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Leveraging open data for policymaking

Large digital databases like the GST Network can give granular insight, create predictive models; this can lead to more grounded interventions

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Arresting slowdown: Export focus fine, but there’s more to growth

From purely a financial perspective of current account deficit, the distinction between goods and services does not matter

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India must learn from China about aircraft leasing

The announcement of this policy statement in the Budget follows the release of the ‘Rupee Raftaar’ report at the Global Aviation Summit in Mumbai in January earlier this year.

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CAD: Unless India reverses sustainably, net foreign assets may stay negative

Unless it reverses sustainably, India’s net foreign assets are expected to remain negative

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How to prepare for $ 100-oil

A spike in prices near the next general elections could test the building up of fiscal buffers

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The joys of sharing

As the practice of sharing becomes more prevalent, cities will develop their own culture, and it is fascinating to see that emerge

The joys of sharing

How can India escape Robin Hoodesque fate of taxing urban India to prop-up rural India

A revised estimate of the labour market in 2022 finds 500 million Indians could still be dependent on agriculture

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Column| The Making of India: Building capacity to protect citizens

For the citizen to be confident, the state has to first believe that it can enforce the rule of law

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