Wipro launches Kerala operations

Kochi, Jan 28 | Updated: Jan 29 2005, 06:35am hrs
IT major Wipro has begun its operations from Kerala raising hopes that several other major players too would set up shop in the Infopark near Kochi.

Wipro embedded and product engineering president Ramesh N Emani told mediapersons that the operations officially began from the park premises on Friday.

He said that the company would focus for the present on embedded and product engineering in Kochi as this was a main operation line for the company catering to the software options of several appliances like digital TVs, automatic car navigation and other products for its clients spread across the world.

The Kochi operations would in the beginning get into developing chip designs and then bringing in the ensuing embedded software.

Operations have now begun with a team of just 15 members and it aims to raise this soon to 300 seats. Presently, there were around 4,000 people in the company's product engineering division. While he refused to get into the details of the investment, Infopark chief executive officer G Girish Babu said that even by rough estimates an investment of Rs 2 lakh would go into a single seat.

Mr Ramesh said the company was working on live projects and was presently working from its space of 12,800 sqft. With the company already having signed an agreement for taking 25 acres in the park, it was certain that other units of Wipro would join the park. He added that construction work on the 25 acres would begin before June and then there would be high technology activities. Already the present space had been fully connected with the Bangalore office.

On the prospects in Kerala, he said that the decision to come here was based on experience in terms of recruitment. There was a significant intake from Kerala for this sector. The company would soon be holding career fairs in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram telling the people of what career prospects Wipro held for them.

Mr Girish Babu said that with the entry of the major Wipro, others would follow suit. Already 26 companies had taken space in the park over the last six months since it became operational. There were several applications but a decision could be taken only after solving the space constraints. TCS had just begun operations as also BPO major ACS. Given the trend, there was reason to be very optimistic, he added.