Women and property makes men aggressive

London, Aug 27 | Updated: Aug 28 2008, 05:35am hrs
Its often said that most women prefer the scrappy male over the nice guy. But have you wondered what makes some men more aggressive Well, it is the fair sex, and property.

A new study of the mathematics of warfare has revealed that the lust for women and the hunger to acquire property are the two primary reasons for the evolution of belligerence and bravery in men.

In fact, an international team has based its findings on an analysis of the evolutionary forces that shaped the need for males to be belligerent, which raises their probability of trying to conquer neighbours, and of bravery, which increases the probability of succeeding in conquest. The mathematical analysis of the evolution war by the team, led by Laurent Lehmann andMarc Feldman of Stanford University, focused on small-scale, pre-state societies, for instance hunter, gatherers societies, The Daily Telegraph reported. The study has shown that the selective pressure on genes is substantial , so that evolution has smiled on the most aggressive and auda-cious group.