You Are Lucky If You Are Able To Make Somebody Laugh

Updated: May 18 2003, 05:30am hrs
Make women the head of state in all the countries of the world, then you wont have any conflicts. There wont be any problems of nuclear weapons as they dont know how to make destructive weapons. At the most they can make weapons, which can make you feel really miserable only for a while.

No gender bias intended. This is just a short take borrowed from stand up comedian Vir Saran Das. At the age of 23, Mr Das is making many people sit up and notice him. Oh, its really nice and media has been very kind, says the economics and theatre graduate when asked about becoming a sought after figure by media at such a young age.

You can best describe him as a chatter box, who most of the times tickles your funny bone and at times leaves you dry. His style of comedy can be at times explicit for an Indian audience, but he is least concerned about it as long as he is able to make people laugh. You are lucky if you are able to make somebody laugh. It is an honour, says Mr Das.

A product of Lawrence School, Sanawar, Mr Das studied in Delhi Public School, Noida, before leaving for the US for higher studies. He says going to the US has helped him. It helped me study theatre from an academic angle, he explains.

Narrating how he got into comedy, he says, I did a lot of public speaking in college, but it was one of my professors who pushed me into this. I was enjoying doing theatre, doing 25 plays in three years, he recollects. But when I did Brown Man Cant Hump, the first ever play I had written, it became a controversial one in the college. People liked it, though, he says. Although he looks like an out and out extrovert, Mr Das claims otherwise. I am very reserved by nature and very mellow. Though it would take a lot of convincing to believe his words.

When asked from where he manages to get jokes that can hold an audience for one and half hour, he says, I wish I could tell you from where it all comes. The thing is that I keep an eye to the happenings of the world and I am constantly thinking about jokes, he says. But I have to admit that all my jokes are spontaneous, he adds.

Commenting on the difficulties of his trade, he says, Writing jokes for a performance is a different thing and how you tell it to your audience is a totally different thing. You may have the best jokes, but if your style of telling them is not good, there is no use. He adds, Telling jokes is completely dependent on your audience. If you have a receptive audience it is easier. However, if you have a frowning aunty sitting in the first row, then it becomes difficult, he says in his own inimitable style.

Someone who claims to lead a life that any other 23-year-old would do, Mr Das says he loves to be in the company of friends and go out for dancing. He loves comedy by the likes of Eddie Murphy and Robbie Williams and says he loves hip hop songs and rock music. I like Guns N Roses, he says.

On his future plans, It is as good as you know. I am just doing things today, you never know what tomorrow will be like.