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Low credit score? Six tips to get a home loan yet

Try to improve your credit score even if you get a loan with a higher rate at the beginning so that the risk premium gradually gets lowered during the course of the loan

Initial Public Offering: 7 things to understand before investing in an IPO

As the stock market is at its peak, what are the things you should keep in mind if you want to invest through IPOs?

Your Money: Credit cards, BNPL or EMI cards — What’s best for you?

Credit cards offer up to 50 days of interest-free periods, EMI options on eligible spends, joining gifts, promotional offers, cashback, reward points, etc.

5 costly mistakes to avoid while taking a personal loan

It’s important you make informed financial decisions when it comes to applying for any type of loan to avoid any unpleasant surprises later on.

Home Loan: Why part-prepayments are a good idea

Try to make as much part-prepayments as possible when the applicable home loan interest rates are low and your credit score is high

You can also consider part-prepaying your home loan when its interest rate is higher than the return you may earn on that amount if invested in instruments that are in line with your risk appetite and liquidity requirements.

How to intelligently invest in shares when the stock market is soaring

The Indian stock market is currently trading close to its all-time highs, but some investors are not sure whether they should stay invested or exit from their current investments in shares.

6 things to keep in mind while choosing a credit card

Choosing a credit card whose benefits are aligned with your unique spending patterns and budget is key to maximising the value of your card spends.

Benefit of fixed deposits: Need cash? Go for overdraft against fixed deposit

You can use your FDs in multiple ways to meet financial requirements during a difficult time. Here are a few options.

Investing in small cap funds? Keep these critical points in mind

If you are planning to invest in small-cap funds, here are a few tips that could help you maximise investment benefits.

Smart tips to make the best use of credit cards

Financial discipline while using credit cards helps build credit history and good credit score that hold in good stead when you apply for bigger loans

Most of you may be aware that big-ticket purchases like gadgets, appliances and furniture from select outlets made through credit cards can be converted to EMIs at the time of purchase.

How RBI’s latest policy announcements could impact your loans and investments

The RBI maintained the status quo in its latest monetary policy review meeting. Let’s try to understand how this could impact your personal finances.

Credit cards: Know the finer details of your credit card

Many credit cards also come with the facility of converting eligible expenses post-purchase into EMIs to make them more affordable

Buying a family floater health plan? Keep these important things in mind

Health insurance policies are usually available in two variants when it comes to covered individuals -- individual health policy and family floater health policy.

A bank or an HFC: Which is better for a home loan?

If you are looking for a transparently-priced loan interest benchmark, can wait a bit longer for loan processing, have a credit score over 750 and easily fulfil the eligibility criteria, you may go for a bank home loan

Smart investing: Minimising risks in market-linked investments

You can lower the risk while investing in market-linked products by optimal diversification and opting for systematic investment plan. Investing for the long term can also lower the risk to a great extent

5 smart investment ideas for risk-averse investors to get higher returns

Let's check out a few investment alternatives to avoid risk and earn an attractive return amid risky market conditions.

Student loans: Going for an education loan? Key factors to know

You should apply for a loan as per your current needs, future earning probability and collateral security availability

Your Money: Smart tips for selecting the right mutual fund

When selecting mutual funds, avoid putting all your money in a single asset category or a single mutual fund product.

Optimal diversification can help reduce the investment risk to a great extent.

Falling Gold Prices: What should investors do to stay afloat?

Gold prices have started plummeting, and many gold investors and end-users would now be in a dilemma about how to strategize their future course of action.

11 super critical questions to ask yourself before signing up for a home loan

Here is a list of some important questions to help you avoid making a mistake while you plan to take a home loan.

important questions to ask before signing up for a home loan

5 common financial mistakes that can cost you dearly

There are a few common financial mistakes that could have a long-term impact on your financial health.

5 common financial mistakes that can cost you dearly

Life insurance: Term plan with return of premium unviable

It might be better to buy a standard term insurance product for an adequate sum assured at lower premiums and invest the excess funds elsewhere

However, term insurance products themselves can be of different types.

Financial planning: Six tips to help you face any financial crisis

After a year of the pandemic induced financial uncertainty, it’s time to assess what you have lost and retained, and rejig your financial plans accordingly

Your Money: Select a health insurance plan that’s right for your needs

If the proposer’s age is below 45 years and there are young people in the family (usually less prone to hospitalisation risk), then the family floater policy can reduce the premium amount. You can also get higher coverage w

Last-minute tax savings: Five mistakes to avoid

Tax-saving should be a year-long process to avoid making certain mistakes that could prove to be counter-productive to your long-term financial goals

Significant benefits of investing in equities that you shouldn’t ignore

Equity is one of the few asset classes that offers you a great opportunity to maximise returns provided you are ready to take the required amount of risk.

Mutual Fund Investment: How to go about investing in index funds

Index funds are inexpensive and carry lower risk than a direct investment in shares or actively-managed equity funds.

Since the lows of March 2020, equities have rallied sharply on the back of fiscal and monetary support, and optimism over global economic recovery amid vaccine roll-outs to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic
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