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How much does it really cost to buy a house?

In a bid to help you evaluate the actual cost of purchasing a home through a home loan, here’s the lowdown on different expenses involved.

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How To Become Rich: Don’t have money to invest? Even these habits can make you wealthy

If you look at the lives and works of the wealthy, you’ll notice several characteristics they may have in common. Let’s take a look at those characteristics that will one day help you create wealth.

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Want to make the most of your recent salary hike? Follow these smart money tips

This surplus money can actually make a huge difference to a number of important financial things. Don’t lose it all on frivolous things.

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How much does a personal loan actually cost?

Personal loans are popular and easily accessible, but pay attention to the various charges, fees and penalties.

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Good to Know: 10 useful benefits of senior citizen travel insurance plans

A pragmatic way to ensure that elderly travellers actually enjoy their trips without much worry is to sign up for a comprehensive travel insurance plan.

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Stop! Too many stocks, mutual funds are not good for you; Buying too many may not get you more

Handling the overall risk of investments is crucial, but not at the cost of not meeting your financial goals. Over-diversification can do this.

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Six points that determine your credit score and how to boost a low score

If your credit score is low, take immediate steps to boost it as it will play a major role in deciding the future of your credit applications.

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6 smart ways to lower your loan burden

There are several ways to taper down your loan payments over time. Here’s a look at some easy methods.

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How to choose a credit card that maximises your benefits

A smart credit card choice, based on benefits that align with your lifestyle requirements and affordability, is crucial to ensure savvy and responsible usage.

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5 smart ways to spring clean your finances

You need to take stock of your finances, clear away the clogs and create a fresh financial calendar for this new year and beyond.

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Financial Planning for New Year: Here are 5 simple financial steps to take now

April marks the start of the Financial Year 2019-20. I’s the time to take decisions that would help you finish the year financially stronger.

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Low credit score? You can still fund your needs and get a loan; Here’s how

Getting a loan may be difficult if you have a low credit score. However, if you are in urgent requirement for loans, here are some quick solutions.

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How external benchmarking of interest rates can benefit borrowing

The expectation was that MCLR system would help in passing on the policy rate fluctuation to the lending rate, and in turn to the borrower’s EMIs, but that did not happen.

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Income Tax Saving: 5 tax saving mistakes millennials must avoid

Considering we are only left with a few days to go for the tax season to come to an end, here is a list of mistakes one must avoid to ensure effective tax planning.

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Discontinuing your insurance policy? Here are some tips

It is always better to convert your endowment policy to paid-up instead of surrendering it in case you want to close it for some reason

Life insurance: Discontinuing your insurance policy? (Illustration: Shyam Kumar Prasad) News

Top 6 tax saving options for risk averse investors

Investors who have a relatively low-risk appetite may not want to expose their savings to volatility. Let’s look at some investment options that are low risk and fetch assured return.

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Last minute tax saving tips: 5 best ways to invest and save tax at the last minute

Considering there are only a few days to go by before the tax season comes to an end, taxpayers will have to handpick some quick and smart options to reduce their tax outgo.

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How to prepare financially for a life after divorce

Divorce can be a taxing affair. Therefore, preparing for your finances is just as important as seeking legal counsel.

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Women’s Day 2019: 4 smart money management tips for single moms

Apart from immense mental strength, single moms need a sturdy money plan to support their children and self, and have a good financial future.

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Stock Market Investment: Why should equity investors welcome volatility in the share market?

While watching your portfolio take a hit in the bear market is not easy, remember holding onto an equity investment over the long term is what will help you make money.

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Love your dog, birds, other pets? Go for pet insurance

Pet insurance, like any other insurance, is a risk-mitigating product that covers unexpected expenses related to pets.

In India, pet insurance is available for dogs, cats, birds, sheep, goats, horses, rabbits, elephants etc. News

Income Tax Saving: Your parents, children and spouse can also help you save tax; Here’s how

If you have exhausted all options in your personal capacity, then your parents, children and spouse can help you reduce your tax liability.

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Smart Investing: Four tips to withstand market volatility

Market volatility, no matter how undesirable it seems, is a reality every investor needs to get acclimatised to.

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Should you opt for life insurance even if you don’t have any dependent?

Anyone in your family who needs your financial support for survival can be covered through life insurance. However, what if you don’t have dependents?

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Exhausted Section 80C limit? Here are 7 tax saving options other than 80C

Section 80C is the go-to avenue for availing tax deduction for most tax payers. However, if you have exhausted the Rs 1.5-lakh limit, here are some tax-saving options you could opt for..

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5 money tips for newlyweds to put their financial house in order

When you start co-living and co-existing, you also start so-spending and co-saving. So, it's also time to sit down with your partner and decide your share of responsibilities.

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Income Tax Planning: How should the salaried plan their taxes now

The new tax proposals would touch the lives of about three crore salary earners and pensioners. Here's what has changed and how you need to plan your taxes now.

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