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India’s second wave: Deadly, but not more than transatlantic’s

The second wave appears to have peaked in the Americas and Europe. It is trending upwards in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia region. It is also trending upwards in Australasia, although it is evident only in So

It is still too early to comment on the severity of the second wave, as the Indian graph is still trending upward. We would need to watch out for incoming data

One year of Covid-19: A curious pandemic puzzle

The counterintuitive anomaly of Covid-19 deaths concentrated in high- and middle-income countries needs to be researched

The ignominy of the highest death per million, however, goes to the UK (1830) and not the US (1618).

Is Covid-19 merely a transatlantic epidemic?

Covid-19, it appears, is more a transatlantic epidemic than a pandemic as such. The social media and a globally undifferentiated policy response, however, make it seem and feel like a pandemic

The Americas and Europe, on either side of the Atlantic, which account for just 23% of the global population, have had about 80% of all Covid-19 deaths so far

Covid-19 second wave – a winter surge: Things likely to get worse before they get better

This rate has risen in each successive six-week interval, except that ending July 21, when it appeared the pandemic might be receding. It is now clear that the pandemic is still in the expanding mode

Covid-19 axis shifts to the West Atlantic

India’s Covid mortality per million is currently under half the global average, a fourth of the East Atlantic, and one-tenth of the West Atlantic

Mortality growth has declined successively over six-week intervals, as elsewhere, and this trend can perhaps be expected to continue.

Budget 2019: Nirmala Sitharaman’s speech did not evaluate extant overall macroeconomic environment

Budget 2019 India: Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s Budget speech did not evaluate the extant overall macroeconomic environment, but the Budget numbers only confirm data from other sources that economic growth has slow

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Greece debt crisis: Other nascent regional groupings watch with bated breath

With the impending Greek default, the future of globalisation—and all the efficiencies and welfare benefits it brings—is at stake. Other nascent regional groupings, and above all the G20, are watching with bated breath

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