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Financial planning: Investment options for securing your kid’s future

If you are looking for higher returns and liquidity with low investment cost, you should consider investing in mutual funds to secure the financial future of your children. Equity funds can garner good to great returns in the

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Home Buying Tips: Should you buy a home early in your life?

Home purchase is typically the biggest investment of our lifetime. However, what is the best time to buy a house: early in our career or later when our finances stabilise?

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Should you avoid credit card which charges annual fee?

Choose a credit card that complements your spending patterns within your budget – and check what you are getting in return when you pay its annual fee.

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Top dos and don’ts when investing for your children

On Children’s Day, let’s look at what it takes to create a successful financial plan for your children’s future.

Children’s Day 2019, investing for children, child investment plans, PPF, mutual funds, Sukanya Samriddhi News

Five smart tips on setting financial goals

Setting financial goals early in your career will give you time to draw out detailed plans on how to channelise your savings and investment returns to meet your targets.

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National Pension System: Want to exit NPS before reaching retirement age? Here’s all you need to know

The rules pertaining to the exiting NPS are different for those who reach the superannuation age of 60 years, and those who want to exit before reaching the retirement age of 60 years.

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Four crucial financial steps when going through a divorce

However complicated and exhausting the entire process of divorce is, one cannot ignore the financial impact it will have on one’s future

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7 smart tips to help freelancers achieve financial freedom

While freelancing could be immensely satisfying, it could be fraught with risks too. Here are some money tips to ensure you are on the right track to achieve financial freedom.

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Home loan: Know how you can switch to a cheaper loan

Once your loan rate has been lowered, consider regular pre-payment. Pre-paying on your home loan during a low rate period is more impactful than pre-paying at higher rates. Pre-pay now to accelerate out of debt.

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5 smart ways to protect your financial goals in uncertain market conditions

Not having a serious relook at your financial goals and your investment portfolio at this stage may prove to be a costly mistake.

financial planning, financial goals, market turmoil, how to protect your financial goals in uncertain market conditions, emergency fund, SIP, Stay low on debt News

Investing in gold this Dhanteras? You must keep these important things in mind

These tips will go a long way in helping you make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing or investing in gold this festive season.

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Planning big-ticket purchases using credit card EMI this Diwali? Think again

Your credit card’s credit limit gets blocked to the extent of the total disbursed amount the moment you make the purchase and gets freed up as you pay the EMIs. This should be another important consideration as this might i

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Income Tax Planning: How to plan your taxes early and minimize your tax outgo

It is always better to start your tax planning early to be in a better position to minimize your tax outgo and avoid last-minute glitches.

incometax appeal News

13 smart ways for borrowers to get out of a debt trap

Repaying your loans is a moral, legal, and financial obligation. So here’s how you can chart your way out of debt.

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Why borrow money from friends and family, when you have these 6 options?

Borrowing money from your family or friends is an option, but there are other options too that you can consider. Here we take a look at some of them.

borrow money from friends and family, borrow money from friends, borrow money from family, other options, personal loan, gold loan, loan against fixed deposits, Loan Against Insurance Policies News

6 smart money management strategies to manage your finances well this festive season

Don’t let money-related issues dampen your festive spirit. You just need to follow some handy financial tips.

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Home Loans: Time to look around for a cheaper loan

Look for offers that may allow you to switch from a high-interest loan to a low-interest one. This will help you to save a fortune over the full tenure of your loan.

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Credit Card: How to know you are ready for a credit card upgrade?

Do you think you're ready for a credit card upgrade? Read on as we discuss a few signs which show you might just be.

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Mutual Fund Investment: Want to grow your idle cash? Invest in liquid funds

Liquid funds can provide better returns than a savings bank account and can be easily liquidated as well, making them an attractive cash management tool.

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Credit card application got rejected? Here is what you need to do

Are you wondering what exactly went wrong with your credit card application and what your next steps should be? Read on for some revelations.

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Why Sovereign Gold Bond is your best gold investment option right now

The latest tranche of Sovereign Gold Bonds is priced at Rs 3890, but it is cheaper on the secondary market. Also, you need to invest by September 13.

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Does your spouse’s credit score impact your loan eligibility?

The only time your spouse’s credit score impacts your loan eligibility is when you take a joint home loan.

One of the first things on the to-do list for most newlyweds is merging financial accounts News

6 useful money tips to follow in case you suddenly lose your job

Lost your job suddenly? Here are some useful money tips to help you get through this difficult time.

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Planning to open a demat account? From features, charges to benefits, here is all you need to know

How does a demat account work? What are the charges involved? Here are some important things to know if you’re planning to open a demat account

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Income Tax Return Last Date: 5 crucial tasks to complete after filing your ITR for AY 2019-20

ITR e-Filing 2019: The last day to file your income tax return is here. However, there are certain things you need to take care of even after filing your returns.

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6 sure-shot ways to save money when the going gets tough

Here are a few tips to help you save more, spend less, and fortify yourself in challenging times.

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These seven facts may help you consider while porting health insurance policy

Let us say you have been paying higher premiums against your existing health policy. After consideration, you have decided to port to enjoy lower premiums.

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