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9 important and effective tips for first-time investors

Planning to invest? Here are a few important tips that you should follow before investing for the first time.

Dos and don’ts to prevent your loan turning into bad debt

A loan is truly effective in meeting your life goals or rescuing you out of a difficult situation only when it is repaid in full on time.

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Loan restructuring: Is it right for you?

Go for the restructuring option only if you have a thorough repayment plan and are confident you won’t have a big financing requirement soon

If the interest on your existing loan is higher than another loan product that you can get from the banks, you may opt for a new loan instead of going for a loan restructuring.

Interest on Interest Waiver: Your actual savings could be a very small amount

The ex gratia, announced by the government, is applicable to all borrowers regardless of whether they opted for the moratorium or not.

interest waiver scheme

Large, Multi and Small-Cap Mutual Funds: How to decide which work best for you?

Investment-related risks vary from one equity fund category to another. So, how to know which category is best suited for you?

5 tips to build a highly diversified mutual fund portfolio

Investing in too many instruments could not just make it difficult to manage all the investments but also suppress the portfolio’s overall return-generating potential.

Your Money: Plan a special festive fund and keep an eye on deals

Plan your expenses based on your budget, like if you want to buy an Ultra High Definition TV or a smartphone, try to find out which particular model would fit your budget and if there are any discounts available on it.

The festive season is also the time when most retail stores and e-commerce websites come up with shopping deals.

Is your life insurance cover adequate? Find out

It is essential to understand why you may still be underinsured, how it may impact your family’s financial future and how much protection would you require for adequate coverage.

RBI’s announcements create a conducive environment for aspiring homebuyers

If you’re planning to take a home loan, here are a few key pointers that you must keep in mind.

5 scenarios when opting for loan restructuring might not be a good idea

Should you really opt for the loan restructuring plan if you’re eligible for it and will it be useful to you? Find out.

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Critical things to keep in mind before opting for a Loan Restructuring Plan

While the loan restructuring plans could help people better manage their loan obligations in the short term, even the slightest careless mistake in understanding its ramifications could prove to be counterproductive.

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How to decide about refinancing an MCLR home loan – An in-depth analysis

Even the MCLR home loans have seen interest rate cuts, but the revisions haven’t been as deep and quick as their repo-linked counterparts.

4 smart tips to maximise your credit card benefits

Credit cards not only enable digital and contactless transactions required in social distancing but their smart usage can also maximise the value of your day-to-day spends provided you clear your dues in full on time.

Each credit card has benefits. Often, their users don’t pay heed to them.

Home Buying: Critical things to consider while setting a budget for a new home

If you think the first critical step while planning to buy a house is to start researching properties, you might be wrong.

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Planning to invest in Gold Mutual Funds? Keep in mind these important things

If the cost of investing in a gold mutual fund is higher than a gold ETF, why do investors invest in gold mutual funds?

How a super top-up health insurance plan can help you

A cost-effective way to protect against future medical requirements and beat medical inflation could be going for a super top-up health insurance policy.

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Fixed Deposits: Know how tax-saver fixed deposits work    

Before you start investing in a tax-saver fixed deposit, it would be better to know its features and key benefits.

All resident individuals and Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs) are allowed to invest in the tax-saver FDs.

Systematic Transfer Plan: How STP can help mutual fund investors amid the Covid crisis

Currently, many mutual fund investors are finding it difficult to continue their SIPs because of cash crunch. They, therefore, may find STPs to be useful.

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Should you move to an RLLR home loan from a BLR or MCLR loan?

You may want to shift to an RLLR loan from a BLR or an MCLR loan to benefit from lower EMIs whenever the RBI reduces the repo rate after factoring in the loan transfer charges, especially if you’re moving from one bank to a

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Gold Loan Vs Personal Loan: Which financing facility should you go for?

Before finalising your decision, ensure you thoroughly compare your options across different loan products and lenders and select the one that best meets your requirements and offers the best repayment terms.

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Facing cash crunch amid Covid? Check out overdraft facility

An OD, on the other hand, is a credit facility that allows a bank account holder to withdraw the amount above the balance available in the account to the extent limit sanctioned by the bank.

You should select the OD facility based on the size of the fund required, interest applicable on it, and tenure for which you need the fund.

Covid-specific health insurance: Should you opt for it if you already have a medical policy?

If a person has already got a regular health policy, do they also require Covid-specific health insurance plans?

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Home Loan: Calculate refinancing costs when deciding between loan conversion and balance transfer 

Calculate refinancing costs and their future values when deciding between loan conversion and balance transfer.

Looking for a secured loan? Here’s all you need to know before applying for one

There are various types of secured loans available in the market, and you can select the appropriate loan product depending on the size of the fund required, tenure, type of asset available with you to pledge, among others.

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Know how and when to use your emergency fund

You cannot afford to stay long without an emergency fund after using it. Replenish it as soon as possible

Expenses related to family emergencies like a loved one’s unfortunate demise could be some of the most difficult ones to tackle.

3 good reasons to check your credit score regularly during the COVID-19 crisis

The habit of checking your credit report regularly will go a long way in these times when you might require external liquidity more than ever.

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Smart investment tips for risk-averse investors amid the COVID crisis

If you have downgraded your risk-taking ability in the current situation or are already a risk-averse investor, what are the options available to you to start a fresh investment?

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