Wipro Joins Global Think Tank On US E-governance Road Map

Hyderabad: | Updated: Jan 28 2003, 05:30am hrs
Wipro Technologies has been selected by a US nodal agency along with six other global tech players to draw up a clear strategy and standards for e-governance activities of the US government.

The Federal Enterprise Architect (FEA), a US government nodal agency, has set up a standards committee comprising seven big IT companies including Wipro to draw up a comprehensive strategy for e-governance activities. The project is expected to be monitored by US President George Bush, to whom the committees recommendation will be submitted for final approval, according to Dr Kalyan Chakravarthy who is the e-government evangelist of Wipro Technologies.

Wipro Technologies is the only company from India to join majors like Booze Allen Hamilton, a leading US-based strategy management company, to become a member of the standards committee, he pointed out.

Speaking with eFE, Dr Kalyan Chakravarthy said, Wipro is one among the seven top companies assigned to develop a clear strategy for the federal governments e-governance activities including Government to Citizen (G2C), Government to Business (G2B) and Government to Government (G2G) activities.

Dr Chakravarthy, who was in Hyderabad in connection with the three-day India IT Forum conference, said: Our job is to create an interactive networking system wherein all the local governments, governmental bodies and other related players would work in tandem with the federal government.

Our job is also to interact with various programme management officers, private corporates, suppliers, government bodies and local government officials for necessary inputs and suggestions before finalising the standards for G2B, which include e-procurement of all the departments and local governments, he said.

Apart from drawing up the blueprint, the committee has been entrusted with the job of assisting the officials on how to integrate various existing applications which would be made in line with the federal policies and strategies, he said.

Following the collection of various inputs and suggestions, a Business Reference Management (BRM) document would be prepared and circulated widely for Request for Comment (RFC).

Once the RFC is over over, the committee would make another Technical Reference Management (TRM) document, which would be sent to FEA for approval.

Once the TRM document is accepted by the US President, it will be sent for Congressional hearing and would be finally notified and become mandatory for all the local governments and government bodies, Dr Chakravarthy said.

Since it is a long process, the actual investment in the project had not been computed, Dr Chakravarthy said.

Although the project was assigned three months ago, Wipro started work only this month. By June or July BRM document would be made available for Request For Comment and after that TRM would be developed, he said.

Although he said there were no revenue gains for Wipro Technologies from the project, Dr Chakravarthy said: We are proud to join the big league in developing standards for US governance initiatives and we see gains for the company in understanding the problems while implementing such big project.

Nearly 50 senior professionals from the seven companies including Dr Chakravarthy and two other senior Wipro executives are engaged in this project.