG Tax on Equities: The tax on Long Term Capital Gains (LTCG) on equities has been reintroduced in the Union Budget 2018.

Budget 2021, Union Budget 2020-21 Expectations, LTCG tax on Equities, long-term capital gain tax, securities transaction tax, stamp duty, dividend distribution tax

Budget 2021 Expectations: Taxpayers want the old income tax regime to continue

Budget 2021 Expectations for Income Tax: Although, the new income tax regime has lower tax rates on income between Rs 5 lakh to Rs 15 lakh, but no tax exemptions and deductions will be available in the new regime.

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Budget 2021 Expectation: Tax relaxations, incentives to enhance insurance penetration

Budget 2021 Expectations for Insurance Industry: While most lenders force the borrowers to insure the assets, purchased on loan for financial security, relaxations in taxes may make people take insurances voluntarily.

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