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Policy influencers and leaders should be tested periodically to determine fitness for their roles

Business leaders, lawmakers, bureaucrats, judges—anybody who has a bearing on policy—should be tested periodically to determine fitness for their roles

A long-term macro plan for India’s economy

The impetus which can spur the economy towards real and sustainable growth has to be a mammoth injection into infrastructure projects, in line with the ‘Keynesian theory’

The finance minister, in five tranches, announced the details of the package, subsequently amounting to Rs 20.97 lakh crore, thereby exceeding the target set by the PM.

Can judges be replaced by cyber judges? How AI can transform Judiciary

This unbiased judiciary will instill confidence in investors and citizens that they will get fair and prompt relief where deserving.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: No regulation can stop brilliant concept whose time has come

No amount of regulation would be able to stop the brilliant concept whose time has come

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Unleash reforms in the Budget exercise to power growth

This would ensure the govt is in a position to undertake significant capital expenditure that is required from time to time to accelerate growth

Unleash reforms in the Budget exercise to power growth
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