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This 1000 hp Hayabusa eats Kawasaki H2Rs for breakfast: 440 kmph in 400 metres!

This 1000 hp Hayabusa could well be the fastest road legal motorcycle in the world, although, how in gods name you'd bring your groceries home on this bike that actively tries to murder you is a mystery to us!

Regulatory burden on businesses: Here’s what India needs to do to reform the British way

Last fortnight, over a dozen UK experts were in India to share the UK’s best practices in regulatory affairs and the ease of doing business with the Indian government, as also the state governments.

Budget 2016: Efficient fiscal management needed

The government should not shy away from recalibrating the fiscal deficit target in order to push public investments

Making the budget count

It must present a tax system that offers certainty and simplicity

Income Tax Calculator, Budget 2019, How to Calculate Income Tax


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