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Through The Looking Glass: What can Indian cities learn from New York

A policy nudge to make ‘smart cities’ greener can create a win-win-win for citizens, cities and the world at large

Property tax is also progressive in its incidence and thus the poor in urban areas would benefit the most. (Representative image)

Through the Looking Glass: Attracting large pools of capital for green transition

Large funding requirements in India require support from policymakers to crowd-in private investment from other countries, companies and carbon markets

As we head into the 26th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP 26) later this year, pressure on such commitments by countries will increase. (Representative image)

Infra investment plans: India and the United States

Two of the largest democracies have embarked on a massive capital investment plan over the next few years

The virus resurgence has mainly dented aggregate demand, in contrast to last year when the lockdown also constrained supply.

Capital and innovation: This time is different

Roles of technological innovation and capital are changing—the 2020s will be a very different landscape compared to the 2010s. Unlike capital chasing technological innovations in the 2010s, now technological innovations are

Unlike capital chasing technological innovations in the 2010s, now technological innovations are being driven by the availability of capital.

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: Net-zero will require a serious effort, now!

Coming from Bill Gates, this book on climate change will keep the topic right at the centre of all the policy-making agenda documents in global forums

The exhortation that the author has to the governments and businesses for investing in green is not just moral.

Through the looking glass: India’s $550 billion stimulus

Relaxation in fiscal deficit targets creates enhanced fiscal space; this offers an opportunity to build India

The central government has indicated in the Budget that it has a special focus on capital investment.

Financing urban infrastructure

The adoption of the bare necessities index signals making policy more evidence-based; however, there is scope to make the approach more forward-looking

ULBs need to get their accounting and financial reporting in order so that external investors have higher confidence in their numbers and prospects.

Hedging INR for the long-term: Policy tools for management of foreign exchange reserves need to be developed

Foreign investors with long-term commitments to Indian infrastructure need the ability to hedge their currency exposure in India. The exposure can typically last for multiple decades, especially in the context of infrastructu

The rating agency last week said India's gross domestic product (GDP) would expand by 11 per cent in the financial year 2021-22, after witnessing a 9.4 per cent contraction this fiscal ending March 2021.

Finding investors for state debt

As states issue more debt, finding subscribers for the issue will require expanding the current pool of investors and making the investment more lucrative

eyholders of the overall Rs 102.9 trillion of debt, as at the end of FY20, were scheduled commercial banks (Rs 40.4 trillion), insurance companies (Rs 27 trillion), provident funds (Rs 10.3 trillion) and RBI (Rs 9.8 trillion).

Getting the Covid vaccine to a billion-plus people

India can learn a lot from its experience in managing cash—getting a billion people what they need can be planned effectively

India has recent experience of ensuring the wide availability of a good like cash to all its citizens.

Through the looking glass: Making the frontier sector work

Many of the networks of value could start to become ‘utilities’ as they become more embedded in everyday lives

Building credibility on the network, currently billed via “stars” or “like” or “followers” is, hence, a sine qua non.

India needs to start defining the contours of, and measuring, the fourth sector

The new normal After Covid-19 requires a reimagining of macroeconomics: we need to start defining the contours of, and measuring, the fourth sector

Note that the D-sector is not just the digital sector—which has now been around for long and is a key component of the services/tertiary sector.

Medium-term dynamics for India post Covid-19 lockdown

Shape of economic recovery will determine employment, debt and exchange rates.

The immediate fiscal deficit dynamics and growth outcomes for India post Covid-19 lockdown have been the subject of intense analysis and discussion.

Getting India digitally ready: COVID-19 pandemic highlights urgent need to build digital cocoons for the whole population

The Covid-19 pandemic highlights the importance of, and urgent need to build digital cocoons for the whole population.

Coronavirus crisis: Making your ‘Beyond COVID-19 Plan’ work

COVID-19 could change entire industry ecosystems—what makes planning challenging is that it is not clear how permanent and deep the changes will be

To build Beyond Covid-19 Plans, look across six horizons to rebuild business models.

How social distancing disrupts supply-chains

What the virus spread has revealed is that it is difficult to predict where it might emerge next and with what ferocity.

coronavirus, coronavirus outbreak

Development and progress go hand-in-hand, but know what is key to economic growth

Development and progress go hand-in-hand; getting on and remaining on the ladders key to economic growth for individuals and nations

tax payers, employment, world economy, malnutrition, financial security, telecom, per-capita, economic growth

Budget 2020 cares for people’s economic aspirations, says Axis Bank’s Akhilesh Tilotia

Budget 2020-21: On a similar note, there are many proposals that build on the importance of the government and of its expected ability to create transformative changes.

Here’s why India may end up choosing capital flows over current account flows

India may end up implicitly choosing a stance of preferring capital flows over current account flows, if it sets a GDP target in a foreign currency

capital flows, India, Monetary Policy Committee, foreign portfolio investors, FDI, exchange rate, US economy, inflation, National Infrastructure Plan

State finances: Finding the monies

As the Centre and States try to find GST compensation cess monies, it is time to look beyond the present, to see how the future could unfold for State finances

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Fiscal architecture for a $5 trillion economy

The evolution of India’s tax-to-GDP ratio will require significant political and social consensus—a strategic modelling and planning of tax POLICIES is required

$5 trillion economy, GDP ratio, fiscal policy, Direct Tax Code, average rate of taxation, GST collection

Through the looking glass: Housing needs a stronger mortgage market

A house is not merely a place to live and build a life, it is also one of the most significant assets of the family. An investment in a house roots a family to a location, giving them a significant stake in the development of

looking glass, Housing, stronger mortgage market, mortgage market, roti, kapda, makaan, housing in india

Guiding markets from crisis to calm needs confidence, coordination and capital

This requires confidence, coordination and capital;resolution can't be imposed using policy actions

Great Financial Crisis, non-banking finance companies, European Central Bank, financial markets, IL&FS, Reserve Bank of India, TARP, sebi

Through the looking glass: A flight plan for tech regulation

The onus falls on business to continue to engender society’s and regulators’ trust in the usefulness of technology. New technologies bring with them challenges of regulation. The key challenges facing regulators in the co

flight plan, tech regulation,  unmanned aerial vehicle, UAV, remotely piloted aircraft system, RPAS, NPNT, financial express, financial express editorial

Leveraging open data for policymaking

Large digital databases like the GST Network can give granular insight, create predictive models; this can lead to more grounded interventions

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Arresting slowdown: Export focus fine, but there’s more to growth

From purely a financial perspective of current account deficit, the distinction between goods and services does not matter

Economic slowdown, Export, import, growth, economy news, GDP, GDP growth, GDP number, financial express, financial express opinion

India must learn from China about aircraft leasing

The announcement of this policy statement in the Budget follows the release of the ‘Rupee Raftaar’ report at the Global Aviation Summit in Mumbai in January earlier this year.

India, China, aircraft leasing, maiden budget, International Financial Services Centre, Special Economic Zones
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