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Time has come for 5-year plan to privatise PSUs & a separate ministry reporting to the PM to ensure it happens

For listed PSUs, FIIs could be allowed to purchase shares so that listing in international stock exchanges does not become necessary

FIIs could be allowed to purchase shares so that there would be no need to list these companies in international stock exchanges.

India needs an economic package for revival

India needs an economic package of 5% of GDP. To avoid a financial crisis, it may need to go to the IMF

India is facing a massive crisis—as big as the one that it faced in 1991—but, of course, of a very different nature.

With GST coming here’s what’s a must-do on Fiscal Policy

Looking at the finances of the central government alone gives an erroneous picture

Indian rupee vs US dollar

Budget Cafe 2016: Fiscal responsibility key to cooperative federalism

In the upcoming Budget, the govt should stick to the announced fiscal consolidation path, as deviating from it will make it harder for the Centre to instil greater discipline on states and PSUs.

Budget 2015, budget ficci, budget ficci wishlist

A bold disinvestment strategy needed

A 10-year plan to divest at least 50% PSU assets is required. The business of the government is public infrastructure, not public companies.

A bold disinvestment strategy needed

What India can learn from Singapore

Lee Kuan Yew transformed Singapore into a global centre for public excellence, India can do the same.

What India can learn from Singapore
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