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Negative yield on bonds globally pushing up gold prices to new highs

If growth worries persist due to trade war, gold prices would go even higher driven by large ETF gold holdings

Gold prices, US china trade tension, global trade, Jerome Powell, Spot gold, US gold futures, US Federal Reserve News

Your money: Goal-based investing ensures peace of mind

A good financial plan can put back your financial life on track and help you achieve your financial goals

Goal based investing, investing tips, financial advice, savings tips, financial planning, financial life News

Life insurance: How much cover do you need?

Your life insurance should be big enough to take care of your present as well as future needs of your dependents

life insurance, process to buy life insurance, home loan, car loan, annual family expense, endowment plans, life insurance news

Liquid funds are good alternatives to savings accounts

Reserve Bank of India in 2011 brought changes and deregulated interest rate on saving deposits. Before that, every bank would offer 4% per annum but now banks can offer interest whatever they deemed fit.

Money News

Safe heaven investing: Gold and interest rates do not always move in opposite directions

When the economy is booming, companies make profit and these profits are passed on to investors through dividend.

dividend, markets, investments, Gold, interest rates, safe heaven investing, US Federal Reserve, share market, HSBC News

Stock market investing: Can bad news be good news for the investor?

Bad news investor – a term rarely heard—is used for investors who primarily invest in stocks of companies that are in news due to bad reasons. Theoretically, it sounds like a good idea to buy on bad news. It’s equivalen

Stock market investing: Can bad news be good news for the investor?

Correction overdone, MCX crude may resume upward move

Oil prices took a beating last week and from $52 it tumbled to $43.50. Oil market got stirred up after fears surrounding Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries' (OPEC) deal to cut production among its members.

Economy News

Correction in silver overdone, bulls may bounce back

Silver prices were trading higher for the first six months of this year. It fell into a rut this summer and then hit badly last week.

Commodities News

Copper to remain under stress next year after dismal performance in 2016

Copper is also inversely related to US dollar since copper is traded in US currency so any appreciation in US dollar will have negative impact on copper prices.

Copper to remain under stress next year after dismal performance in 2016

Tough time for crude oil investors; upside limited

Crude oil is in news right now with OPEC meeting this week.

Crude Oil News

Nickel may begin to lose its appeal after a stellar run in 2016

Nickel prices have surged nearly 12 per cent in the ongoing calendar year till September 20.

nickel prices News

Copper prices may tumble to Rs 290 per kg; Is it safe for long term investing?

Compare to other base metals, copper is one of the worst performing metal this calendar year.

copper prices News

Festive, wedding demand may boost gold prices; should you invest?

Gold Futures on Friday jumped after the US employment data disappointed and missed estimates.

Commodities News

Natural gas prices are expected to rise further

Natural Gas prices have soared by over 25 per cent on a year-to-date basis till August 30, 2016 on account of rise lower inventory and hot summer in US.

natural gas News

Silver bull run just getting started: Tradebulls

Fundamentals show the bull run has just started in silver and investors should keep patient to reap multi-fold gain in this precious metal.

silver prices News

Aluminium jumps 9% in Jan-Aug; investors should maintain long positions

After a dismissal performance last year, Aluminum managed to gain around 9 percent in the first eight months.

aluminium News

Zinc prices soar over 40% this year, may rise further

Zinc has risen 43 percent since the start of this year making it one of the best performing commodities

zinc prices News

Crude expected to correct, it may be time to book profits

There is near term headwinds for oil prices created by storage overhang and gasoline glut in the US.

Commodities News

Copper prices may correct to Rs 313 per kg on weak demand

Copper has bounced smartly from the lows of Rs 299 per kg in first half of June to current price of Rs 335 per kg marking 12 per cent gain.

copper prices News

Gold prices set to rise; invest now and reap gains in 2-3 years

Gold has touched two year high. At present it is up over 25 per cent on year-to-date basis.

gold News

Aluminium prices rising slowly but steadily, should you invest?

Aluminum price increases this year have been minimal compared to what we’ve seen in steel prices. Even when metals prices were rising across the board in the first quarter, aluminum was the laggard as oversupply still kept

sensex, nifty, bse, nse News

Silver is significantly underpriced; any correction is an opportunity to buy

Gold: Silver ratio is currently at 73.3. It means one ounce of gold can buy 73.3 ounces of silver.

silver investment News

‘Crude oil may tumble to Rs 3100-3030 per barrel, traders should wait’

Crude prices has made double top at Rs 3,442 and Rs 3,439 respectively on 30th May and 9th June. Usually, the double top is a signal that Crude oil may have peaked at the moment and some correction is expected.

Crude oil prices News

Zinc may remain shining star among base metals

Zinc prices has surged as much as 25 percent in 2016 to the highest since July as miners supply less of the ore concentrate

Supply constraints will keep zinc prices firm, target price Rs 195 on March 2017 News

Copper on a downtrend since 2016 beginning so far, should you buy?

Copper prices have witnessed a downtrend since the beginning of 2016 with a 3 per cent fall. Also, since encountering a significant...

Commodities News

Despite recent slide, long-term gold outlook remains bullish; should you invest?

Gold rallied to a 15-month high earlier this month on expectations that the US Fed would keep rates lower for longer amid risks to the global economy, adding to the appeal of owning non-interest-bearing assets.

Gold prices - Brexit move News
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