Winning Over The Parents

Updated: Dec 24 2002, 05:30am hrs
What do parents do when there is a suitable boy for their good-looking daughter Why, accept the proposal, of course. Thats exactly what former Union power minister Suresh Prabhu advised Bangladesh to do at a seminar on energy security organised in the capital last week. Strike the deal when India needs her else the daughter will get old, Mr Prabhu advised the neighbour.

If Bangladesh chose to accept his advice and immediately tie the knot, the bride would be on her way home that is, natural gas would soon be knocking at Indias doorstep. But unlike wine, natural gas doesnt get that old, Mr Prabhu. So, perhaps its up to the suitor as well to win the parents over by making them feel that the bride is welcome in her new home!

Deeds Match Words

True to her words, Tamilnadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa is out there weeding out corruption in her state. Only the other day did she sack two ministers from her cabinet for taking decisions which, according to media reports, were inappropriate. Revenue minister Dalavai Sundaram got the boot for granting certain concessions to select educational institutions and the education minister lost his chair because his own college was among the beneficiaries. So, has amma decided to brook no corruption this time round or is this merely a flash in the pan Wait and watch!


In a startling departure from judicial propriety, a magistrate of Ferozabad district court of Uttar Pradesh appeared in court in a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. But the mere presence in his court of a lawyer from Delhi who was there for a hearing brought about a miraculous turnaround.

After informing the city lawyer that hed take his matter up later, the magistrate opted to get more formal. For, when the case came up for hearing an hour later, he was in the correct attire, resplendent in black coat and band. Strange are the powers that the capitals lawyers seem to possess!