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Six mistakes to avoid while planning for your child’s financial needs

Children’s Day—November 14—is a good day to take stock of your child’s long-term money requirements.

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5 smart ways to celebrate Diwali without burning a hole in your pocket

With Diwali round the corner, everyone seems to be in a mood to splurge. However, you can also consider cost-effective alternatives to all that you want to do.

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Wondering where to invest this Diwali? Consider mutual fund SIPs

You might be considering to invest in gold this Diwali like every year. However, do not lose sight of your goals and risk appetite in choosing your assets.

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What are co-branded credit cards and who should opt for them?

Credit cards have made their way into our pockets not just because of the convenience they offer but also the benefits associated in terms of cashbacks, reward points and discounts.

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क्या है नो-कॉस्ट EMI? कस्टमर्स के लिए कितना है फायदेमंद, जानें पूरी डिटेल

आजकल नो-कॉस्ट EMI आॅप्शन खासी चर्चा में आ चुका है.

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How to measure your financial health? Check these six metrics

Your financial health is extremely important as it determines how well you will be able to achieve your goals and ambitions, and in turn improve your quality of life.

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All you need to know about long-term car insurance and how it will impact the premiums

The Supreme Court has made it mandatory for all the two and four-wheeler vehicles bought on and after September 1 to be covered by long-term insurance in order to reduce the number of non-insured vehicles on road.

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What is cumulative FD? Should savers go for it? SBI, ICICI, HDFC, Kotak Bank cumulative FD details

Bank FDs are once again drawing the attention of investors due to the current volatility and increase in interest rates. Here's all you need to know about cumulative FDs.

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5 smart shopping hacks to control overspending this festive season

With the festivals around the corner, it’s time to shop. However, instead of trimming your shopping list, implement these shopping hacks to control overspending.

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Know how you can save tax on capital gains

Independent capital gains rules are applicable for each asset class. However, there are numerous sections under which if you reinvest your long-term capital gains you can save on tax

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KYC के लिए भी नहीं जाना होगा बैंक! स्मार्टफोन से हो जाएगा काम

कुछ बैंक आपको घर बैठे अकाउंट खोलने की सुविधा भी देने लगे हैं लेकिन फिर भी फुल केवाईसी ब

may you do not need to go bank for KYC in future After paperless finance its presence less KYC now News

Good news! You don’t need to be present now to get your KYC done

Fintech is also experimenting with video KYC, wherein via a video app, you complete a liveness check (proof that you’re a living person) through a series of tasks, such as moving your eyes before the camera.

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4 financial emergencies you must prepare for and how

Emergency situations arrive without prior announcements and may cause a huge dent in your finances if you are caught off-guard.

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Hurry to pack off with your gains? Know the ideal time frame for a mutual fund investment

Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) recently revealed that in equity investment, a whopping 51% of the assets get withdrawn in under one year, and only 29% remain invested for longer than two years.

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5 money lessons to learn from the Dahi Handi event on Janmashtami 2018

Parallels can be drawn to our financial planning, and inspiration from this pyramid formation can be taken to build our path to legacy.

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Monthly Average Balance: How MAB is calculated by banks; 3 smart ways to maintain it

Management of your bank account entails a cost. This is why there’s a need for maintaining a minimum average balance in an account.

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Women’s Equality Day 2018: 5 things working women need to do for a secure financial future

How can more women fulfil their aspirations and achieve financial prosperity? Let’s look at a few things that you can do.

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Just started working? These 5 financial steps will secure your future

When there aren’t any other financial responsibilities, it’s easy to give in to temptations of splurging money. However, the earlier you start saving, the better it will be for you.

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Want to secure your financial future? You must have these 3 financial products in portfolio

While we all may like to spend our money today, it’s important to secure our future with financial products that would keep our finances secure and also allow us build wealth for the future.

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Five steps to build a solid child education plan

Check out the five steps to building a solid child education plan.

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How to get a short-term loan? Check this easy guide

There may be months in which you run out of money even as you wait for your next salary to arrive.

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Income Tax efiling: What is Form 26AS and how does it help in filing ITR?

To make sure that you calculate your tax outgo correctly and declare all information as required, you must have all important documents handy. One of these documents is the Form 26AS.

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Filing Income Tax Return? You must keep these key documents handy

With the July 31 deadline for income tax returns filing only a few weeks away, it is time to gather all your tax-related documents for a smooth filing process.

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