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Is your money in safe hands? 4 questions to ask your financial advisor

Someone who has the insight into a range of financial instruments and the understanding of your financial standing and requirements can help you meet your financial goals in time.

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NSC or tax saving FD? Which one should you opt for this tax season?

This tax season, while you explore tax-efficient investments, let’s compare these two fixed-income investments.

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Voluntary Aadhaar: A lot is needed to further digital financial inclusion

We’ve come to pass where a lot is needed to further digital financial inclusion

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Are you aware of these lesser-known investment avenues for tax saving? Check out

The last quarter of this financial year is here. Let’s look at some of the lesser-known investment options that can give you a tax break.

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4 best tax saving investment schemes for senior citizens

This tax season, let’s look at some hassle-free investment options for senior citizens that can help them build wealth and offer tax benefits.

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Take up this 30-day money challenge to save more

Wait no more and take up the 30-day money challenge. As you refrain from impulse purchases, saying no to frivolous spending in the future only becomes easier.

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NPS: A retirement fund you must consider this tax season

NPS has just become entirely tax free and the government has announced an increase in its contribution to 14% from 10% earlier.

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Have you chosen your tax-saving instruments? If not, do some advance tax planning

Avoid the last-minute rush, and don’t take on a large tax-saving burden for March. Start now in December.

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Section 80C Deduction: Best investment options under Sec 80C to save tax in FY2018-19

Section 80C provides deduction benefit on investments against qualified instruments. Source of income is not relevant while applying for deduction under this section.

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Stuck in a debt trap? Here’s how you can find your way out this New Year

You land in a debt trap when your income falls short in paying for the EMIs and the interest keeps piling up on the outstanding amount.

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Should you consider a co-branded credit card for your travel this holiday season?

Co-branded credit cards, through tie-ups with certain merchandises, offer additional benefits in terms of reward points, cash-backs and discounts on specific purchases.

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Does tax saving alone drive your investment decisions? Here’s why it should not

If tax saving is driving all your investments, you may be compromising on your returns or missing out on what an investment asset can offer otherwise.

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Planning a last-minute winter vacation? Here’s how you can fund it

Don’t let finances stand in the way of your Christmas and winter vacation. Here are a few funding options that could handhold you through this without draining your savings.

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This Christmas be the Santa for your family; Here’re some financial gifts to throw in your sack

What can be a greater gift for your family than financial security? Let’s look at a few financial goodies you can pack in your sack this Christmas.

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4 smart hacks to control overspending this holiday season

With New Year and Christmas holidays around the corner, the spirit of celebrations have set in. But you should do it the smart way to avoid burning a hole in your pocket.

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New Year cheer: You don’t have to pay tax while gifting house to your child; here is how

While you or your child do not have to pay any tax on transfer of property, you have to pay stamp duty and register the gift deed.

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5 financial habits to inculcate in 2019 for a secure and prosperous future

It is time to get rid of some of the old habits that have been dragging us down, and inculcate the new ones that can do us good not just for the next year but in the long run too.

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How to put your cash gifts to best use this wedding season

Cash gifts received from guests at weddings often add up to a significant amount. Let’s look at some of the competing needs and aspirations these cash gifts can address.

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Financial planning: Five ways to shore up your net worth in 2019

If you are in a phase of rebuilding your wealth, rebalance your portfolio or diversify it by reallocating risky investments to low-risk or moderate options.

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Why you mustn’t wait for last-minute tax planning! Here are some investment options to look at

Last-minute investments go haywire more often than not, as your decisions are solely driven by tax-saving motives, overlooking factors that are essential to making investment decision.

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Wondering what to do with your year-end bonus? Here are some money tips

While it’s all good to use some of your year-end bonus for celebrations and holidays, it’s smart to set aside a chunk for meaningful investments or to eliminate debt from your portfolio.

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5 smart ways to plan a big fat wedding on a budget

Here are a few ways to throw the best party of your life without having to let go of your financial goals or draining all your savings.

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Planning your winter vacation? Here’s how to go on a budget trip

If you haven’t saved enough for your trip, you don’t need to wait until next year to save up or wait for an affordable package to come your way.

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Investing for the long term? FD alternatives that can give better returns

FDs are preferred by conservative investors as they are highly liquid, low-risk and offers safe return. However, a high exposure to fixed deposits over a long time will lower your return income.

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Planning to take a vacation abroad? Here’s what you need to know about credit card use overseas

While a credit card simplifies your transactions in more than one way, it’s prudent to know the difference between using it abroad and using it in India.

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Waiting for the tax season to buy insurance to save tax? Here’s why you shouldn’t

Most people wait for the tax season to set in to buy insurance policies in a bid to save tax. That's, however, not a good idea. Here's why.

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Top tips to help you inculcate a saving habit

If you find saving money virtually impossible, what with the flurry of expenses that announce their arrival at the start of each month, this guide is for you.

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