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Student migration: An economic opportunity or a challenge?

We should not stop people from migrating. We have to give them a better life and better study options at home. Migration is not a problem, it is a process.

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How to skill India: Youth don’t want to be welders, their aspiration is drone or robot operator

Making the skill initiative appear ready for the future will increase trust between industry and vocational training providers. It’ll also make skilling aspirational—Indian youth don’t want to be electricians and welder

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Capture demand-side data, map it to skill training providers

India’s biggest challenge for growth is talent. It is, in fact, a dual challenge—that of providing skilled resources for organisations to succeed, while creating employment for the youth of the country.

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What are we assessing our students for?

Besides year-end exams, emphasis must be given to classroom assignments, project work, viva and practical. New Education Policy also talks about examination reforms.

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No-detention policy: What can we do to make it a success?

The policy is path-breaking but, unfortunately, it has ended up being completely opposite to its original objective. What can we do to make it a success?

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