Work-life balance tops global New Year wish list

London | Updated: Dec 30 2006, 06:01am hrs
Striking a better balance between work and play, taking more exercise and avoiding disastrous relationships top resolution lists around the world this New Year.

Global research group ACNielsen surveyed consumers in 46 countries and found from the United States to Vietnam that more than half of those interviewed wanted work to play a lesser role in their lives in 2007.

One in three U.S. consumers who have the highest rate of obesity in the developed world also planned to go on a diet.

Consumers have realized a healthy lifestyle is not about the latest celebrity diet or trendy exercise fads, but is simply about having a balanced diet and lifestyle, ACNielsen Europe President Patrick Dodd said.

Smoking bans passed in 2006 in countries from Spain to Uruguay looked to be bolstering the global health trend with one in five smokers polled admitting they were aiming to cut down or quit next year.

Exercise was also in the spotlight, with Filippinos, Australians and Singaporeans most committed to being more active.

In many countries, 2006 was the year that natural and organic moved into the mainstream and this trend is likely to gain momentum in the year ahead, Dodd said.

The drive to detox also stretched to more intimate parts of peoples lives. One in five consumers globally said they wanted 2007 to be the year they avoided disastrous relationships.