Hard work seems somewhat inevitable, so please don’t be jealous of people who have it easier. Make the most of positive lunar influences to press ahead with all serious ambitions and get as much achieved as you can in the time available. Partners will thank you.
I’d like to take a look at the next six days as a whole and point out that around mid-week Mercury, planet of communication, will be very positive. The result is that plans and arrangements which have been blocked should be underway by the weekend.
Events that took place over the last couple of weeks or so must have made it painfully clear that one close friend is taking you for granted. Not only that, but they may be a danger to themselves. You can be on hand with a supply of emotional sticking plaster.
You’re standing at a minor crossroads. On the one hand you’ll feel a sense of deja-vu, perhaps a pleasurable bout of nostalgia. On the other, you know that you don’t have any real choice but to prepare for the future. So, gird your loins and carry on!
Venus, the ruler of your gentler affections, is inspiring you to dream of love. The only question is, of course, will partners respond? Leos who can arrange or implement travel plans or forge overseas links should get on with it: there is no time to waste.
It may now be clear that a major alteration in your work methods or routine is unavoidable. If you make an early start, you should do well, attracting support and admiration. It’s not a particularly good time for dealing with details, which is precisely why you must take extra care.
Those who now feel neglected or hard-done-by, should have taken the trouble to find out what makes you tick. If they’d bothered to try and see the world through your eyes some time ago, they would have given you no cause to complain now. Neither would they have let you down!
Declarations of love are one thing, but you may embarrass yourself as well as others. In fact, your foot may be well and truly wedged in your mouth! It goes without saying that your words need to be chosen with care. The last thing you want to do is undermine all the goodwill you’ve built up.
Your creative energy should now be at a peak, but not perhaps because the stars are all on your side. On the contrary, challenging romantic stars remind us of the cliché that all great art stems from suffering! No gain without pain is a different way of doing it.
On the plus side, today’s subtle lunar relationships enable you to get the most out of almost any situation. Success will be guaranteed on the basis of your experience and skill. There is no need to bluff, or to pretend that you’re something other than you are.
There’s a great deal going on behind the scenes. In fact, almost everything of importance seems to be concealed from public view. What you see may be but the tip of a very large iceberg. Perhaps a close friend can help you view the secrets below the surface.
The latest planetary pictures signify that in a matter of weeks you will no longer be tied to the past or restricted by others’ emotional demands. You should give yourself some space to allow for romantic encounters, no matter what your age or inclination.