Wires under cover

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: May 31 2009, 06:27am hrs
In his blog, www.unplggd.com, Gregoty Han gives an inside view of a home minus the jumble of wires, often an integral part of a modern day setting

Han first ran across Tia and Mikkos Finnish home while going through archives of photos of home computer workstation setups, and what struck him besides the obvious modern minimal aesthetic that permeates through their modest home was their ability to hide a wealth of highly-desirable home technology through careful and thoughtful planning.

With modern Scandinavian style, quite minimal sometimes almost ascetical, the openness, the feel of space, how the light travels inside in the summertime makes it their favourite element.

The whole apartment has gone through a complete overhaul that has mostly been done by the couple themselves except for the bathroom, which was a contract work. So, the apartment renovation itself is really our proudest DIY project and the wooden desk at the home office, which has been designed and manufactured from scratch by Mikko, says the couple.

And the couple has a DIY advice too. Do as much as you can before moving in. After that all things tend to get complicated. Plan well and do not hesitate to ask help when needed. Renovating and decoration is no rocket science after all.