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Picking favourites: Choosing a favoured restaurant in culinary capital can be challenging

The city may rightfully be called the culinary capital of the country without exaggeration.

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Quirky, eclectic spaces in Delhi’s restaurant perfect places to soak up winter sun this season

Anahita Dhondy, the chef in-charge at SodaBottleOpenerWala, is very unlike the chefs one encounters. For one, she has a floral print on her sleeve and flowers in her hair.

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Culinary tales: Preparation of Indian food brings to fore philosophical axis of Indic civilisation

Earlier this week, the first Conference on Soft Power was held in New Delhi under the auspices of the India Foundation.

Culinary tales, indian food, philosophical axis, Indic civilisation

Chef Ruchira Hoon serves carefully crafted Thanksgiving lunch with masterful subtlety

California Walnuts Commission hosted a luncheon to commemorate Thanksgiving in New Delhi and chef Ruchira Hoon curated a meal.

Comfort cuisine: At Sampan, the food unabashedly caters to the Indian palate

The rooftop pan-Asian restaurant at The Suryaa Hotel is possibly one of the most underrated restaurants in the national capital.

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Epicuriosity: From lip-smacking pickles to tandoori tea – know about Jaipur’s delicacy treasures away from tourist places

Away from the touristy claptrap, there is a different Jaipur. One that reveals itself to those who wander away from tourist guides and maps—a Jaipur that throbs like no other city, interweaving its old magic into the ingenu

pickles, tandoori tea, tandoori chai

Royal Cuisine: Why Rajasthani dining experience shouldn’t be missed

Jaipur has more to offer visitors than just the shopping, forts and culture. The Rajasthani dining experience is something that shouldn’t be missed.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee: The foodie prime minister

A man not given to self-praise, Vajpayee, on the contrary, could be charmingly self-effacing and claimed to be a good cook, saying, in particular, that he could cook a tasty kheer and khichdi, amongst other things.

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Food in the air: See how airlines have made a concentrated effort over the years

Over the years, airlines have made a concentrated effort to make the skies more gastronomically friendly

How master chef Anthony Bourdain documented culture, histories and tragedy; making us believe he was talking about food

Two weeks ago, one of the biggest chefs in the world took his life. Anthony Bourdain was 61 years old and those who know him said he was in a happy phase of life.

Say cheese: Feta steadily climbing up popularity charts on back of its health benefits

Although ‘feta’ means ‘slice’ in Greek, this delectable cheese is available in blocks and doesn’t lend itself well to slices or cubes, crumbling on touch.

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Epicuriosity: Learning from the new kids

The impersonal nature and limited face time of food-delivery apps have redefined customer relations, something the traditional restaurants can learn

"While chatting with a hospitality executive of a five star hotel, I told him how satisfying it was to not argue over a faulty order," writes Advaita Kala.

Cautionary tale: Some Delhi restaurants are falling prey to the fickle tastes of the city’s party set

Wok Tok is emblematic of that disinterest in providing a dining experience. The staff, slow and apologetic, is pleasant and can’t be faulted.

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Delightful dining: This old-fashioned shopping destination is also a very busy dining landscape in national capital

Diggin, a café in Santushti Complex, New Delhi, is a delightful enclave for a restful afternoon.


Sweet delight: The success of gujiya lies in the fact that, over the years, it has gone without much of a makeover

No Holi is complete without gujiya. Around the festival, this elusive treat sneaks back into our lives, rescued from its long hibernation.

gujiya, HOLI FESTIVAL, gujiya sweet, indian pastry gujiya

Samdrup: Delightful old fashioned little town in Bhutan

On entering, one is immediately witness to Bhutanese equality. One table has labourers sitting on it, while another a young group of Bhutanese teens, educated and hip, taking selfies in silence.

samdrup, bhutan, friends, tourist town bhutan, bhutan tourism

Has internet taken over worlds of food and hospitality?

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to spend some time with well-known celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani.

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Japanese food preparation, like the food, is an act of meditation, detail and subtlety

A few months ago, I wrote of Megu, the high-end Japanese restaurant at The Leela, and its new take on Japanese cuisine that was innovative, accessible in terms of taste and price point, and memorable.

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The goodness of peanut butter; here is all you need to know

In smooth peanut butter, the texture is decidedly creamy like cream cheese. However, US food regulations state that peanut butter, to be qualified as such, must contain 90% peanuts.

peanut butter, National Peanut Butter Day

How food outlets have transformed biryani into a ‘fast food’ for Indian palate

It isn’t often that I go back to writing about a food outlet, but I was introduced to Biryani by Kilo in its early months of existence. And subsequently, it has created a space for itself that summons one back to evaluate i

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Agra cuisine offers varied flavours, from excesses of Mughal court to influences of Kayasth and Bania cooking

Agra is known for the Taj Mahal and little else. This isn’t uncharitable, but a mere fact. And the lack of planned development of this city, our visiting card to the world, is dispiriting. I have been visiting Agra, the cit

agra, agra cuisine, Kayasth and Bania cooking, agra cuisines speciality

Delhi makes room for modern Japanese cuisine

Japanese food has made a comfortable home for itself in the national capital. Megu, the Japanese restaurant at The Leela Palace in New Delhi, is fancy, make no mistake about that.

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Croissant a staple on all buffets has become a king of breakfast

There is a little deli in Jorbagh, which sells the best croissants outside of most five-star hotels. These little crescents of leavened dough in plastic pouches are a little bag of joy.

Oolong might not be as ‘massy’ as green tea, but it could soon become the next big thing

Oolong is posh, in the sense that it makes up only 2% of the world’s teas—and, of course, it’s from China.

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Tale of some legendary restaurants of the national capital

The rustic charm of Bukhara is reflected in its service style and plate presentation, simple and hearty. Eating by hand is the way to experience Bukhara and almost everyone complies.

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Swipe to order: Food apps have transformed food service landscape in India

The days when pizza was all one could order in are long over, says writer.

The Web has democratised the dining experience, bringing even five-star fine dining to your doorstep

The Web has democratised the dining experience, bringing even five-star fine dining to your doorstep.

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