Will seriously think of leaving India if such row erupts again: Kamal

Written by PTI | Mumbai | Updated: Feb 1 2013, 03:29am hrs
Actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan, who is in the city on thursday for the promotion of his controversy-hit film 'Vishwaaroopam', said he was "seriously" thinking of leaving the country if this kind of row erupted again.

"In anger...in emotional outburst I would have said that I will leave the country. It does not mean I will do it..I enjoy the glory and fame. But if this happens again, I will seriously think of leaving. I am serious," Haasan told reporters.

The actor had earlier made an impassioned plea seeking the release of the film in his home state Tamil Nadu, saying that he would go abroad in search of a "secular state" where he would be allowed to continue pursuing his art.

He said he was thankful to Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalitha for offering help. "She is an artist, she has understood, she has come forward. I am grateful," he said.

There were reports that Haasan will take the fight over the release of his film Vishwaroopam to the Supreme Court

"Now that she (Jayalalitha) is helping me why do I need to go to the Supreme Court," Haasan said.

"It is very silly to say I got good publicity; India did not get good publicity. What is the use of me getting good publicity when India's name is being dragged in the muck,," Kamal Haasan said on the film row.

"I don't want any more squabbling. This is gruelling, troublesome and insulting. Not only for me, but to several others associated with this movie. This kind of squabbling is not going to take us anywhere," Haasan said.

On the issue of Muslims opposing his film, the actor further said that for him, there is no religion. "For me there is people. I really do love them (Muslims). I request India, my Muslim brothers, Christian brothers, Sikh brothers to avoid such things. We have so much more to do to take India forward.

"I don't know what I did to deserve this. Artistes are the front bumpers of our vehicles. Do not disrespect us. The amount of support I got from the Muslim community is unbelievable. They apologised."

Muslim organisations had earlier demanded that the film be screened to them prior to its release, expressing concern over the depiction of the community in the movie.

"I was angry and I still am. I don't want to pinpoint to anyone. This country was very big, but was fragmented on baseless issues," Haasan said.

He sought to know why he was being accused of hatred.

"I mean no harm. The film is not about hurting Muslims. The good Muslims in the films are Indians and bad Muslims are terrorists who are not from India. How can I paint terrorist...terrorism white," he said.

"Muslims who were arrested for holding protests against the film were misled by rabble rousers," he said adding, "They are my brothers, forgive them."

"Kamal Haasan has never been accused of painting the Muslims in bad light. Islam is not targeting me...it is the politics...it is not religion. Rather, there are few Muslims,

I remember one Muslim was standing outside to protect the theatre," he said.

"There are bad Muslims in the film. They are terrorists. Why do you want me to paint a terrorists white" he asked.

When asked about the reactions from Bollywood on the film row, Haasan said, "They came forward to support the film.

I must thank all of them." "Javed saab (Javed Akhtar) came forward, although he was not a part of the film."

The actor-filmmaker had suffered a setback on Wednesday when the Madras High Court stayed the release of the film in

Tamil Nadu, even as he agreed to make changes in deference to Muslim sentiments.

The actor had already courted controversy when screen-owners red-flagged his decision to release it on DTH platform.