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Falling Gold Prices: What should investors do to stay afloat?

Gold prices have started plummeting, and many gold investors and end-users would now be in a dilemma about how to strategize their future course of action.

11 super critical questions to ask yourself before signing up for a home loan

Here is a list of some important questions to help you avoid making a mistake while you plan to take a home loan.

important questions to ask before signing up for a home loan

5 common financial mistakes that can cost you dearly

There are a few common financial mistakes that could have a long-term impact on your financial health.

5 common financial mistakes that can cost you dearly

Life insurance: Term plan with return of premium unviable

It might be better to buy a standard term insurance product for an adequate sum assured at lower premiums and invest the excess funds elsewhere

However, term insurance products themselves can be of different types.

Financial planning: Six tips to help you face any financial crisis

After a year of the pandemic induced financial uncertainty, it’s time to assess what you have lost and retained, and rejig your financial plans accordingly

Your Money: Select a health insurance plan that’s right for your needs

If the proposer’s age is below 45 years and there are young people in the family (usually less prone to hospitalisation risk), then the family floater policy can reduce the premium amount. You can also get higher coverage w

Last-minute tax savings: Five mistakes to avoid

Tax-saving should be a year-long process to avoid making certain mistakes that could prove to be counter-productive to your long-term financial goals

Significant benefits of investing in equities that you shouldn’t ignore

Equity is one of the few asset classes that offers you a great opportunity to maximise returns provided you are ready to take the required amount of risk.

Mutual Fund Investment: How to go about investing in index funds

Index funds are inexpensive and carry lower risk than a direct investment in shares or actively-managed equity funds.

Since the lows of March 2020, equities have rallied sharply on the back of fiscal and monetary support, and optimism over global economic recovery amid vaccine roll-outs to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic

Smart Investing: What is your debt fund investment strategy for 2021?

In 2021, debt fund investors must keep a close watch on the interest rate trend and take their investment decision accordingly

Life insurance: Five reasons to buy a term plan at a young age

Buying a term life plan at a young age lays a strong financial foundation that not just helps you in achieving your life goals in time but also protects against uncertainties in life

ULIPs vs NPS vs Equity Funds vs EPF: Which is better for retirement planning?

Here are some of the attractive investment products that can prove to be helpful when you’re planning your retirement fund.

Aiming to save more this year? 5 intelligent steps to get you started

If you want to save more, you need to change your financial habits accordingly. Let’s check out 5 intelligent steps to get you started.

YOUR MONEY: Four tips for a successful debt consolidation plan

Loan consolidation is a smart way to manage your debts, but freedom from your debts comes only when you clear the consolidated loan

For debt consolidation, you should take a new loan with a lower interest rate, long repayment tenure, and no prepayment or pre-closure charges.

Real Estate: Buying a house? Keep these five tips in mind

If you have a stable income and possess the required margin money that doesn’t disturb your contingency savings, you may check out the good property deals in the current market

How Budget 2021 will impact your personal finances

Here are some of the Budget 2021 announcements that could impact your finances in the near future.

Union Budget 2021: 6 important budget expectations of senior citizens

Union Budget 2021 India: Senior citizens now require greater financial support and handholding than any other age group.

Budget 2021 Expectations: Time to give homeowners new, enhanced deductions for home loans

Union Budget 2021 India: After a disastrous 2020, the common man looks forward to announcements that will put more income in his hand and stimulate the economy at large.

Equity investing tips: Here’s how to get higher returns on your investments in 2021

From investing regularly to booking profits on time to balancing risks and avoiding over-diversification, investors need to have well-defined strategies to ensure higher long-term returns

Bond prices are inversely correlated with interest rates.

5 intelligent tips on financial planning in the New Year

The beginning of 2021 is also the time when you should plan to overcome any financial setbacks that were brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Why credit cards could be your best friend during challenging times

Smart use of credit cards could help us in multiple ways, especially during challenging times. Here's a look at some of them.

Money tips: How to cut your expenses and reduce debts

Financially challenging times force us to cut corners. The idea is to save as much as you can so that your most important financial commitments such as rent, debt repayment, groceries, education expenses, etc., are consistent

Biggest money lessons of 2020 you should never forget

As the momentous year draws to a close, we take a look at its biggest money lessons which will forever guide us in our journey to secure our financial future.

How to regain control of your finances after festive overspending

If you have spent during the festive period more than what you had earlier planned for, you must not delay taking steps for a quick financial recovery.

Smart investing: Underperforming assets? Here’s what you can do

Compare the investment’s underperformance with a similar category of instruments that carry a similar level of risk. Do a thorough research so as to make informed course-corrective decisions

Equity mutual funds are more volatile than debt funds. You may witness some of your equity funds underperforming compared to other similar funds in the market.

4 key personal finance takeaways from today’s RBI announcements

The RBI decision to maintain status quo and keep the repo rate and reverse repo rate unchanged could have some significant personal finance implications.

9 important and effective tips for first-time investors

Planning to invest? Here are a few important tips that you should follow before investing for the first time.

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