Wipro Technologies: Tapping The Power Of Appreciation

Mumbai: | Updated: Aug 12 2002, 05:30am hrs
In an attempt to strengthen team dynamics and create a culture of mutual acknowledgement amongst employees, Wipro Technologies Ltd is in the process of rolling out a slew of innovative reward management initiatives. According to the company, the initiative termed ‘encore’ is to proactively communicate that along with rewarding performance, the organisation will also reward the win-win behaviour displayed by employees in the work environment.

Says Mr Rajesh Sharma, head HR (finance solutions) & manager, talent engagement and development, Wipro Technologies Ltd: “The whole programme is being incorporated on our intranet and professionals can nominate members on the Web too”.

According to Mr Sharma, there are four sets of rewards under the scheme of ‘encore’ which include:

* Thanks A Zillion—This is an initiative where the organisation recognises the significant contribution in helping another employee of Wipro in times of dire need or when there are some critical hassles that the employee has encountered.

Informs Mr Sharma: “Any employee of Wipro could nominate any other employee for this award who has extended significant help to fellow employees. One can also nominate a set of people or even an entire team for the reward”.

* Feather In My Cap—This is a reward that is bestowed as an on-the-spot recognition on the project and the project teams. The reward is a more spontaneous initiative that flows from the boss to the subordinates. Anyone who has done a result-centric short-term work is also entitled for the reward.

However, this reward is given on the basis of mapping the significant impact of the project on the holistic business of the enterprise. Further, the company reasons that the employee should demonstrate skills such as problem solving, generic initiatives, technical competence, implementation of ideas, conception and institutionalisation of project-linked best practices among other things.

* Dear Boss—This is to recognise the positive attributes of a good boss and is an award bestowed by the subordinate on the boss.

Explains Mr Sharma:”This is an attempt to foster a lot of team spirit as at least 75 per cent of the team should endorse the award to be given to the immediate boss or supervisor.”

* All For The Best—This award is to recognise the ability and willingness of an employee or a team to share learnings from the mistakes in work life. The company also aligns this specific reward programme with the knowledge management initiative of the enterprise.

Adds Mr Sharma: “These are shared in the team meets and fora. And lessons learnt are made part of the internal systems on knowledge sharing so as to deliver a competitive advantage for the business in future”.

According to the company, though there are specific criteria for each of the rewards the whole process of evaluation is left to the discretion of employees. The company claims that there are no layers of hierarchy that creep into the decision-making mechanism.