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UK PM Boris Johnson continues self-isolation after testing COVID-19 positive

"I still have one of the minor symptoms... a temperature, so in accordance with government advice, I must continue my self-isolation until that symptom itself goes," he said in a video message on Twitter.

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COVID-19 impact: Eurozone economy took record hit in March, says IHS Markit

An IHS purchasing managers' index below 50 represents a contraction and the data group's chief business economist Chris Williamson said the eurozone economy is now shrinking at an annualised rate of almost 10 percent.

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Isolated and afraid: How the pandemic is changing pregnancy

Asia is facing a second wave of COVID-19 infections and as cases spiral globally with one million confirmed positive and half the planet on lockdown, women are having to give birth in unprecedented circumstances.

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S&P confirms US AA+ rating with stable outlook

"The sovereign ratings on the US reflect its diversified and resilient economy, extensive monetary policy flexibility, and unique status as the issuer of the world's leading reserve currency," the dollar, S&P said in a statem

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ADB warns global cost of virus could top $4 trillion

The forecasts assume the coronavirus outbreak will be contained this year and a return to normality in 2021.

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Oil dips after record rally, Asian stocks mixed as weekend looms

With the number of people with COVID-19 topping a million and the death toll continuing to climb, investors remain hostage to uncertainty as they try to gauge the long-term economic impact of the pandemic, which is widely exp

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COVID-19 pandemic: Global coronavirus cases near a million as Spain sees record deaths

The number of confirmed cases passed the 110,000 mark, the government said, although the rates of both new infections and deaths continued a downward trend.

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SoftBank Group drops $3 billion WeWork tender offer: statement

The announcement came after reports that a nagging rift has remained between SoftBank Group and WeWork's board members over the rescue package for the US-based office-sharing start-up.

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Asian markets extend Wall Street losses as traders eye growing coronavirus crisis

Donald Trump's COVID-19 task force has warned the US could see almost a quarter of a million deaths and the president warned of a "horrific" couple of weeks ahead.

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Coronavirus outbreak: Donald Trump casts doubt on Chinese coronavirus figures

China's reporting has been intentionally incomplete, with some intelligence officials describing Beijing's numbers as fake, reported Bloomberg, which highlighted the classified intelligence document sent to the White House la

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World faces food crisis in wake of coronavirus: UN, WTO

Many governments around the world have put their populations on lockdown causing severe slow-downs in international trade and food supply chains.

They also stressed the need to protect employees engaged in food production, processing and distribution, both for their own health and that of others, as well as to maintain food supply chains. News

COVID-19: Spain death toll hits 9,053 as coronavirus cases pass 100,000

Spain has the world's second-highest death toll after Italy, with the virus so far claiming 9,053 lives and the number of confirmed cases reaching 102,136.

And the death rate has also slowed, from 27 per cent a week ago to 10.5 per cent on Wednesday, with officials saying the data appear to show the epidemic is reaching its peak. (Reuters image) News

Coronavirus crisis forces UK banks to axe billions in payouts

Britain's top banks have enough capital to weather severe recessions in both Britain and globally, as markets brace for a potentially huge downturn driven by the COVID-19 outbreak, according to the regulator.

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COVID-19 pandemic: Europe coronavirus death toll tops 30,000

The global death toll passed 40,000 on Tuesday.

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Asian stocks suffer sell-off as coronavirus uncertainty casts shadow

Oil slipped, as Saudi Arabia began ramping up output of the black gold as it presses on with a price war with Russia. However, there was some support after Trump said the two would hold talks, as he frets over the hit to US e

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Now Donald Trump says it’s wrong to compare coronavirus to regular flu

Projections that at least 100,000 people will have been killed by the coronavirus in the United States, even if social distancing measures are carried out, appear to have prompted a major shift in Trump's outlook.

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Coronavirus: China lockdown may have blocked 700,000 virus cases, say researchers

The Wuhan shutdown delayed the arrival of the virus in other cities, their model showed, giving them time to prepare by banning public gatherings and closing entertainment venues, among other measures.

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Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia’s hajj minister urges Muslims to defer hajj plans over Covid-19

Saudi authorities are yet to announce whether they will proceed with this year's hajj, scheduled for the end of July.

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Russia’s top coronavirus doctor who met president Putin tests positive

Over the past 24 hours Russian authorities have reported 500 new cases -- the biggest daily increase so far --- bringing the total tally to 2,337 cases and 17 fatalities.

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Coronavirus pandemic: Middle-aged people also have higher mortality risk, says study

Billions of people have been confined to their homes around the world as governments desperately try to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

They found that age was a key determining factor in serious infections, with nearly one in five over-80s requiring hospitalisation, compared to around 1 per cent among people under 30. News

Coronavirus: Spain sees record COVID-19 death toll with 849 fatalities in 24 hours, says government

Once again, Spain hit a new record with 849 people dying of COVID-19 in 24 hours, hiking the overall death toll to 8,189, the government said on Tuesday.

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Coronavirus pandemic: World Bank warns China growth could screech to a halt

The pandemic is causing "an unprecedented global shock, which could bring growth to a halt and could increase poverty across the region," said Aaditya Mattoo, World Bank chief economist for East Asia and the Pacific on Monday

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Oil prices at 17-year lows as coronavirus ravages world

Senior US scientist Anthony Fauci estimated the virus could possibly result in 100,000 to 200,000 deaths in the United States, while President Donald Trump extended "social distancing" guidelines until April 30.

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Coronavirus pandemic: Italy’s ‘very long’ lockdown to only end gradually

The message from ministers and health officials came as Italy's world-topping toll rose by 756 -- well bellow Friday's record of 969 -- and the rate of coronavirus infections slowed to under six percent for the first time.

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North Korea successfully tested ‘super-large’ multiple rocket launchers, say media reports

The leader is almost always shown overseeing the North's launches but on this occasion KCNA said it was led by ruling party vice chairman Ri Pyong Chol and conducted by the Academy of National Defence Science.

The leader is almost always shown overseeing the North's launches but on this occasion KCNA said it was led by ruling party vice chairman Ri Pyong Chol and conducted by the Academy of National Defence Science. (Reuters photo) News

Covid 19 treatment: French expert says second study shows malaria drug helps fight coronavirus

Dr Philippe Gautret, who was part of the team behind Raoult's latest findings, admitted that they only used the combination of drugs on "patients who had not been showing signs of being seriously ill after admission" to the h

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Coronavirus lockdown: Couple run Dubai balcony marathon to beat COVID19 blues

Elisha Nochomovitz, a 32-year-old who lives near the French city of Toulouse, ran a marathon on his balcony which measures just seven metres. He reportedly managed the feat in six hours and 48 minutes, nearly double his best

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